Cast Psychic Spells

Cast Psychic Spells Cover Everyone has a certain amount of intuitiveness or feelings that we contribute to our “gut." This is our psychic ability manifesting itself. There are ways for us to be more attuned to ourselves and boost our psychic abilities. This spell may just enhance your psychic abilities.

Instructions How To Cast Psychic Spells.

1.Prepare your alter. Place a clean white cloth over a level surface. Any small table or square area will do. Place the white candle at the top left of the alter cloth. Place the purple candle on the top right area of the alter cloth. Place the cauldron containing warm water in the center of the cloth. Place a plate with fresh fruit and flowers in the bottom center of the cloth.
2.Place a protective circle around yourself and the alter with salt. Once you complete the circle say the following invocation.Air, Fire, Water, Earth...Elements of the astral birth,I call you now, attend to me.In the circle rightly cast, Safe from psychic curse or blast,I call you now attend to me.From cave and desert, sea and hill...By wand, blade, cup and pentacle...I call you now attend to me.This is my will so mote it be.
3.Sprinkle the herbs, cedar, sage, cinnamon, and basil into the cauldron of warm water. Water should be warm enough to cause some heat to rise upon sprinkling of the herbs. Light both candles, and pick up the offering plate with fruit or flowers and present this to the representations of the Goddess and God.
4.Say the following incantation:Open the door to my inner life.Reveal past, present and future to me.Open the door to my inner life,That my way and path may be free.Send me your cosmic fireTo light my pathway and be clear.Give me a sign that is not of mineTo show that your presence is here.Open my inner self to my heart and soulThat there may be a clear path and told,To set my heart and soul free.This is my will so mote it be.
5.Pick up the cauldron, and hold it toward the white candle. Hold it toward the purple candle. Replace it on the alter cloth. Allow it to remain until the next ritual is done.
6.Snuff out both candles, and give thanks to both God and Goddess

Tips And Warnings
- This spell should be cast within a week prior to the full moon. The ritual should be repeated nightly for at least three nights in a row for it to be most successful.
- Make sure that the water in the cauldron is not too hot as this can lead to burns if liquid is sloshed out of the cauldron when using it in the ritual.
- Always make sure that you snuff candles out when not in use.
- Never leave candles burning unattended as these can be a fire hazard.

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