Magick In Theory And Practice

Magick In Theory And Practice Cover

Book: Magick In Theory And Practice by Aleister Crowley

My former work has been misunderstood, and its scope limited, by my use of technical terms. It has attracted only too many dilettanti and eccentrics, weaklings seeking in "Magic" an escape from reality. I myself was first consciously drawn to the subject in this way. And it has repelled only too many scientific and practical minds, such as I most designed to influence. But magick is for ALL. So I have written this book to help the Banker, the Pugilist, the Biologist, the Poet, the Navvy, the Grocer, the Factory Girl, the Mathematician, the Stenographer, the Golfer, the Wife, the Consul - and all the rest - to fulfil themselves perfectly, each in his or her own proper function. Let me explain in a few words how it came about that I blazoned the word MAGICK upon the Banner that I have borne before me all my life. (from book)

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Aleister Crowley - Magick In Theory And Practice

Harvesting Botanicals

Harvesting Botanicals Image
In order to maximize botanicals' magic potential, magic rituals and spells are incorporated into their harvesting.

Because plants are alive, removing them from Earth is a risky operation. One has the option of increasing and enhancing their inherent power, or of offending Earth and the presiding Plant Spirits.

Once upon a time, all harvesting, for magical or other purposes, was accompanied by spells, rituals and propitiation of various Earthly and Spirit forces. Unless you purchase your botanicals from magically oriented vendors, one can safely assume that modern harvesting is accompanied by no such rituals or spells.

If you practice extensive botanical spell-casting you may wish to incorporate similar gestures in other ways, to enhance your spells and to provide spiritual protection for oneself. If however, one grows and harvests one's own botanicals, ancient spells, and rituals may be borrowed or adapted.

Because they're alive, have power, and must be treated with respect, it's not appropriate to just go out and grab a handful of plant. Botanical materials are safely harvested through magic ritual. Essentially you cast a spell in order to gain materials to cast more spells.

The plant (or its presiding spirit or Earth herself, however you best understand this) must be addressed. The purpose for gathering should be explained. Because of the principle of reciprocity, gifts are exchanged. Libations of water are always appropriate, howver different traditions favor different gifts. native Americans offered pinches of tobaccop; Anglo-Saxons once offered oatmeal. The ancient Romans offered bread and wine. Honey, wine, and menstrual blood are popular offerings. Fragrant incense may be burned in the vicinity as a gift.

Use your intuition and your judgment to discern what is proper when collecting in the wild. If botanicals are purchased, consider a blessing spell and/or some kind of offering and acknowledgement of the disrepect the plant may have suffered before it came to you.

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Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Roger Whitaker - Antinomianism

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Quartz And Candle Spell

Quartz And Candle Spell Cover


Have a candle of the color symbolic of your magickal need, according to the following list (or as your intuition tells you):

WHITE Protection, Peace, Purity, Truth, Sincerity, Spirituality

RED Strength, Health, Vigor, Sexual Love, Passion, Protection, Courage,
Danger, Warning, Anger, Element of Fire, God oriented, Male

LIGHT BLUE Tranquillity, Happiness, Understanding, Patience, Health,
Element of Water, Goddess oriented, Feminine aspects

DARK BLUE Impulsiveness, Depression, Changeability, psychism

GREEN Finance, Fertility, Luck, Growth, Employment, Element of Earth,
Goddess oriented, Feminine aspects

GOLD/YELLOW Attraction, Persuasion, Charm, Confidence, Intellect, Study,
Divination, Element of Air, God oriented, Male aspects,
(Gold) The Great God, The Sun

BROWN Hesitation, Uncertainty, Neutrality, Healing Animals, Poverty

PINK Honor, Love, Morality, Friendship

BLACK Protection from, absorption Evil, loss, discord & Confusion, Lack of
color and vibrations, Neutrality, Element of Akasha,
Spirituality, The Divine, The Void

PURPLE Relief from; Tension, Calming, Healing of severe Disease,
Spiritualism, Meditation, Protection, Psychic Power, Element
Of Akasha, The Divine

SILVER/GRAY Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate,(Silver) The Great
Goddess, The Moon

ORANGE Encouragement, Adaptability, Stimulation, Attraction, Energy

GREENISH YELLOW Sickness, Cowardice, Anger, Jealousy, Discord

With the tip of a cleansed, terminated quartz crystal, scratch a symbol of your need onto the candle. This might be a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, a fist for strength. Alternately, use an appropriate rune or write your need on the candle with the crystal.

