Spell Working

Spell Working Cover
Wed Apr 18 1990

Because of the very nature of magick, each working should be highly individualized and personal. Even if following a traditional spell, it should be tailored to your specific needs to be most effective for you.
Understanding the basics of spell construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire.

Preliminary planning is necessary. The very first step is to decide precisely what your desired end result is to be. Before you can start, you must decide where you are going. You must be very explicit.

It is important, also, that you choose your time carefully. You should take into consideration all astrological implications, energy currents and moon phases.

The moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us, it is very important to choose a time when the moon is in an astrological sign which is appropriate for your working.

For example:

Aries/action - enthusiasm

Taurus/renewal - sensuality

Gemini/communication - curiosity

Cancer/emotion - nurturing

Leo/vitality - determined

Virgo/organizing - studious

Libra/balance - cooperation

Scorpio/sexual - philosophical

Sagitarius/strength - humour

Capricorn/authority - ambitious

Aquarius/innovation - social

Pisces/sensitivity - idealistic.

Bear in mind that magickal workings for gain, increase or bringing things to you, should be initiated when the moon is waxing (from dark to full); when the moon is waning (from full to dark), it is time for magickal workings of decrease or sending away.

The highest energy occurs at the full moon and, therefore, this is the most powerful time for magickal workings. The new moon is the next most powerful time for magick.

Whenever possible, follow nature's natural energy currents. There is a natural time for starting things (a planting time), for maturing things (a growing time), for reaping things ( a harvest time) and, of course, a time for rest and planning.

Flowing with these currents will make your magickal work much easier. remember to plan your project for a time of uninterrupted privacy. It is important that you have no distractions. Generally speaking, it is best to work as late at night as possible. A time when there is less frantic energy is most appropriate. You might consider midnight or later.

In choosing a place to do your magickal working pay particular attention to your needs, for you must be comfortable. Your place should be private, quiet and secure. If at all possible, set aside a special place for this purpose only. An unused room, a special corner of your bedroom, a quiet, secluded spot in your garden. A place that is yours. A place that you can come to whenever need arises and that is as free from intrusion of others as possible.

Prior to the night of your magickal working, gather together the things that you will need. All of the things used are tools. They have no inherent magick. They are to help you create a mood. If correctly made and used, they will trigger primitive responses from deep within you. They should be chosen with care. Consider the purpose of your ritual and choose your tools accordingly. If your magick is to be sexual, your candles, oils, incenses and so forth, should bring forth a sexual response. If the desired result of your magick is tranquillity, then the tools should make you feel calm, peaceful and serene. Any candles you might use should not have commercially added fragrances as these may not be appropriate for your working.

Prior to your ritual, prepare yourself and your equipment by any means necessary to clean and purify. Historically, people have fasted, followed meticulous and detailed bathing practices, practiced chastity and used many other methods.

Most often a ritual bath is the preferred method. A bath frequently utilizing candlelight, fragrant herbs, bath salts or sensuous oils. A sumptuous hot bath, special bathing preparations and appropriate lighting, combined, can create the soothing effect which will help in the very important step of relaxing and clearing the mind completely of all mundane thoughts and experiences of the day. Your ritual bath should, also, begin to set the specific vibrations conducive to your purpose into motion. You must not only cleanse and purify but must, also, begin to create the type of energy necessary. Once your purification process has been accomplished, you are now ready to begin. Proceed to the special place you have previously chosen in which to perform your magick. If at all possible, you should make use of the primitive responses set into motion by a well chosen piece of music. Your music should start slowly and build to a rousing climax.

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Aj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For Men
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Easy Money Spell

Easy Money Spell Cover Light a green Candle. Let it burn for five minutes, then extinguish the flame.
Rub your hands in the smoke and imagine Money Coming to you.

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Your Heart Desire

Your Heart Desire Cover

First, gather a fresh rose and two red candles, and find out the time of sunrise
the next morning. Just before you go to sleep, place a red candle on each side
of the rose. The next morning at sunrise, take the rose outside or sit by an
open window facing east, keeping the rose in front of you. Inhale the perfume
and say aloud:


Now go back indoors and put the rose in it's original position. Light the
candles and imagine love burning in the heart of the one you long for. Keep the
candles lit day and night until the rose fades (if they are extinguished, the
incantation will be broken). When the rose is dead, pinch out the candles and
bury the rose.

