About Pure Black Magic Spell Books

About Pure Black Magic Spell Books Cover Black magic spell books are things of which legends are made. Throughout history, those rumored to be witches or sorcerers have always been said to have a book that contains all their most wicked and potent spells. However, just how much truth are there to these ancient tales?

What Is Magic?
The working definition of magic, paraphrased from Aleister Crowley, is the act of affecting the material world around you by exercising nothing more than your own will.
What Is Black Magic?
white magic is often used for good purposes, or to help and defend others. Black magic, conversely, is used to harm others, or to achieve results for selfish reasons.
What Is A Spell Book?
A spell book, also known as a grimoire, book of shadows and ritual journal, is nothing more than a collection of one person's experience in magic.
On black magic spell Books
There are ritual journals from many practitioners, famous and obscure, filled with selfish rituals and hurtful curses. Magic, however, like any tool is no more pure than the motives of those who use it.
To truly understand the art of magic and ritual, one should first read works by famous practitioners in the field. One should also speak with those who practice magic, and who may have experience and wisdom to offer those new to the arts.

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