Paganism And Christianity From 100 To 425 Ce

Paganism And Christianity From 100 To 425 Ce Cover

Book: Paganism And Christianity From 100 To 425 Ce by Ramsay Macmullen

MacMullen and Lane's Paganism and Christianity (100-425 C.E) presents readers with an eclectic array of writings touching every facet of religious life in the Late Roman world. These varied sources were penned by authors as conflicting as Eusebius and Julian and they deal with intriguing aspects of pagan cultus, pagan missionary activity, the Imperial Cult, the Persecutions and also provide pagan and Christian apologetic/theological literature. Overall, these pieces of literature paint a vibrant picture of religious life during this fascinating epoch in history and they convey something of the richness that the multiform belief systems of the Mediterranean world had to offer. Many of these sources are very difficult to find in English translation; and many of them can be quite expensive. So this sourcebook is indispensable, given that it is quite affordable, convenient and very useful.

Macmullen and Lane have done a service by presenting a treasure of texts revealing primarily the religious attitudes and experience of non-Christians during the formative years of Christianity. Christians today often assume that the language of faith in the early church was the exclusive domain of Christianity. The authors prove otherwise. The titles of some of the chapters demonstrate the range of experience and language of "pagans." For example: "Magic, Dreams, Astrology, Superstition," "Healing Shrines," "Hymns," "Cult Groups," "Holy Men and Women," and "Hermetism and Gnosticism." The sentiments contained in these texts are mirrored in early Christian churches, naturally, since these attitudes and languages were part of the religious atmosphere breathed by all peoples of the time. The unbiased reader is helped to easily appreciate the cultural and religious kinship between followers of Christ and those of either the Mysteries, philosophy, and mythologizing theologies such as those of the Gnostics.The last six chapters of the book are especially helpful in appreciating the dynamics of conversion and persecution. While I generally do not favor of history-of-religions approach to the study of historical phenomena, I make a strong exception regarding this book. I recommend that the reader use this book as a companion to Keith Hopkins' "A World Full of Gods."

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Spell To Sell A Book

Spell To Sell A Book Cover

What you need:

1 yellow taper candle (pink will do to but yellow is best)
The pen you will use to write anything on the contents of the envelope or to address the envelope

When to do it:

During the waxing moon (from new moon to first quarter)

What you do:

Using the pen, inscribe the name of your book with an arrow on each side of it pointing to it into the candle (up and down). Figure out your lucky book number.
To do this, take the number of pages in your book and add the digits together (for example, if your book had 256 pages you would add 2+5+6). The outcome is your lucky book number. Light the candle and chant the following as many times as your lucky book number (example, if your lucky book number is 12 then you would chant it 12 times).

"My book,
name of book
, is the one I'm sending off
I've worked and slaved over it, please let my talent be enough.
Please let the publisher read it and love it
By the power of this candle I have lit
So Mote It Be!

Now drop a pinch of the cinnamon into the flame of the candle using your right hand and drop a pinch of the basil into the flame with your left (do both these movements in one quick movement). Hold your manuscript above the flame (careful not to burn it) and let it absorb the energy. When you are sure it is empowered, put the manuscript (and anything else you are sending with it) into the envelope you are going to send it off in, seal it, address and stamp it.
Blow or snuff out the candle. You should send your manuscript off as soon as possible.

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Yellow Dock Money Spell

Yellow Dock Money Spell Cover
Brew a tea with a spoonful of this herb to a cup of water, strain, and use to wash door knobs at your place of business to draw customers, or at home to attract good fortune.

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Closing The Circle

Closing The Circle Cover
By the earth that is her body
And by the air that is her breath
And by the fire of her bright spirit,
And by the living waters of her womb,
The circle is open, but unbroken
May the joy of the Goddess live in our hearts
Merry meet, and merry part
And merry meet again.

Adaption of Starhawk's The Spiral Dance.

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Ending The Circle

Ending The Circle Cover
The High Priestess goes to each of the four directions in turn, and draws a Banishing Pentacle, saying,

Guardians of the East (South, West, North), Powers of Air (Fire, Water, Earth), we thank you for joining in our circle And we ask for your blessing as you depart may there be peace between us Now and forever. Blessed be.

She raises her athame to the sky and touches it to the earth, then opens her arms and says,

The circle is open, but unbroken, May the peace of the Goddess Go in your hearts, Merry meet, and merry part. And merry meet again. Blessed be.

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Representation Of Paganism Wicca And Witchcraft In Modern Fictional Mass Media

Representation Of Paganism Wicca And Witchcraft In Modern Fictional Mass Media Cover

Book: Representation Of Paganism Wicca And Witchcraft In Modern Fictional Mass Media by Lisa Dinsmore

The aim of this dissertation was to examine Representations of Paganism by comparing recent fictional representations of Pagans and Wiccans against a "real life" model of Pagan and Wiccan practices and beliefs. A literature review focused on forming a model of Paganism, and looked at previous works which considered the representation of Paganism in fictional media. A crude form of content analysis was used to select an appropriate text for analysis. A semiotic analysis, ideological consideration, and a syntagmatic analysis of the narrative were all applied to the text, an episode called “Family” from the television series “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.” This gave an in-depth model of a fictional text featuring Witchcraft.

Paganism with particular reference to Witchcraft was portrayed positively in the text. It was discovered that the practice of magic had connotations of both power - particularly female autonomy -; and of sexuality -particularly homosexuality. Further analyses of a wide range of texts would need to be compared to the reallife model devised to give a more complete picture of the connotations behind the representations of Pagans, Wiccans and Witches.

This dissertations aims to look at representations of Paganism and in particular wicca and witchcraft in Modern Fictional Mass media. Semiotic analysis in particular and other media theories will be used to look at the representations and the portrayals compared to a model of current Pagan practices and beliefs – the "realist" perspective versus the "real".

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