How To Undo A Bewitchment Or A Hoodoo Spell

How To Undo A Bewitchment Or A Hoodoo Spell Cover - "If you are bewitched, boil a beef heart and while it is cooking, keep sticking it with a needle; the witch will have the same pains, and the spell upon you will be broken. German.
- "If someone bewitched you, put a piece of red flannel in hot water on the back of the stove and let it boil. The one that has a spell over you will come and ask for forgiveness." German.
- "If you think someone is doing you harm, get a two prong fork and go to a crossroad where they walk, and bury it [prongs up] so they will walk over it, using their name [abusing their name; cursing them] while you are burying it, and say, 'In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,' and they will swell up and just pop open and die." Negro.
- "If you think you are bewitched and can't sleep, take a little holy water and sprinkle it around the room three times and say, 'In the Name of the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost' and you will be able to sleep better." German.
- "To overcome a hoodoo, kill a lizard. Do it by smoking. Beat it to a powder. Mix the powder with whiskey. Drink it. This will cure you." Negro.
- "If you think someone is bewitching you, draw the picture of the one you think it is, and take that picture to the woods where the trees are very thick and nail the picture on a tree; and if you have the right one, the spell will be broken." German.
- "If someone is bothering you and you don't want them to, you take a handful of salt and call their name and throw it over your right shoulder and they will not bother you." Negro.
- "If you think someone has a spell on you, put red pepper and salt in all four corners of the room. It will take the spell off." Negro.
- "If you think you are hoodooed, take one pint of salt, one pint of corn meal, one pint of your urine. Put that in a can on the stove at twelve o'clock at night and cook until it burns. Then throw the can and all away and your hoodoo spell will be off." Negro.

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