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Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of The Desert

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Love Spells Reconsidered A Guide For Magicians Witches Clergy And Friends

Love Spells Reconsidered A Guide For Magicians Witches Clergy And Friends Cover

Book: Love Spells Reconsidered A Guide For Magicians Witches Clergy And Friends by Kenaz Filan

Some say that "no real Witch would ever cast a love spell to control another’s will." This must come as a surprise to the many practitioners, past and present, who do a brisk business in love charms, philtres, and spells. An internet search on "Love Spells" returns over 28,000 hits; among the first ten I found were love-spells-pheromones.com which hawks love spells, "pheromone love oils," and pickup lines like "That’s a nice dress. Can I talk you out of it?" Or there’s Aisha of magic-love-spells.com who will provide you with an "Isis Love Spell" for a one-time fee of $113 — but if your lover is particularly headstrong, the "Power Ritual" rachets up the volume to the tune of $230. As any experienced Pagan knows, many people believe that every Pagan priestess does love magic. As a Houngan, I typically get asked for love magic at least two or three times any given week. Proscriptions against love spells are relatively recent, and largely confined to Gardnerian and post-Gardnerian traditions. That being said, such rules are not without foundation. Love spells may have a long history, but so do slavery, female genital mutilation, racism, and a whole unseemly pack of other Stupid Human Tricks. In fact, there are lots of good reasons — both practical and ethical — to avoid love spells, both for yourself and on behalf of others.

Understanding why such prohibitions exist — and why the demand for love spells continues nonetheless — will help you to make a wise and informed decision when the inevitable moment arrives when someone asks you to "lay a little mojo" on the would-be apple of their eye.

Used with writed permissions of Kenaz Filan.

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Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion

Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion Cover

Book: Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion by Lady Sabrina

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world practice or wish to practice Wicca on their own. This book serves as both a beginner's guide for those Exploring Wicca for the first time, as well as a "refresher" to bring seasoned Witches up to speed.

Exploring Wicca

provides an overview of Witchcraft and the many ways it is practiced today. It explains exactly how you can become a Wiccan practitioner and live a magickal life. Lady Sabrina teaches how to cast spells for love, money, personal success, and renewed health, as well as how to reconnect with nature and the powers of the universe.

In addition to describing the magickal arts, this newly revised and expanded edition of Exploring Wicca explains the principles and ideals that govern the practice of Wicca, including hands-on advice for spellwork and sample rituals for celebrations and worship. It contains everything the seeker needs:

* Principles governing the Wiccan religion
* History of Wicca and the beliefs of the Celtic Druids
* The Charge of the Goddess and Charge of the God
* Principles of nature and its sacred symbols
* Importance of Wiccan myth and scripture
* Using the Cauldron and Stang

Through Exploring Wicca, readers will discover the roots of Wiccan beliefs, explore Wiccan scripture, learn to create sacred space and how to invoke the God and Goddess.

The Wiccan Religion is unique in that it lacks the hierarchical structure and doctrine imposed by most organized religions-there is no spiritual leader to dictate morals or impose punishment.

And there is no specific doctrine that must be followed, except, perhaps, for the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you will." By following Lady Sabrina's simple, straightforward approach, anyone can learn to become a priest or priestess of the Wiccan religion.

Buy Lady Sabrina's book: Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion

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The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese

The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese Cover

Book: The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese by Lau Soon Wah

A very rare text with actual spells from these Indonesian peoples originally from the isle of Java. This booklet includes some of the most potent spells known from that region! Many Sorcerers jealously guard their copy of this text and rightfully so! 24 pages

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Wicca Spellcraft For Men

Wicca Spellcraft For Men Cover

Book: Wicca Spellcraft For Men by Aj Drew

Wicca Spellcraft for Men, by A. J. Drew New Page, 2001

The subtitle of this book gave me some trouble as soon as I saw it (A Spellbook for Male Pagans), and I feel it would be better without it. It is NOT a spellbook, it is a book about spells, and those are very different types of books.

Every once in a while I begin reading a book and find myself running into my prejudices. Even more rarely, such a book makes me admit that I have been trying to fit into a PC mode, and have become unaware of my prejudices.

This book, which I received unrequested, did both of these things to me, but on different topics.

