How To Perform Protection Spells

How To Perform Protection Spells Cover We all feel vulnerable at times. A protection spell can empower you. Whether it is the negative energies of others or fear for your property, you are not helpless. You can build a field of energy that will keep destructive forces away. Read on to learn how to perform protection spells.


1.Identify your fears. The kind of protection you need will influence the spell you perform. Mentally destructive forces need to be handled differently from physical threats.

2.Describe the ownership history of your home, if that's what you want to protect. Pay attention to the feelings you get when you write about previous owners. The energies they have left behind could be what's making you feel uncomfortable.

3.Meditate on the person who is causing you grief if you are performing the spell for protection against someone. Write a letter addressing that person and explaining why you feel vulnerable.

4.Buy a black and white candle. Light it in a place in your home where you feel safe. Imagine a thick field of white energy surrounding you. Call up that protective field of energy when you feel threatened.

5.Pour hot water over a 1 tsp. of basil. Let it sit for half an hour. Run a warm bath and add the basil water. Relax and envision yourself moving through life confident and brave.

6.Eat more protein like chicken, beans, cheese and tofu when feeling vulnerable to help ground you. Spicy dishes with garlic, onions, black pepper and cayenne keep negative energies away. Eat while visualizing that you are protected from threatening forces.

7.Perform a simple protection spell for your home by burning sage in a censer. Walk through every room in your house, including the attic, basement and garage, chanting words that empower you.

Tips & Warnings

* When using incantations, say positive words that empower you rather than negative words against someone or something.

This is simple magic protection spell for the protection of a room, household or other physical location against negative energies or bad spirits.

How to cast it:

1.Cast a Witch's Circle. If you use a besom for this, sweep the entire area that you wish to protect.

2.Asperse (sprinkle with purified water) the area that you are protecting. Pay special attention to any doors, windows or corners.

3.Cast the sea salt around the edges of the area. You need not be heavy-handed, just a few salt crystals per foot is quite sufficient.

4.Light the incense and allow it to burn for a few moments before continuing. Many denominations of witchcraft begin chanting or prayers at this point.

5.Use the fan or feather to cense (direct smoke towards) the entire area. Work clockwise (doesil) and wave the fan through the smoke to send it outwards. As with the water, pay special attention to doors, windows and corners. Finish your chants and invoke any deities or energies whose blessing you desire upon the protected area. Finish with your normal ritual and close the circle.

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