As you scratch or draw, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already manifested. Place the candle in a holder. Set the crystal near it and light the wick.

As the flame shines, again strongly visualize. The crystal, candle and symbol will do their work.

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John Nash - Spirituality And Gender
John Yarker - Arcane Schools
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Life Spells

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Breaking A Spell Cast On You

Breaking A Spell Cast On You Cover

Get a white candle and place it in a holder.
Place the holder in the middle of your cauldron.
Fill the cauldron with water so that the candle extends above the rim of the
cauldron and above the water.
Light the candle and visualize the spell being broken.
As soon as the flame burns down and touches the water, it will go out.
Dig a hole in the earth and pour the in the rest of the water and bury the

So shall it be!

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Ritual Of Casting Sacred Circle

Ritual Of Casting Sacred Circle Cover
Many times we are asked, "how do you cast a circle?" There are so many different ways that this can be done. Differs from each Tradition to the next. Even within our own Avaloian Tradition we make improvisions on this.

The main factor is to cast a sacred space. A space that separates this world from the other. A space that we ourselves make holy. And that is what is important. A space that you set aside from all else, to glorify and exalt. For you are the one casting, cleansing, purifying, and setting it aside from all else.

Before you cast, one should make sure of the intent of casting. Ask yourself why you are doing it. Once you have this the gathering is made easier. If you are doing this with a group of people One must be chosen to be the Lord or Lady. The Lord or Lady usually has one person who waits them. This is not to say the Lord or Lady is higher than they, but the fact that they shall be the God/dess incarnate. You may also do this solitary. Depending on the amount tending.

The Lord/Lady has the sword brought to them. All else are standing outside where the circle is to be cast. The Lord/Lady takes the sword and walk deosil (clockwise) around the space to be cast. The wait has a small bell with them. Beginning at the East, the sword, in a non-threatening manner, is raised. The wait rings the bell. All fill fall silent. Moving clockwise the Lord/Lady salute each direction. If there are four novices present each will stand to the directions as the Lord/Lady passes.

Lord/Lady: Let all those that wish to partake enter ye now ! (the bell is rung)

Everyone enters by stepping forward (no actual circle has been cast yet)

Wait: My Lord/Lady all those that wish to partake in this Magickal Rite are now present. I pray you, cast the Sacred Circle.

Lord/Lady: What thou doth sees makes here this night, shall be forever within this circle. So Mote It Be!

(When anyone speaks the So Mote It Be or Blessed Be, all shall repeat it)

Again at the East, the Lord/Lady takes the sword and draws within the ground or upon the floor the circle saying as the pass...

"I draw this magick circle let no evil or ill will cross its mark."

Once the Lord/Lady has reached the East again, They take the sword and place it upon the shoulders of the novice, and says..."be thou the guardian of this gate... I call I summon I stir oh ye spirits of Air, come forth now I pray thee and witness our Rite. So Mote It Be !" The Guardian answers: I am he/she the guardian, no evil or ill will shall pass by me, My Lord/Lady.

The Wait rings the bell

The Lord/Lady goes to each quarter and perform the same, on each guardian. The Wait will ring the bell as each guardian answers. Once the quarters are called the Lord/Lady goes to the center of the circle as the Wait performs the cleansing of the circle with salt and water.

Incense can be used instead of salt and water mixture. The Lord/Lady summons the spirit of the Great Lady and the Great Lord by saying....

Great Lady witness now your children who stand before you in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Standing East, with the censer the Lord/Lady says.... Great Maiden Come To Us.....
All repeat....
Standing South, with the torch or candle the Lord/Lady says....Great Mother Come To Us....

