Black Magic Spells

Black Magic Spells Cover Are you worried that there are some evil spells or black magic spells on your love by which he or she is going away from you.
Do you feel that due to jealousy and black magic done by your enemies you are slowly loosing your love and he is going away from you
Then you may go for protection from black magic spell and be free from all the types of evil and black magic.

You will need the following:

1 White Candle
1 Black Candle
1 Green Candle
The White candle is for Positive Energy.
The Black Candle is for Negative Energy.
The Green Candle is for Healing.
Clear your mind and Light the White Candle and say the following:
Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; I ask thee to Cleanse my body of all negative energies.
Light the Black Candle and repeat the same words as before., Then after that Light the Green Candle and say the following:
Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; I ask the to Free and heal my body from all negative forces. Blessed be!!

You must do this in a quiet room somewhere that you will not be disturbed. After doing this sit back, keep your mind clear and relax for 15 minutes. Afterwards you will feel fresh and renewed. I recommend doing this once a week. You will feel a lot better and you body will be healthier. We have all from time to time experienced feelings and thoughts that there is a negative force around us. To banish these feelings you will need the bowl of water and the salt. Sprinkle some salt on the altar cloth and, using your finger or your Athame, say, "I bless this salt to make it fit for these my rites. Blessed Be."
Now add a little salt to the water and hold the bowl up towards the sky. Visualise your past relative being present and say "I ask ... (say the relative's name) to let this bowl be the receiver of all my negativity, so that I can cleanse myself and became whole again once more. Blessed Be."
Place the bowl down safely, dip the fingers and thumbs of both hands into the water, and visualise all your negative thoughts and feelings moving through your body, down through your arms and out of your hands into the water. As you do this be aware of yourself becoming lighter, of losing the weight that has been on your mind.
When you are sure that this is completed, remove your hands, shaking the last drops of water from them into the bowl. Take a moment to centre yourself once more, and again, holding the bowl up, say, "I ask ... (say the late relative's name), to take this negativity through their power of the Elements to keep me safe in their hands. Blessed Be."
Now throw away the contaminated water into the earth, but not near any plants that you are trying to grow, or down the drain.

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