First, I have a prejudice against “spell” books. I know that, for me personally (and many others), the best spells are created, as needed, by the individuals doing them. That idea that stimuli which work for someone else will work for me appears highly unlikely. So, I was predisposed to dislike this book before I even opened the cover. Within a matter of a few pages Mr. Drew disposed of that prejudice. He immediately made it clear that this book was to be about creating spells, not repeating someone else’s work.

But even before he did that, he demolished the Animal Farm-like attitude that seems so prevalent in most of the Pagan Community today. “All animals (people) are created equal, only some are more equal than others.” Ask the hypothetical “average” Pagan today who they worship and you will hear, with minor variations such as specific names, “The Goddess,” and then, as a kind of an afterthought, “and the God.”

Most Wiccan groups insist on the superiority of the Goddess (and Her priestesses) over the God (and His priests). Some groups go so far as to banish all male energy from their rituals, ascribing male-associated virtues to female images (ala “Xena”). It has become defacto (if not dejure) that female equals good; male equals bad. Women don’t need men, but men need women to continue the human race.

Women’s Mysteries are perceived as a chance to explore feelings and emotions. Men’s Mysteries are equally perceived as a chance to drum and brag about conquests, of all sorts.

We pay lip service to equality, but that is about as far as it goes. As a candidate for Initiation Into Alexandrian Wicca over a quarter of a century ago, I had to copy out my Book of Shadows. I look back and wonder why I didn’t question some of the things I wrote out. I wrote, and didn’t question, such phrases as “But the high Priestess should ever mind that all power comes from him. It is only lent to be used wisely and justly.”

Mr. Drew continually challenges the matrifocal basis of most current Pagan (and neo-Pagan) religions. He also calls into question many of the ways of thinking came about as a result of the “Burning Times.”

If we wish to worship as our ancestors did, he says, we need to go back before the Christian persecutions. Although he does not advocate animal sacrifice, he reminds us of the need to honor and respect that which gave its life to sustain our own. He reminds us that, in the old days.” one’s religion was truly part of one’s life. One did not distinguish their belief as different from another’s. One simply believed, and did, what he needed to in order to survive.

Many people will be unhappy with Mr. Drew’s statements and positions, but he obviously has the courage of his convictions.

Like many of the “great” names in the Pagan movement (Doreen Valiente comes to mind), he is not afraid to remind us that “Mother Natures” is not all sweetness and light. Nature demands that death occur in order for life to continue; nor does she apologize for it.

The author reminds us that, contrary to popular images, there are feminine images that are not necessarily maternal in nature. Personally, I have a hard time picturing Kali as a loving, nurturing figure – but she has had, and does have, her devoted followers. Likewise, some male images are not necessarily hard-nosed individuals (Cupid as a guy with an attitude? Nah.)

I had a few problems with some of the editing in this book, but found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable, not to say, educational books. Let it inspire you and set you on your own path of discovery.

Buy Aj Drew's book: Wicca Spellcraft For Men

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Protection Against Black Witches

Protection Against Black Witches Cover Protection against Black Witches

In folklore, brass is used to repel evil spirits and witches. Bells crafted from
brass were hung on the necks of livestock to prevent them from falling to the
evil eye.

From about the 12th century on, candles were placed on church altars. Holy
candles were used by priests in the ritual of exorcism, and by farmers to
protect their livestock from bewitchment. The Malleus Maleficarum instructs
inquisitors to used holy candles "for preserving oneself from the injury of

Charms are magical phrases, words, chants, incantations, or prayers, which
protect against or cure disease, and ward off witchcraft, disaster, and evil.
Although witches were believed to make use of charms, common people weren't
above using them for themselves as protection against witchcraft. The most
common charms concert witchcraft, illness, and health. In the 17th century,
copies of St. John's Gospel were sold as a charm against witchcraft. To break
witches' spells, herbs were prescribed along with the recitation of one Creed,
five Aves, and five Paternosters.

Garlic is best known for its properties of averting vampires. However, it was
considered equally effective in warding off the evil eye, demons, and witches.
Many healing remedies contained garlic, and garlands of garlic worn around the
neck or hung inside a house were used to repel evil spirits, spells, and

Many gemstones were believed to protect against witchcraft and the evil eye.
These stones were often worn in rings or amulets. Amber and coral protected
against the evil eye, and cats eye, saronyx, and ruby protected against
witchcraft. Small stones and pebbles scattered on a floor were also considered
effective in keeping witches at bay.