All repeat...

Standing West, with chalice of wine or water, the Lord/Lady says...Ancient Queen of Wisdom Come To Us....

All repeat...

Standing North, with the salt, the Lord/Lady says....Brother Come To Us...

All Repeat...

Drumming, rattles, any form of music making can be added to this. As you can take note there really isn't any particular God or Goddess called, this is the Avaloian Tradition. All Gods are one God, all Goddesses are one Goddess.

So there is the very basic beginnings of Magical Workings... you can take it from here..... Do What Thou Wilt, Save Harm None, Shall Be the Whole.

Bright Blessing...
Lord OberRon
Knight of the Sacred Light

Books in PDF format to read:

John Yarker - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Eliphas Levi - The Magic Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum

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Religion Belief

Religion Belief Image
Sohbet is spiritual conversation from an enlightened soul. In the practice of sohbet, teachings are transmitted from teacher to students through storytelling, presence, and sacred space. A sohbet can encompass the physical and mundane or the metaphysical and sublime.

The English language is often inedequate when it comes to describing spiritual states of mind. Sohbet, in Sufism, is a spiritual transaction between teacher and student which relies on ancient oral storytelling traditions and practices. Mystical knowledge and Devotional Love is transmitted during Sohbet in such a way that it attempts to circumvent the knots of the rational mind and connect the hearts of the seekers. Sohbet can be undersood as a spiritual dialogue, a cleansing of the soul and a meeting of the hearts. From the metaphysical to the very physical, Sohbets help us reflect on the events of our everyday lives and guide us in our search for a sense of unity and security.

- Garden of the Sufis, Sohbet

The Sufis employ the use of several practices to awaken one's true nature. Sufi teacher Sherif Baba has webcast on his site which is more like a mystical conversation and you can listen wherever you are. Sufism is nondogmatic and people of all faiths are welcome.

CLICK here to visit the page of webcast sohbet of Sherif Baba. in the page click on the button 'babacast' to play the sohbet. look out for pop-up blocker, the file may run in a pop-up window ">Sherif Baba (born 1944) came to the United States in 1991 and since 1993 has been living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where the Rifa'i Maruf'i Order of America and the Universal Center of Light is based. Sherif Baba received intensive education in Sufism in the Nakshibendi, Halveti, Kadiri, Bektashi, Melami, and Rifa'i Maruf'i Order from which he received his Idjazet or 'certificate of teaching' in Manisa, Turkey. May God reward him greatly for his devoted work.

:: Web Resources

Rifa'i Marufi Order of America Sherif Baba

Universal Center of Light

Rifai Marufi Sufi Order[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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Irv Slauson - The Religion Of Odin
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - I Believe

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Healing Spell

Healing Spell Image
You Need:
Powdered cinnamon
Green ribbon
A glass jar or other container with a lid
Various small objects- preferably green, silver or white
(such as paper, dried leaves, beads, pieces of smooth
glass and colored wood)
Green or silver glitter.

1. Cast a circle as normal, calling the quarters and
erecting a barrier of energy.
2. Consecrate all the items which you are going to use,
then lay them out on your altar (or if you are outside, a
3. Sprinkle the cinnamon over all the objects and say:
‘Herb for healing,
Herb for hope
Herb for strength
herb help me cope’

‘I call on thee, spirits of water, earth, fire and air, to aid me in this healing.’

4. Bind the Green ribbon around the jar three times

‘Thrice I bind thee, and so with nine calls, you will heal.’

5. Put all the small objects and the glitter into the jar ,
screw on the lid and shake it nine times

‘Power of healing, I command you, heal (name of
) from all sickness!’

6. Thank the elements, and the guardians of the
watchtowers, and take down the circle.

7. When you have finished, then keep the jar in a safe
place, and every time you need the power of healing,
then take it out and shake it nine times, saying the
following over and over:

‘(name of person) be well, (name) be free of sickness’

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Pagan Theology Paganism As A World Religion

Pagan Theology Paganism As A World Religion Cover

Book: Pagan Theology Paganism As A World Religion by Michael York

In Pagan Theology, Michael York situates Paganism—one of the fastest-growing spiritual orientations in the West—as a world religion. He provides an introduction to, and expansion of, the concept of Paganism and provides an overview of Paganism's theological perspective and practice. He demonstrates it to be a viable and distinguishable spiritual perspective found around the world today in such forms as Chinese folk religion, Shinto, tribal religions, and neo-Paganism in the West.

