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Book: What Is Wicca by Anonymous

"Wicca" is the name of a contemporary Neo-Pagan religion, largely promulgated and popularized by the efforts of a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner [late 1940's]. In the last few decades, Wicca has spread in part due to its popularity among feminists and others seeking a more woman-positive, earth-based religion. Like most Neo-Pagan spiritualities, Wicca worships the sacred as immanent in nature, drawing much of its inspiration from the non-Christian and pre-Christian religions of Europe. "Neo-Pagan" simply means "new pagan" (derived from the Latin paganus , "country-dweller") and hearkens back to times before the spread of today's major monotheistic (one god) religions. A good general rule is that most Wiccans are Neo-Pagans but not all Pagans are Wiccans.

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What Is Wicca

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Get A Raise

Get A Raise Cover

To Get a Raise

If you would like to get a raise at work, use this spell. It works without you having to directly approach the boss. It may help if you drop a few gentle hints at the end of the week, but do not be too pushy or direct. Even if you don't approach the boss, don't worry--you'll get the raise.


1 green candle 9 inches long
1 pen and some paper
1 pair of scissors


(1) Try to obtain your boss's signature on a piece of paper.
(2) Cut signature from paper so that you have a strip of paper
at least long enough to wrap around candle base.
(3) Cut seven notches at least 1 inch apart in candle.
(4) Wrap paper (with name of boss written on it) around the base
of candle, making sure that the paper clears the last notch.
(5) Light candle and repeat the words:

"Dani help me,
Liber help me.

While repeating the words, see yourself receiving the new
raise and smiling. Visualize yourself with money all around

(6) Repeat these words three times. Allow candle to burn down
to the first notch and extinguish the flame.
(7) Repeat Steps 5 and 6 daily, allowing candle to burn down
one notch only each day.

Good Luck!

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Thomas Voxfire - What Was Aleister Crowley
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton V Ars Nova
Michael Sharp - The Great Awakening

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Ancient Greek Love Magic

Ancient Greek Love Magic Cover
All forms of unrequited love had magical solutions in ancient Greece. The lover could send Eros to do his bidding, curse the loved into her arms, or use aphrodisiacs.

In the ancient Greek world not all was fair in war, but it certainly was in love. Unrequited love and sexual desire are the main reasons for employing a witch in the literary sources and ancient Greek spell books and collections abound with magical cures for heartache, many of which involve supernatural coercing of the beloved. Some even aim, with malicious intent, to separate lovers.

The common method of controlling a prospective lover was through a binding spell. Such magic could incite hunger and desire for the curser and a great unhappiness that could only be quelled by being together. The most popular manner of cursing in all of Classical Antiquity was through cursing tablets, also known as defixiones. Over 1,600 such tablets have been found. Traditionally, the tablet was made of lead, the curse was inscribed in the lead, and then it was folded or rolled up and pierced shut with a nail and deposited, frequently in a cemetery.

Such a spell may take the shape of this 4th-3rd century BCE defixio, found in a Macedonian cemetery:

"Pausanias binds Sime, daughter of Amphitritus (may no one except Pausanias undo this spell) until she does for Pausanias everything Pausanias wants. May she not be able to lay hands on a sacrificial victim of Athena, nor may Aphrodite look kindly upon her, until Sime holds Pausanias tight."

Another popular form of binding a lover was through the use of clay or wax puppets, similar to the modern popular notion of Caribbean voodoo dolls. Numerous puppets have been found, as well as instructions for making them.

One papyrus from Hellenistic Egypt instructs the man who wishes to bind a woman to make one male and one female figure out of clay. The female figurine is to be placed on her knees and with her hands behind her back. The curser is then to arm the male doll with a sword, like Ares, with which he strikes the neck of the female doll, which is then to be inscribed with a great number of exotic magic words of power. Then, the real magic of binding begins:

"Take thirteen bronze needles and insert one of them into the brain while saying: 'I pierce your brain {name}'; insert two into her ears, two more into her eyes, one into her mouth, two below her rib cage, one into her hands, two into her vulva and anus, and two in the soles of her feet, while on each occasion saying once: 'I pierce the {body part} of {name}, so that she may think of no one except me alone, {name}.'"

The violence of the language seen here can be unsettling to the modern reader, but was quite ordinary in the realm of Greek cursing and used by men and women alike.

Deities could be petitioned to participate in the curse on a cursing tablet, but they could also be more directly involved through the use of special rituals or sacred names. The secret name of Aphrodite, one of which has been given as Nepherieri in an ancient Greek spell book, was thought to give its speaker a kind of direct access to the power of the goddess.

Several surviving spells concern the controlling of Eros. The magician was instructed to create a statue of Eros, usually from wax, which was to be imbued with the spirit of the god through a period of consecration or through the burning of offerings. The god-in-wax was then made to serve the magician who, it was instructed, was to send the god forth to create unbearable longing or sensual dreams in the beloved which would ultimately lead him or her to the magician.

As for the success rate, the sources remain quiet.

Source: Greek History

Recommended books (free to download):

Tommie Eriksson - Tree Cults In Northern Magic
Andrea Haugen - The Ancient Fires Of Midgard
Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick

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Spell To Speed Down Time

Spell To Speed Down Time Cover Do the same you did in the other one but with a blue pen and in right hand,
also do the visualization but with the sands falling slower, say:


the same rules apply to this one hope u enjoy it
hope u enjoy it!

Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Selected Novels
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Shadow Out Of Time
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Tree On The Hill

Pagan Spells Life Spells

Pagan Spells Life Spells Cover

Book: Pagan Spells Life Spells by Al Selden Leif

Many of these spells involve Concepts commonly known and publicly discussed. Therefore they have become integrated into Magical and Spiritual culture. If I am unaware of the author or creator of a specific work, I have attributed it herein as "Anonymous". If you are aware that a certain work or spell archived here was previously published or is improperly credited, please contact me. I will either remove the entry or properly accredit the selection.

