Poetic Inspiration

Poetic Inspiration Cover
Perform on a Wednesday when the moon is waxing. Best if done when the moon is in
Gemini, but its not required.

Light a purple candle. You can also burn some jasmine or rose incense if you

Say this incantation:

Oh Goddess Brigit,
Bright lady of the flame,
Blessed mother of the poets.
Lend me such insight, wisdom and divine inspiration
That the words may flow to me
And that I may craft them beautifully
So that they spin a tapestry of magick
In the hearts of all who hear them.
So mote it be.

Leave the candle to burn itself out. When it does, put it wherever you keep
ritual remnants and give thanks to the Goddess for her gift.

Books in PDF format to read:

Hellmut Ritter - Picatrix In German
Aleister Crowley - One Star In Sight
Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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Using Thought To Make Yourself More Beautiful

Using Thought To Make Yourself More Beautiful Image

It makes so much sense, if we are always programming ourselves everyday that everything sucks, then our bodies will start to create that a reality. Scientists call this change effect, peptides effecting our cells. Basically whatever emotion we experience effects us and our body by peptides being created by the thalamus of the brain and then coursing through our body attaching itself to our cells. The more happy or respectful and beautiful we see our selves produces more and more peptides that make it so.. Our bodies over time can become more to our desires. A scary thought to anyone that may think negatively a lot..


Overall basically what this is saying is THOUGHT CAN MAKE US MORE BEAUTIFUL. We are what we think so to speak.. A beauty tip a lot of people should try is next time you look in the mirror see only the positives about yourself and tell your self your beautiful.. It may be just as effective as any skin care beauty routine or maybe use it at the same time..

"As I have mentioned in previous posts energy is thought as well, therefore it is important to mainly create positive thoughts (emotions) as they can change the world.."

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Nevrom Ydal - Preparing The Ritual Area And Yourself
Paul Foster Case - An Introduction To The Study Of The Tarot
William Wynn Westcott - An Introduction To The Study Of The Kabalah

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To Make An Enemy Move

To Make An Enemy Move Cover
When the moon is in a waning phase, write on white parchment the full name of
the person you ant to move away from you, along with his or her complete birth
date ( if known). Roll up the paper along with a photograph of the enemy (if you
happen to have one). Place them inside a bottle of vinegar, then toss it into a
moving body of water as you visualize your enemy moving far away and never
bothering you again. This is an ideal spell to use when all else seems to fail.

Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Shunned House
Eliphas Levi - Histoire De La Magie In French Ver 1

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Inner Cosmos Meditation

Inner Cosmos Meditation Image
From the space of stillness, something beautiful can flower. Life can be a song, a dance.. from that space of stillness... Where you become magnet of abundance at all levels.

HOW TO ATTAIN THAT STILLPOINT? Concentrate the energy on the Hara, the point two inches below the navel.

That is the center from where one enters life and that is the center from where one dies and goes out of life. So that is the contact center between the body and the soul. If you feel a sort of wavering left and right and you don't know where your center is, that simply shows that you are no longer in contact with your Hara, so you have to create that contact.

WHEN: In the night, when you go to sleep and first thing in the morning.

DURATION: 10 - 15 minutes.

STEP 1: Locate the Hara

Lie down on the bed and put both your hands two inches below the navel and press a little.

STEP 2: Take a Deep Breath!

Start breathing, deep breathing. You will feel that center coming up and down with the breathing. Feel your whole energy there as if you are shrinking and shrinking and shrinking and you are just existing there as a small center, very concentrated energy.

STEP 3: Center While U Sleep!

Fall asleep doing it - that will be helpful. Then the whole night that centering persists. Again and again the unconscious goes and center is there. So the whole night without your knowing, you will be coming in many ways in deep contact with the center.

STEP 4: Reconnect with the Hara

In the morning, the moment that you feel that sleep has gone, don't open your eyes first. Again put your hands there, push a little, start breathing; again feel the Hara. Do this for 10 - 15 minutes and then get up.

Do this every night, every morning.

Within three months you will start feeling centered.

It is very essential to have a centering otherwise one feels fragmentary; then one is not together. One is just like a jigsaw - all fragments and not a whole. It is a bad shape, because without a center a man can drag but cannot love.

