Gay Love Spells

Gay Love Spells Cover Gay Love Spells are very powerful, cast Gay Love Spells or casting gay love spells under my guidance as gay spells are like magic spells to attract love of the same sex.

Gay Love Spells are spiritually prepared and have done wonders in the past.
If you love some one of the same sex then my Gay love spell will help you to achieve your goals.

Obtain a photo of the victim-to-be. If no photo is available, get some hair or finger-nail clippings. Get anything that fits into whatever model of magick you hold
and combine this with a sigil (a pictorial glyph) of the guy of your own design.
Sit in a still clean place (Your Temple) and declare the circle to be cast, through a banishing ritual or reciting a poem and waving your arms around, etc. Put the likeness of
the guy onto your altar (or similar) and channel energy up through your legs, torso, arms and into the likeness. Keep doing so as you pick the object up (both hands) and hold it
tight, (because you love his impression). Tell him over and over that you love him absolutely and that he loves you dearly. Tell him that he loves you and that you love him
and that you were meant to be together, repeatedly. When satisfied, close the circle and declare the ritual over.

Take the object and wrap it up, to 'bind it' and store it in a clean, safe place such as strapped to the bottom of her bed or buried in her lawn, etc. Usually I would have some
purple candles on the altar. You specified 'white magic' so use white candles.

Picture also plays a very important role on Gay Love Spells.
You may take a picture of the person you love or you are interested in.
After you have the picture, behind the picture you may write your name and birth date.

The dip the picture in a solution of balchad and keep it for 15 days, after 15 days are over you may put the picture in the sea and while throwing the picture in the see chant these prays
Nau Sau Ser Bil Uma Rah Rab 21 time
You will experience great wonders soon.

If you have any questions about the above written spells email me and all your queries will be answered.

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  1. its good to help people regardless of who they are keep it up in fact let me link your blog to black magic love spells

  2. Very good article. I, too, am a gay love spells healer. I can help couples, no matter if they're gay, straight or bi-sexual. Love is love.

  3. Brilliant article because most of people around just do not want to accept the fact that these people belong amongst us. I do not really know if Love Spells for gay have Lost Love Spells i really like reading your blog. Thank you

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