How To Cast Good Luck Spells

How To Cast Good Luck Spells Cover Have you broken a mirror in the past seven years? Do you find yourself always losing on the horses, or at the casino? Try this good luck spell, it just might increase your odds of winning!

How to Cast Good Luck Spells

Step 1. Place the dried clover between the two wooden boards. Sprinkle the top board with the lavender oil. 4 to 6 drops is sufficient. Rub the oil into the top board with using only the first two fingers on your right hand. Wash your hands thoroughly once this is done.

Step 2. Light one of the wooden matches and then light the green candle. Place the green candle on top of the two wooden boards with the lavender on it. Imagine in your head that you are the luckiest person on the earth. Visualize yourself as the person whom you wish to be like.

Step 3. Wait 15 minutes. After 15 minutes has passed, move the candle to the side and lift the top board off of the crushed clover.

Step 4. Pick up the clover in your hands. Rub your hands together, crushing the clover to a finer powder. Smother your face, hands and arms with the clover. Once again, visualize yourself as an extremely lucky person. Think positively and pretend you are the most optimistic person you have ever met.

Step 5. Set the boards with the oil on them in a safe place for 1 month. Once the month is over with, burn the wood until it is only ashes.

Tips And Warnings

* Make sure you place your candle on a candle holder or flame resistant surface.
* Always be sure to use caution while using fire.
* Extinguish all fire completely after you are finished with it.

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