The sources of these spells are varied. Some are captured from Usenet. I have edited several of these entries for typographical errors. In many cases, I have extracted the ingredients or spell components and reformatted the work for ease of use. I have also provided links to products pages for those who want to order spell components.

Download Al Selden Leif's eBook: Pagan Spells Life Spells

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Harriet Beecher Stowe - Poganuc People Their Loves And Lives
Anonymous - Pagan Stones And Gems
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Mix Of Spells 2
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Life Spells

Spells For Riches

Spells For Riches Cover Gather as many hollycock seeds in autumn (when the seeds fall) as you can
find in a folded paper. Loose brown dry and round ones and the ones like
tarnished pennies. Bury them next to a southern wall with a mint, silver,
ancient, and copper coin each. By spring your wealth shall measure 12 times

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Dee - The Calls Of Enoch
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Life Spells
Thomas Potts - Discovery Of Witches
Frank Luttmer - Chelmsford Witches
Anonymous - The Laws For Witches

Quick Circle Casting

Quick Circle Casting Cover
A quick, but beautiful way to caste a circle;

By the air that is Her breath
By the fire that is Her bright spirit,
By the living waters of Her womb
And by the earth that is Her body,

The circle is caste and we are between the worlds. Let the ritual begin.

Recommended books (free to download):

Kenneth Grant - Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God
Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft
Phil Hine - On Cursing

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The Venus Love Spell

The Venus Love Spell Cover
This spell will bring true love to you, but only if the entire course of the spell is completed. Begin the spell on a Friday, Venus' day for love ceremonies, and repeat the ritual for seven consecutive nights.


* 1 red cloth heart
* 1 red candle
* 1 mirror
* 1 white cloth
* 7 pins
* 1 scent of venus incense stick
* Ylang Ylang oil

This spell is cast skyclad (naked) in absolute privacy. After a cleansing and relaxing bath, perfume your body with the erotic oil Ylang Ylang. Choose a magick area in your bedroom, lay out the white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Cast a protective circle, light the red candle and incense, focus your sexual energy and chant" call to thee, beloved one" love me more than anyone" times I pierce thy heart" the magick of Venus starts" bind thy heart and sole to me;" I do will so mote it be. _

Repeat the chant seven times, placing one pin in the heart each time you say _"Seven times I pierce thy heart."_ When complete, pinch out the ceremonial candle and incense. Leaving the pins in the heart until the following night. Before the bath, remove the pins, and then continue as you did the day before.

Source: Star Fires Circle

Recommended books (free to download):

Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells.pdf
Simon - The Necronomicon Spellbook
Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell

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Spell To Rekindle Romance

Spell To Rekindle Romance Cover
by Dorothy Morrison

To bring about romance that makes you weak in the knees, gather six red rose buds and a pink candle. Arrange the rose buds in the shape of a heart in front of the candle, then light the wick as you chant:

"Venus, goddess of romance,
help me in this loving dance,
give me what i most desire,
by the light of candle fire

After the candle burns out, place the rose buds in your pillowcase.

Recommended books (free to download):

Frater Fp - Sigils In Theory And Practice
Anonymous - Steps To Knowledge From 1 To 49
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Terrible Old Man

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The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity

The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity Cover

Book: The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity by Marian Singer

The fundamentals of spellcraft-all in one volume! While it's extensive in knowledge and theory and is actually rather good, it wouldn't hurt to check out other spell books and read up on other seasoned witches' and wizrads' theories. Even with that said, I love this book.

It's always a great reference for White Magick, Crystal Magick, and Astroligical charts. In a while I'll have worn the cover with opening it constantly to my favorite pages. It's also very good for the fast-paced witch to have -- you can slip it in your pocket or purse while you're out shopping for supplies or what-not and open it as a reference. (Don't attempt this if you're wearing a trench coat and sun glasses, the bail isn't worth it).

Also, if you're a beginner in Magick, this is a book I highly recogmend. The spellwork is simple and the supplies for them few. These aren't elaborate or complicated spells and most can be done at anytime. There are also spells for children and some for relationships and even money.

The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need, by noted Wiccan authorities Marian Singer and Trish MacGregor, is your perfect primer to understanding the basics of Wiccan philosophy and ideology. Starting with a brief rundown of Witchcraft tools and symbols, this handy reference helps you create spells for virtually every aspect of your life:

# Business
# Creativity
# Health
# Love
# Personal power
# Prosperity, luck, and abundance
# Travel

I really like this book. I begun reading last week and I'm really interested in the topic. I think this is a great book for anyone wanting to know about white magic and how it works. Filled with myriad examples, simple instructions, and recipes that incorporate easy-to-find ingredients, The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need will have you creating your own magick in no time. Marian Singer really enjoys it almost as much as I do being a green witch. She said it is great for those who are new to the craft as well as to those who have been practicing it their entire life. I often see her reading this book when I go to visit her, infact she has opened it so much that the cover is wore out!

Marian Singer, author of Magick for the Wild Woman and the bestselling Everything(r) Wicca and Witchcraft Book, is an expert on Wicca, Witchcraft, and goddess traditions. Initially self-taught, she later received initiation into the Strega tradition of Italy. She frequently gives lectures and workshops around the country and has appeared on several television shows, such as Sightings and The Debra Duncan Show. A resident of Western New York, Ms. Singer regularly contributes to popular sites.

Find Marian Singer's book in amazon.com:
The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity

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