How To Break Witchcraft Spells

How To Break Witchcraft Spells Cover Witchcraft is the use of supernatural powers and dates back to ancient societies. As with any power, real or imagined, the person possessing such skill may use it for good or evil. These are usually subjective ideas and practitioners of "black" magic rarely see themselves as "evil." But if you believe you have been the target of a spell, there is a method that may help to protect yourself and break the spell.

How to Break a witchcraft spell Instructions

Things You'll Need:

* Name and birth date of the person you believe placed the spell on you
* 2 candles, 8 inches long, black and white
* 2 knives
* Safety pin
* Bag of charcoal
* Knight of Swords or Queen of Swords tarot card

Step 1. Find a spot where nothing grows and dig a hole 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Fill the hole with charcoal.

Step 2. Find a piece of land with green grass near a tree.
Make seven circles in the white candle with the knife, each 1 inch apart. Place the white candle in the green grass.

Step 3. Using the other knife, make seven circles in the black candle. On the bottom of the black candle, etch the name and birth date of the person you believe cursed you, along with the word "drevida."

Step 4. Light the white candle and light the black candle. As the candles burn, repeat the phrase, "Creo del macres ete prestwer" until both candles have burned down to the first circle. Put out the candles. Etch the name and birth date of the person who hexed you on the tarot card (knight card for a male, queen card for a female). Bury the card and the black candle in charcoal.

Step 5. Bury the white candle next to the tree. This method will remove the curse within seven days.

Tips And Warnings

* Use caution when lighting or extinguishing the candles. Use caution when drawing the circles with the knives.

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