Without a center you can go on doing routine things in your life, but you can never be creative. You will live the minimum. The maximum will not be possible for you. Only by centering does one live at the maximum, at the zenith, at the peak, at the climax, and that is the only living, a real life. For example, there will be less thinking because energy will not move to the head, it will go to the Hara.

The more you think of the Hara, the more you concentrate there, the more you will find a discipline arising in you. That comes naturally, it has not to be forced. The more you are aware of the Hara, the less you will become afraid of life and death because that is the center of life and death.Once you become attuned to the Hara center, you can live courageously. Courage arises out of it: less thinking, more silence, less uncontrolled moments,natural discipline, courage and rootedness, a groundedness.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Alan Wallace - Lucid Dreaming And Meditation
Hans Rudolf Giger - Necronomicon Dali Edition

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Wolf Protection Spell

Wolf Protection Spell Cover


* 2 green candles
* 1 white candle
* Picture of a wolf/wolves
* High John the Conquerer Essential oil (Geranium oil will substitute just fine)
* Consecrated salt and water
* Wine (any "lunar" drink will do mead, milk, ale, etc)
* Honey cakes (any kind of sweet nourishing cake will do)

The pictures are to help focus the energy. The candles and oil are used to empower the spell. The consecrated water and salt are for sealing the circle. The wine and the cake is an offering of love and nourishment.


Gather your supplies, and on the night of the full moon, create a sacred space into which you will place the wolf pictures, the two candles, the cakes and the wine.

Rub the candles with the essential oil and light them. Using the salt, make a circle around your sacred space, and then sprinkle water at each of the four directions beginning in the North.

Sit or stand quietly and concentrate your energy on the wolf pictures, try to see, feel, hear, and smell the energy of wolves. If you have a recording of wolves howling - play it.

Now, chant the following:

"Candles three, green and white,

Bring protection here this night.

The Moon is full, the sky is clear,

Misfortune and evil disappear.

The mighty wolf shall ever reign,

and protect my family from harm and bane.

Come hither! Come hither!

Spirits of the Wolf, strong and great!

Guard and be guarded by this circle now

and throughout your life."

Break one of the cakes in half and eat it. Offer a blessing to the spirit of the wolf, and the light of the moon, and drink some of the wine. Then, take the remaining cakes and wine outside and leave it for the wild things to enjoy. Allow the candles to burn down, and place the wolf pictures in a safe and sacred place.

~author unknown

Recommended books (free to download):

Anonymous - Hypnotism Spells
Kathryn Paulsen - Witches Potions And Spells
Anonymous - Protection Of Space

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Curses Against Former Lovers

Curses Against Former Lovers Cover
1. Boil a lock of hair of a lover who has deserted you ; while simmers he (she) will have no peace.
2. To punish a false lover , at midnight stick a bird's heart full of pins.
3. To revenge oneself on a faithless lover, light a candle at midnight and prick it with a needle, saying : Thrice the candles broke by me Thrice the heart shall broke be.
4. Bury a lighted candle at night in a churcyard; your enemy will waste away unless he finds the candle and eats it.
5. Bury a glove of the person you wish to destroy ; he will pine away as it rots. Or dip the glove in hot water, prick it many times, then bury it.

Books in PDF format to read:

Alexander Mackenzie - The Celtic Magazine Vol Xi Orc Version
Anonymous - The Lawes Against Witches
Thomas Moore - Candle Magick For Love

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Surprising Weight Loss Spell

Surprising Weight Loss Spell Cover
* Jasmine essence, essential oil, or flowers
* A quartz crystal.
* Symbols of each of the four elements - earth, fire, air, and water


Jasmine is the flower of femininity. (I am supposing this magic to be directed to a woman -- of course men do want to lose weight too. If this is the case, choose an essence such as Patchouli or Vanilla). It is the flower of senses, of pleasure, of physical attraction. The best suited therefore to bring you back in touch with the pleasure of being in your skin, of looking and feeling attractive, the feeling that exudes naturally from a healthy and balanced body. In fact all the responsibility for weight problems resides somewhere in the body's loss of its ability to stay balanced.

Deficiencies on the emotional or mental plane are interfering with the body's natural wisdom. When its balance is impaired its happiness is lost. Through jasmine you may magically evoke that lost sensuous joyfulness.With the crystal quartz you focus your energies on the issue at hand, and give staying power to the healing forces.