While adherents to many of these traditions do not use the word "pagan" to describe their beliefs or practices, York contends that there is an identifiable position possessing characteristics and understandings in common for which the label "pagan" is appropriate. After outlining these characteristics, he examines many of the world's major religions to explore religious behaviors in other religions which are not themselves pagan, but which have pagan elements. In the course of examining such behavior, York provides rich and lively descriptions of religions in action, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Pagan Theology claims Paganism's place as a world religion, situating it as a religion, a behavior, and a theology.

Some books are meant to be read by all while others are scholarly texts that are written to augment our basis of knowledge. This book falls into the second category and Mr. York has done his homework. Pagan Theology is a thesis on the Pagan Religions, not a work that teaches us or presents us with entertainment or tradition.

Mr. York has gone into depth exploring the vast patchwork that is the Pagan Path. Mr. York argues the path as a valid religion and explores the theology and the modern practices. He then compares them to other religions to validate our presence as a religion.

Mr. York argues his point well and very thoroughly. I am impressed with his research. The book is a wonderful textbook for those who study comparative religions and would make a great addition to college classes on the subject.

But it is a textbook, not a casual read. Anyone who has gone through text books on theology would agree that they are not meant for a lazy afternoon. And this book is not for everyone. While it would be good for those who are looking at a Doctorate in Theology or a good reference book for their term paper on comparative religions, it would not interest the casual beginner. Mr. York is a good researcher and worked out the book well to present his point; but it can be dry in spots. That is a characteristic of any text book, I'm afraid. Good material, but sometimes long and tedious if the material is not what you are looking for.

This book should be recommended to teachers at the College level for addition to their curriculum or as a study aid for comparative religion studies or theological research on general pagan studies. It should also be recommended to clergy who would find it of value in their own studies of comparative religions.

Buy Michael York's book: Pagan Theology Paganism As A World Religion

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Sir James George Frazer - The Golden Bough A Study Of Magic And Religion
Peter Andreas Munch - Norse Mythology Legends Of Gods And Heroes
Robert Ellwood - The Encyclopedia Of World Religions

Vervain Spell

Vervain Spell Cover For everlasting youth, this spell must be performed when the moon is full... Go outdoors and light one black candle. Take a Chalice of water to which you add
salt, and two spoonsful of Vervain. Mix thoroughly and dip into this water a piece of
petrified wood. Pass the rock Through the flame of the candle and chant...

"Candle, herb, rock, water, salt,
Hear me as my song is sung,
Age is not my hearts desire,
It is youth to which I aspire,
Candle, herb, rock, water, salt."

Repeat the ritual and chant seven times. As each chant is said, touch the rock in
turn to first one foot, one hand, one shoulder, crown of the head, and then down
the other side of the body to shoulder, hand and foot. When the spell is finished, take the rock immediately to the nearest river, beach or stream and throw it in..

Taken from "the modern herbal Spellbook" by Anna Riva

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Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Simon - The Necronomicon Spellbook
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
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A Little Book Of Candle Magic

A Little Book Of Candle Magic Cover

Book: A Little Book Of Candle Magic by Dj Conway

This book shows how to use candles as magical tools to find a mate, achieve enlightenment, or improve life materially or spiritually. In A Little Book of Candle Magic, D. J. Conway gives a thorough introduction to tapping the reservoirs of magic in candles. Sometimes including oils and herbs in her spells, she begins by suggesting that novices start with a small goal they wish to accomplish. She provides chants, meditations, and affirmations and encourages readers to create their own.