A hagstone is a stone with a hole in it hung in stables and homes to keep away
witches or hags at night. If hung on the bedpost, it protected the sleeper from
having a hag ride one's chest and causing a nightmare. Hung in the stable, it
prevented witches from riding horses all night to exhaustion.

Although hazel was purported to have been used by witch's witch hazel, it was
also used to protect against witches. Hazelnuts and hazel wood were believed to
offer protection against fairy bewitchment, demons, and witchcraft. Horses were
protected by wearing hazel breastbands on their harnesses. In Scotland, double
hazelnuts were hurled at witches, and cattle were singed with hazel rods at
Midsummer and Beltane fires to keep fairies away.

Iron is believed to be one of the top charms against evil spirits, demons,
sorcerers, and witches. European folklore says witches cannot pass over cold
iron, and that burying an iron knife under your doorstep will ensure no witches
will ever enter your house. In some areas, iron was used to protect entire
villages. Iron was also considered a choice ward against malicious fairies. In
some areas, it also repelled ghosts. Iron was a popular metal for the creation
of amulets, which protect against the evil eye, bad luck, danger, evil spirits,
and witches.

According to English folklore, a witch's power can be destroyed by sticking pins
in the heart of a stolen hen or by pricking a pigeon with pins. Witch hunters
often used pins to prick suspected witches when looking for Devil's marks.

Salt has been long considered anathema to evil and demons. In folklore, salt
provides protection against witches, witchcraft, demons, and the evil eye. Salt
also was used to break evil spells. During the Middle Ages, it was a common
belief that witches and the animals they bewitched could not eat anything
salted. "Inquisitors who interrogated accused witches were advised by
demonologists first to protect themselves by wearing a sacramental amulet that
consisted of salt consecrated on Palm Sunday and blessed herbs, pressed into a
disk of blessed wax." A common torture method was to force-feed an accused witch
heavily salted food and then deny them water.

Since antiquity, water has had associations with all that is pure and holy. From
the Middle Ages until the 19th century, accused witches were bound and thrown
into water to see if they would sink or float. Since water is the medium of holy
baptism, it was believed that it would reject an agent of the Devil: witches
would float. According to folklore, demons, vampires, and witches were unable to
cross running water. The safest thing to do if you were being chased by one was
to ford a stream. One of the Catholic Church's Most Powerful weapons against
the Supernatural was holy water. Holy water is a mixture of salt and water that
has been blessed by a priest. Witches, vampires, and other nasty evil creatures
were considered violently allergic to holy water.

Witch Boxes
In the 16th and 17 centuries, witch boxes were popular wards against witches.
They were made up of small wooden boxes full of pieces of human bone, herbs,
bits of rowan, and other odds and ends over which a spell of protection had been
cast. Witch-hunters frequently sold witch boxes as they journeyed from village
to village, whipping up witch hysteria.

Wolf's Head
According to Reginald Scot's 1665 work The Discovery of Witchcraft, "in some
countries they nail a wolf's head to the door, to prevent and cure all
mischief's by charms and witchcraft's."

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Invoking The Four Winds

Invoking The Four Winds Cover
Summoning the powers of the winds and asking for their help is a great way to
begin any spell. Here's how.

Turn to the North and say something like the following:

Turn to the East and say:

Face the South and say:

Then move to the West and say:

Now proceed with the spell, secure that the ancient powers of the four winds are
aiding your magick.

-Scott Cunningham

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Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes
Cypress Knee - Delving Into The Faery Kindreds
Rabbi Michael Laitman - Attaining The Worlds Beyond

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Spells To Stop Slander

Spells To Stop Slander Cover

Stop Slander Spell:

For every slander against me (name) speaks
A pain in his (her) mouth will attack and wreak
A tooth shall rot, his (her) tongue decay
Until no more evil against me he (she) say!

So mote it be!

Anti-Slander Spell:

Protection from Torment and Slander

Time: Waning moon or Dark of the Moon.