Begin the process during the day, when the moon is full. Cleanse and dress yourself and sit in your magic place. Place the jasmine flowers or essence and also the quartz crystal in front of you together with symbols of the four elements (earth, fire, air, and water).

As you call the powers a different element will present itself to you, according to where the imbalance is in you. That will of course change the shape of the incantation. In this example I will use the element air --on the basis of this example you can work out the different variations.

So air is in this case the element which speaks, the power which will help you with this magic. Words belong to air magic. Now inhale the scent of the jasmine and relax deeply to ask your subconscious to give you a word -- the key word for this magic.

For a few minutes you are sitting with your eyes closed, thinking of nothing. When you sense your mind beginning to wander astray, touch the quartz -- its magical powers will help immediately to focus your attention again. Soon the key word will form itself in your conscious mind: in this example it is "independence". It does not matter that you understand why this particular word should be your key word. Certainly a reason is there, your unconscious has its own deep wisdom -- but it is not important that you should be consciously aware of its motives.

Every night, from the full moon to the black moon, you will rub a few drops of jasmine oil on your naked body. While doing this, let the key word "independence" stay in your mind.

As you revel in the fragrance of the jasmine, relaxing, images will come to your mind, suggestions as to how to expand on the independence in your life. Maybe you will have a vision on yourself learning a foreign language.

Following these suggestions is an essential part of this magic; if you want it to work you will have to find a way. The quartz will help you with that. If you find yourself saying "I have too much to do, I cannot possibly fit this in, I never was good at languages anyway." etc., touch the crystal and feel its energy for a few seconds. It will immediately give you clarity and firmness of purpose, and you will be able to see what you need to do, and have the determination to do it.

Every night, before going to sleep, rub the essence on your body, and experiment with your key word. Keep the crystal with you at all times for this period -- to touch it whenever you feel that you need to do so.

Thanks to the magic of the flower, of the crystal, and of the key word given to you by the power air, a deep change will start in this period. A change which will enable you to regain your natural balance, and the grace and beauty that go with it.

NOTES: If you are not sure how the other elements might present themselves, here are some ideas:

* Air = words and language, aromas and sounds, breathing, flying
* Earth = substance and things, plants and herbs, gardening, drumming,
* Water = emotions and feelings, liquids and water, swimming, cleansing,
* Fire = action, passion, heat, creating, light and color,

Source: Old Witchcraft

Recommended books (free to download):

Saint John Of The Cross - Dark Night Of The Soul
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells

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Spirited Taking Paganism Beyond The Circle

Spirited Taking Paganism Beyond The Circle Cover

Book: Spirited Taking Paganism Beyond The Circle by Gede Parma

Spirited is unlike any other Pagan or Wiccan book that I have read. I started reading with the mindset that it was going to be just like any other Pagan philosophy book. But I was wrong. Gede Parma writes Spirited with the intention that young Pagans (although I recommend this book for Pagans of all ages) can carry their spirituality wherever they go, and they should do so with pride. Packed with helpful hints and ideas, I recommend Spirited to any Pagan, young or old, advanced or beginning in their spiritual journey. This book is worth reading, keeping, and passing on.

Everyone has their own opinion and mine on this one is that it's fantastic! I'm a 21-year-old who tends to get bored with "text-book" like material. This wasn't like that at all. It kept my attention. I like how Gede put in stories from other people. I may not be a teen anymore, but I still liked the book anyway.

Refreshingly real and practical, Spirited gets straight to the heart of Pagan living and Pagan spirituality today. Featuring real-life stories and first-hand experiences from the author and other young Pagans who've actually been there, this book gives you insight into the philosophy and spirituality of current Pagan rituals and practices. You'll get crucial advice on Witchcraft, spellcraft ethics, modern magic spells, coven and solitary work, magic theory and practice, dealing with discrimination and negativity, and incorporating your spiritual beliefs into all the important areas of your life: Love,Sexuality,Family,Friends,School,Work.

Gede Parma (Australia) has been an active member of his local Pagan community for years. He is an initiated priest of the WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft, a healer and seer, and a keen student of natural health and medicine. He is the descendant of diviners and spiritual healers and is of Balinese-Celtic heritage.

Find Gede Parma's book in amazon.com:
Spirited Taking Paganism Beyond The Circle

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