The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows

The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows Cover

Book: The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows by Konstantinos

Let me begin by saying that Konstantinos' "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and its companion "Gothic Grimoire" included in the set are one of the few Llewellyn books I would ever recommend to anyone. Please do not let the titles suggest that what you will receive is a wrist-slitting church of satan tome intended to teach you how to summon up the forces of darkness to curse your enemies and enslave lovers. No, what you are receiving here (and as is clearly stated by the back matter, and clearly stated by the publisher name?...) are two manuals on a nocturnal take on Alexandrian Wicca. Those of you who favor the romantic "shadowside", the mysteries of the night, the energies of the Moon, and dark Gods and Goddesses of ancient pantheons, but want to maintain strong, ethical and moral values should buy this set.

Embrace the shadows and explore the dark side of magick with this boxed set of Konstantinos favorites. Nocturnal Witchcraft introduces how to work with lunar powers and spiritual entities that prefer the darkness. Learn to cast a nocturnal magick circle, skry the night, open the gates to the underworld, and use dark symbols in your night rituals. Expand your connection to the dark ether and the unseen world with Gothic Grimoire. This book features techniques and rituals taken directly from Konstantinos’ personal magickal notebooks, including the Nocturnicon, rites for overcoming obstacles that appear in the life of the nightkind. From astral travel to working with thoughtforms, The Nocturnal Witch Collection will help you connect with the positive side of the dark-ness.

What you get here are two manuals on non-fluffy Wicca for night owls. In Nocturnal Witchcraft, you will learn the preliminaries. Beginners and even experienced witches will benefit greatly from the practices and exercises here, compromised of banishing rituals, circle casting, consecration of tools, invocation, godform assumption, relaxation exercises, vizualization exercises, concentration exercises, scrying lessons, an introduction to the god and goddess of night, basic rites and spells, and much, much more. Nocturnal Witchcraft can easily double as a Wicca premier, but with a night side take. After you've read and mastered "Nocturnal Witchcraft", the "Gothic Grimoire" will take you much further. Nocturnal sabbats and esbats, advanced thoughtforms, Astral Projection, astral manipulations, night vision, creation of an elemental servant, advanced spells and rites, opening the gates to the Underworld, and much, much more await you herein. Not all darkness is evil. And many of the "darkly inclined" tend to display an interest in neopaganism, and ethical neopaganism at that, do well to check out Konstantinos' books. Also highly recommended are John J. Coughlin's "Out of the Shadows: An Exploration of Dark Paganism and Magick", Denise Dummars & Lori Nyx's "Dark Archetype" and everything by Demetra George and Michelle Belanger. As Konstantinos would say, blessings, nocturnal witch.

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