You will need:

* A dark altar or an image of Hecate
* Two Candles - One black, One blue or white
* An instrument to inscribe the candle
* Juice from the Dieffenbachia Plant
* Spider Webs
* Pen and Paper
* Purifying or Calming Incense

Use a dark altar, or an image of Hecate, Avenging Goddess, on your altar. Place two candles on either side of the image. You will need a black candle, juice from a dieffenbachia plant (which numbs and paralyzes the tongue if you get it in your mouth, so don't; you won't need much of it), and spider webs. Inscribe the black candle with your enemy's name. Make your circle. Say the following invocation:

Lady of Darkness,
Dark Isis of spells
Hecate, avenging Mother
Hear us and help us.

Roll the black candle in the juice of the diffenbachia to stop the enemy from speaking evil about you or your loved ones. Say:

Let the tongue of (name) be numb
and powerless to speak the evil,
To speak the untrue.
Let his/her voice fail and throat close
On the harmful words,
By the power of the Dark Lady.

Then roll the candle in spider webs. Say:

May (name) be caught and bound by the webs of his/her own deceit.

Then write the person's name on a piece of paper.
Light the candle and say:

Here is (name), alone and helpless.
(Name), you are friendless.
Emptiness and failure close around you.
Your plans are as nothing.
Frustration is yours.
Trouble, doubt and fear are at your side.
Soon you will cease tormenting me (or name of person you're

Burn the paper in the flame of the black candle. Take it and the remnants of the candle after dark and sprinkle it before the residence of your enemy, or where the enemy is certain to walk. Light a blue or white candle and burn calming or purifying incense for peace.

A Spell to Stop Slander or Anyone Who is Trying To Negatively Influence Others Against You:

This is a good spell to use against a slanderer or anyone who is trying to negatively influence others against you. This spell can also be used if you have a day in court and your opponent is dishonestly trying to Influence others.

This is a freezing spell. If someone is working against you in a personal or legal matter and you know their name, you can try a freezing spell. Write their name on a piece of parchment paper using a freshly sharpened pencil. Try to make the point of the pencil extremely sharp/pointy.

Fold the paper in half, until it is too small to fold anymore. While you are folding instill your desires to make them stop lying, mocking or turning others against you. In short you are trying to freeze their actions. (Hence the spell name ). Then pour vodka or denatured alcohol on the paper. I would advise doing this over the sink. Then put it far back in the corner of your freezer. Leave it there for 28-30 days. Some believe this should be started during a waning moon. This should stop the slander. Thus it has frozen them out. Feel free to add any chants, candle magick etc. to infuse this spell with your intentions. Remember all magickal work HAS to be instilled with your intent. Adjust things as you feel comfortable.

Recommended books (free to download):

Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Mix Of Spells 2
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Bath Spells

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Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt 2

Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt 2 Image
So, I know that "Grounding and Centering" is a pretty New Agey sort of term. Nevertheless it seems to me a useful one. Almost all systems of ritual meditation use some form that places the meditator at the center of a balnced flow of energies and/or symbols. Hermetics is full of such things, from the Middle Pillar (one of the primary sources for Neopagan exercises) to the famous LBRP. Both Hindu and Buddhist systems employ four-directions centerings.

I feel like I witnessed quite a large segment of the evolution of 'Grounding and Centering' as a part of Neopagan ritual. When I began working Pagan and magical rites we really had no such practice, and Wiccan groups before, say, 1980 seldom had any formal moment of 'induction' of energy flows (or trance) as part of their ritual outline. Of course the classic Circle Casting is itself a detailed centering rite - if approached with any heightened awareness at all it is a solid spiritual ritual. The problem was that the system had no guaranteed way of producing that heightened awareness. That began to change as Pagans adapted techniques from western and eastern systems.

By the middle of the 1980s some form of formal trance induction, usually involving personal empowerment and/or attunement to 'spiritual energies' was standard in neopagan rites. Regardie's Middle Pillar exercise, in which the light from the spiritual 'heavens' is brought down literally into the body through a series of energy-points along a center line from head to heart to loins to feet. The Hermetic Qabalah provides a convenient 3-tiered (or 3+1) model that has been taken up by many systems. The other core method of 'grounding' is the Tree Meditation (which I first used out of Starhawk's work) which involves envisioning 'earth energy' rising into the body through roots, and flowing out like leaves to circulate into the earth. In my neck o' the woods Selena Fox played a large role in introducing 'energy work' meditation as part of ritual, especially public rites. I began my own practice with Regardie, well before my formal Wiccan work, but really got a charge out of the Tree when I started using it. however it lacked a connection with the bright energy of the Sky, and the tree metaphor just made me want sun on my leaves.