The beauty of this book lays within its simplicity! I began exploring the more traditional Witchcraft books at approximately ten years of age. One was called 'Mastering Witchcraft' by Paul Huson, copyright 1970. I am unfamiliar with any revised editions because after 25 years I still have my original copy. This is how I began my journey down the magickal path; spending countless hours casting complicated, expensive spells. The 'training' was well worth it as it enhanced my abilities and concluded with me becoming a High Priestess. Still, the more experienced, knowledgeable, and wiser I become the less I find that I need to perform convoluted (or better known as 'advanced') rituals in order to achieve amazing results. You, too, may discover that any dependency on said rituals, as well as costly tools of the trade, vastly diminishes the more developed your own powers become ;-)

A Little Book of Candle Magic provides a brief history of candle/fire usage in religion; information on a variety of candle types and colors; corresponding oils, stones, herbs, incense; how to construct an altar; effective days/times in which to perform your candle magick; a small array of spells that focus on career, love, healing, protection and, oh, so much more! It is an excellent resource for both the beginner and advanced practitioner alike; teaching newbies the basics and reminding the learned that magick can be both simplistic AND potent!

D. J. CONWAY is the best-selling author of more than 20 nonfiction books and three fantasy novels. Her books have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Czechoslovakian, Hungarian, and several other languages. An honorary member of the Council of Elders of the Society of Celtic Shamans, she has studied many spiritual paths, including New Age religions, Eastern philosophy, and Wicca, for more than 40 years. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Buy Dj Conway's book from A Little Book Of Candle Magic

Books in PDF format to read:

Alice Hoffman - The Book Of The Sagas
Michael Ford - The Book Of Cain
Arthur Edward Waite - The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

Spells For Internal Well Being

Spells For Internal Well Being Cover


We have found that this simple spell has been very effective in harmonizing our inner mechanisms and bringing a feeling of well-being to us. Here it is:

1. Obtain a vial (about 100mL) of water from a steadily flowing river and put aside.

2. Light two blue candles and place at the north and south points of a circle.

3. Light two white candles and place at the east and west points of the same circle.

4. Scatter freshly picked lavender and crushed leaves of an iceberg rose evenly around the perimeter of the circle and sit within it, facing the north point.

5. Cross the arms loosely over the chest and focus your awareness on the breath entering your body and slowly spreading through it.

6. Return your focus slowly to your environment and extinguish the candles using the river water, kneeling before each as you do so, in the order north-west- east-south.

Simple Healing Spell

Put both hands to your ears. Summon all your energy and rub your temples three times in a circular motion. Chant the word Maiyor. Put your hands to your ankles.

Rub them as you did your temples, but lighter, and gather more energy. Chant the word Molaris. Put your hands to the hurt spot, and chant the final word, Sultanar.

This spell is a small healing spell, and will usually only work on minor muscle soreness, depending on how much energy you gather and your concentration. It could be integrated into a more complete rite or added to if you want to improve it.

A Short Healing Spell for Rashes and Such

Take prepared ointment and begin rubbing into effected area in a clockwise motion. As you rub it in say these words, "As I rub deosil, Take this flesh and make it well, Take the pain and itch away, Make it better day by day."

The longer you rub and repeat the spell the quicker the effected area heals. I have had a rash heal in just a few hours using this when it persisted before then.

To Lure a Spirit

"Darksome Night and Shining Moon, Hearken to the Witches' rune."
"East then South, West the North. Hear! Come! I call thee forth!"

To Get Rid of a Headache

To get rid of a headache, focus all of your thought on exactly where the pain is, the chant thrice:

"Tame thou flesh and blood, As our lady tames the lion."

Healing (especially good for long-distance)


3 candles-blue, white, pink
incense (1 part allspice, 1 part rosemary)
paper with name of recipient
quartz crystal

Place candles on altar in semi-circle, with the incense off to the side.
Place the person's name in the center, with the quartz crystal on top.
Center yourself, and inhale the incense.
Gather energy, and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal to the recipient.

