Cast Spells

Cast Spells Cover Casting spells is not difficult. You just need to know what it is that you want to change and harvest the energy of the universe to help you. You don't need to pay a psychic, a medium or a shaman to cast a spell. Love spells, protection spells, prosperity spells and other spells can be created by you, free of charge. When you cast spells yourself, they are more likely to work, because your personal energy is what makes the magic start. Follow these steps to casting a spell that will change your life for the better.

Instructions How To Cast Spells:

1.CREATE A SAFE BUBBLE FOR YOURSELF. The easiest way is to light a candle and stay within its glow. If you are casting a spell for someone who is with you, they should stay within the glow of the candle light as well. This helps the good energy to surround you and keep the bad energy away from you.
It is good to Cast Spells at night so that you can see the protective circle of light. For best results, cast your spell at the full moon. The energy pull of the earth is greatest at the full moon and since you are trying to change the energy forces by casting a spell, you want them to be at full magnitude.

2.CAREFULLY CHOOSE THE GOAL OF YOUR SPELL. Casting a spell is a way of initiating change. It is not difficult to cast a spell, but you have to be sincere. Before you begin to cast a spell, decide what it is that you want to change. Is it a relationship? Do you want to change how someone feels about you? How about your financial situation? Do you want more money? Maybe you want to lose weight. Before you begin a spell, think about what it is that you want to change and what is holding you back. If you are casting a spell for yourself, close your eyes, hold your hands outstretched in front of you, palms facing upwards and slowly say the following 3 times:
Energy of the universe
Feel my energy.
Energy of the universe
Touch my energy.
Energy of the universe
Join with my energy to ______________.
Fill in the blank with what it is that you want to accomplish. For example: Do you want to make someone fall in love with you? Then say "Join with my energy to make John fall in love with me." Do you want to cast a spell that will help you lose weight? Say, "Join with my energy to help me lose 10 pounds."

3.HOLD HANDS OR A PERSONAL ITEM IF CASTING A SPELL FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If you are doing the spell for someone else, hold their hand and both of you should close your eyes and raise your palms to the sky. If the person for whom you are doing the spell can't be there, you should hold something of theirs in your hands so their energy is present. You can have a ring, a piece of hair, a glass they drank out of, a hairbrush, piece of clothing, etc. It really doesn't matter what you use as long as that person had contact with it. Then say:
"Energy of the universe
Feel my energy.
Energy of the universe
Touch my energy.
Energy of the universe
Join with my energy and __________'s energy to ______________."
Fill in the first blank with the name of the person for whom you are doing the spell and fill in the second blank with the reason for the spell. For example, do you want to help your friend get good grades? Then say "Join with my energy and Carl's energy to help him get an A from his math teacher."

4.WRITE DOWN WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM REACHING YOUR GOAL. After you say the spell verses above three times, write on a small piece of paper (about the size of a post it note) what is holding you back from your goal. If you want someone to fall in love with you, write down what is stopping that from happening. If you want more money, write down what is keeping money from you.

If you are casting a spell for someone else, ask them to think about what is stopping them from accomplishing their goal. For example: Sara asks you to cast a love spell on John because she wants him to fall in love with her. The barrier to that might be: John is in love with Joan. Write "Joan is keeping John from falling in love with Sara" on the paper.

5.BURN THE PAPER TO SEND OFF YOUR SPELL. Once you are finished writing the barrier to the goal, fold the paper in half, then in half again. Using the flame from your lit candle, set the paper on fire and drop it in a dish or container that will not burn. Let the paper burn completely on its own. Do not blow it out. While it is burning say:

"Move beyond my sphere of influence and remove the barriers to my wishes.
Move beyond the forces of this world and dissolve the boundaries that limit my will.
Move beyond the edges of reason and go to the limits of the universe where all things are possible and cast my spell."

6.CHECK THE ASHES FOR THE RESULT OF YOUR SPELL. Once the fire has gone out, check to see if the paper has completely turned to ash. If there is any area that is not burned, that means that the spell will not work. Either you or the person for whom you are doing the spell is not sincere, or the universe is saying no to your request at this time. You will have to try again at a later time.

Think of reasons why the spell didn't work. Did you sincerely think about the all barriers to your goal? Are you sure you understand the complete consequences to your request? Maybe the universe is trying to get you to think about something that you have not fully grasped at this time or don't want to think about.

If the paper has blackened completely by the time the fire goes out, that means that the energy forces are now moving in your favor. Focus on your goal in order to keep the positive energy flowing. If you create negative energy before the spell works its magic, you will create barriers to the fulfillment of the spell, and you may have to start over again.

Tips And Warnings

You can cast a black spell on someone, but you must be careful that some of the negative energy doesn't come back to you. When you cast love spells or prosperity spells for others, the good white magic has a chance of spilling over on you, and you may find yourself in love or winning the lottery. The same is true for black spells. The negative energy can spill over on you creating havoc in your life. Think carefully before you create negative energy by casting black spells. They can't be controlled as easily as white spells. Somehow when you send negative energy out into the world, it has a way of finding you, even though you have sent it to someone else. Is the black spell you are thinking of creating, worth the possible trouble it will bring you?

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