This is a Love Spell

This is a love spell that has been proven to work. You only need a few house hold supplies:

A Small Pot
Basil Seeds
Rich Soil

Sow the seeds in a small pot thinking loving thoughts about your love. Put the pot in a warm place and water them frequently. Keep them in a warm safe place.
IMPORTANT: DON'T let them die! Sooner or later the person will start to show feelings for you and the spell has worked!

Spell to Rid Yourself of a Song Stuck in your Head

Take 1 bar of soap, and soap yourself up. Then sing the song as you rinse.


The Tools Needed

A green cloth as big as your hand.
A white string.
One crystal. (suggested: quartz, malachite, bloodstone, or turquoise)

Herbs: Mustard seed, dill, clove, fennel, sage, cinnamon, ivy, orange, apple seed, patchouli. (Use at least 4 of the suggested herbs.)

A coin, or a bill. (suggested a fifty cent piece, gold coin or a dollar bill.)

One green candle.

As always you can call upon "god" as you choose to recognize him/her/them. I suggest for this spell that gods, and/or goddesses of fertility are called in (Pan, Hestia, Isis, Venus, Herne).

Upon the candle carve a dollar symbol, your initials, your astrological symbol, and a pentagram. If possible anoint your candle with essential oil (of any of the herbs listed above). Lay your herbs out onto a piece of tin foil, or wax paper. Gently roll you candle in the herbs. Directly place it in the candle holder. Light the candle, and as the flame takes shape envision a beauteous blooming flower in it's place. Gather the remaining herbs in to a mortar or bowl. Mix or grind these herbs, while thoughts of fertility, growing plants, flowing money, and positive change occurring in your life. Place the herbs in the green cloth, and tie with the white string. At this time address the Gods you have called in and explain to them your need for money, and or fertility.
Hold the Sachet and crystal in your right hand.

Then envision a green sphere of light swirling around you in a clockwise motion.
Allow the vision to become vividly clear. When you are ready, close the circle.

May the Gods of Growth and prosperity smile upon you!

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Songs For Italy
Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality

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Air Spells

Air Spells Cover To Rid Yourself Of Your Troubles

On a dead bush that is still planted in the ground, in a place where the wind
can blow through it, tie a leaf onto a branch for each thing that is bothering
you. Leave the shrub and as the leaves are blown off, your troubles will leave.
This spell will begin to work over a couple of weeks so be patient.

To Get Rid of Fear

Light a yellow candle and concentrate on willing your worries onto the candle;
see your worries becoming infused with the candle. When this is accomplished,
take the candle outside and let the wind extinguish it. The spell is complete.

To Make A Decision

Write your various choices down on separate sheets of paper and lay them on a
free standing table where a gentle breeze is present. Let the wind move the
pieces of paper around and the last one to remain on the table is the choice you
should follow.

To Stop A Cyclone

Run into a field a place a knife in the ground with the sharp point facing the
direction the wind is coming in. The knife should split the wind and your
property will be spared.

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Aleister Crowley - Liber Al Vel Legis
Anonymous - A Picatrix Miscellany
Anonymous - Book Of Spells
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
Anonymous - White Magic Spells

Make Someone Contact You

Make Someone Contact You Cover
Spell To Make Someone Contact You
Written By Erin Angel and Gracie Webber

If you are trying to contact someone but for some reason cannot get hold of them, place a photo of them, or an object associated with them on your altar, then do the following spell.

Take a salt water bath and select a lucky stone.

Then light a white candle anointed with Sandalwood oil and light sandalwood incense.

Put about 3/4" water in a glass. Pour 2 heaping tablespoons of salt in the palm of your right hand. Let a small amount of salt trickle into the glass while making the sign of the equal-armed cross of the four elements in the glass. Do this three times and say "Call me" three times.

Then set the glass on your alter and say

"Get in touch with me, please!"

Recommended books (free to download):

Anonymous - Starting A New Coven Looking At Yourself
Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii - The Symbolism Of The Tarot
Sri Swami Sivananda - The Science Of Pranayama

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Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft Spells Image
A spell is an act of powerful and focused volition that rallies all the emotional and mental energies combined with prayers, incantations and certain ritualistic steps directed to achieve some positive goals. A spell may be in the form of a prayer, writing, speech, action, dancing, drawings or sketching. It involves a kind of magical occurrence, which does not mean any sleight of hand, esoteric mumbo jumbo or trickery that is seen every day. Magick or spell is a creative and transformative performance. It involves intense, powerful and pinpointed concentration over thoughts, intentions, emotions and incarnating them into reality. The altruistic aim is to bring about a health, happy and useful change in the life of the seeker.

Witchcraft Spells are spells are used by Wiccans, and are a series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in a certain aspect of life. All spells must adhere to the Wiccan Rede, the witchcraft code of conduct, meaning that any spells used to manipulate, dominate or control another person is forbidden. In witchcraft, spells may also be changed or adapted to suit a Wiccan’s personality or specific wishes in casting the spell. In this site there are a range of free spells to practise at home.

In casting a spell, a witch takes a huge responsibility upon herself, because as a Wicca she knows the basic tenet of witchcraft, which is, that what you do or send comes back three fold to you. A constant meditation, practice, worship and performance of rituals permeate the very psyche of the witch with that magical spell that is reflected through her persona, her physiognomy, especially her eyes and her voice. There were wise women in ancient cultures and there are many even now who are honored and respected for their service to the community through spell casting, healing, counseling, mentoring and providing succor to the suffering.
A novice in spell casting needs guidance, both verbal and written, in performing the rituals. Once you have gained sufficient experience and success, you can devise your own system. Initially the pre-written rituals may appear awesome and intimidating.

The preliminary step in casting a spell is to draw a circle. This is a sacred space, a special zone between the two worlds, an area that is prohibited against the entry of unwanted elements. It serves as your exclusive energy field. You need to clean and purify it thoroughly by sweeping it and burning incense to create the necessary spiritual ambience.

One way of protecting the circle from unwanted or elements or evil energies is to build watchtowers, corner posts or quarters around the circle to guard against the transgressors into the sacred domain.
Having prepared the temple, it is time to install or invoke the spirit, the deity, the god or the goddess. You can usually invoke those deities, which represent the energies that you want to permeate your rituals. There are various pantheons, which you can research to locate the deities to preside and energize your ritual.
Since you have a specific goal for your spell, you need to raise the relevant energy for casting it. It is this energy that empowers and drives your spell. Concentrating upon a candle flame, dancing or chanting some incantations can raise the energy.

Now that the energy has been raised, you can use it to cast the specific spell. Having done that you must express your gratitude to the deity through worship or celebration of his assistance in your cause.
The task having been performed, the energy raised has to be grounded back. Usually the total quantum of energy raised is spent in casting the spell, but some may remain unutilized. Release the remaining energy into the earth. You can visualize the dispersal of energy making its way through the earth.

You also need to thank the deities for guarding your circle through the watchtowers or quarters. Dismantle the towers that you set up around your circle.

Finally, you should release your circle as well. This will restore the space its original natural character to be used for routine and workaday activities.

Now you can celebrate the occasion by eating cake and drinking ale, which is another way of saying that you can take the food. This also means that you have returned to your day-to-day world.

These are just guiding posts and need not necessarily be followed as such. You have to be creative in devising the steps in consonance with the nature of spell and your goals.

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Archmage Bob Andrews - Old Witchcraft Secrets
Louise Huebner - Witchcraft For All

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To Make Yourself Known To Another

To Make Yourself Known To Another Cover TO MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN TO ANOTHER

If you love another and they don't seem to notice, then this can bring you to
their attention.

You need to find their footprints in the earth. You then dig up this footprint
(more correctly, the earth in which it is impressed). Take the earth to the
nearest willow tree and, making a hole in the ground at its base, put the
footprint earth into the hole, filling it over with the original dirt. As you
are burying the footprint this way, say:

"Many earth's on earth there be,
I make my love know unto thee.
For He is the flower and I the stem;
He the cock and I the hen.
Grow, grow willow tree!
Sorrow not for the likes of me."

From then on you will find that the person you yearn for will indeed start to
notice you. Where it goes from there, of course, is up to you.

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