ADF's "Two Powers" model grows from these sources, on a practical level. It combines the Waters and the Fire into one seething juice that connects the self deep and high with the cosmos. Fortunately for us, this model conforms well enough to the symbolic complexes of Indo-European Paganism, which often begins with a primal duality. We use the Two Powers mostly as a technique of ritual trance induction, preparing the minds of our often diverse public congregations for the work. However the technique has more personal applications in practical magic and as a spiritual exercise. The exercises presented below begin with the Two Powers and then add a simple four-directions centering. After years of avoiding quartered symbolism as 'too Wiccan' (sigh) it just seems time to admit that it's an Indo-European universal with plenty of Celtic context.

Here are some excerpts from the chapter on Grounding and Centering from the new project. Incidentally, it presently looks like the first wave of the new project will be a chapbook on the big spiritual exercise of which this is stage 2, combined with an article examining various mystical techniques as they might be applicable to a Druidic Pagan system. I expect to have that out by summer, and to post material from each stage here.

Training the Mind for Druidry - Pt 2


The next phase of the exercise - expressed very simply in a short charm - is the establishment in the mind of the pattern of the manifest world - the Three Worlds and Four Directions. The Two Powers are the 'vertical axis' - rooted deep and crowned high. Around this spindle of light and shadow the Wheel of the World turns.

In our Celtic system we see the 'horizontal axis' - the plane of the Middle World - as divided both three-fold and four-fold. First we see the manifest world divided into Land, Sea and Sky. These are the primal Celtic (and IndoEuropean) division of the manifest world. In this pattern the land is the world-island on which our lives are grounded. Surrounding the Land is the Ocean-Sea, the all-encompasing saltwaters, and over all the dome of the Sky holds the turning lights.

In this vision you stand in the center of this mythic triad, in the center of the Land in the Center of the Worlds, as it were. The Land itself is further divided with the cross of the Four Directions. While many systems use a quartered circle, ours does not employ the hermetic 'elements' of fire, water, air and earth. In this work we use the symbolism of the four Irish provinces, the various paths and stations of human life, distilled into simple terms in the charm.

The ritual text presented below conjures the vision of the vertical axis in just a few words. We also provide some more detailed exercises. If possible it is best to get out under the sky, to stand or sit perhaps upon a hilltop or a rise and work the exercises in a place where the real horizon and forms of the Land can be seen. The impressions and memories from those exercises will bring depth when you work the quick version of the charm.


In parallel with Two Powers energy-work we begin the next stage of training and focusing the attention and will. In Open Meditation we focus on an essentially empty symbol, such as the breath, and allow thought to flow by without attachment. In Contemplation Meditation you choose a specific pattern or symbol as the focus of your attention. In many cases the symbol - such as the Hallows, or the image of a God - may be physically present. It is also common to contemplate a mental construct image. You visualize, imagine or conceive the symbol in your mind, and observe it as if it were in front of you.

In this exercise the goal is similar to Open Meditation. You intend to keep the symbol always the entire focus of your attention. You may find your mind 'thinking about' the symbol - your task is to return attention directly to the object of Contemplation, without attachment to the flow of consideration about it. In this way we hope to allow the reality of the symbol to enter our awareness directly, and deeply. There is always time to think about these matters - meditation is a time set aside for other mental goals.

The technique of Contemplation is core to most of the higher-end of ritual and magical trance. As you work your way through ritual the ability to address each action with a whole and focused mind, to experience each thing for its unique power, is key to effective results. You learn to be in the presence of the Gods themselves, while maintaining the Peace and Power of your own Center. However, we can begin with much more modest goals

STAGE 2 PRACTICE: THE SHRINE, MEDITATION ">The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree

Flow and Flame and Grow in me

In Land, Sea and Sky, Below and on High,

Let the Water be blessed and the Fire be hallowed.

When you are ready, dip your hand in the Water and sprinkle or lave yourself, then pass your hands through the incense or Fire and bring it onto yourself, as you say:

By the Might of the Waters and the Light of the Fire

Cleansed of ill and bane am I

By the Might of the Waters and the Light of the Fire

Blessed in Land and Sea and Sky As you cleanse and bless yourself, feel the Water and Fire washing and searing away all that's not in your true pattern of being.

Resume your center and bring the Two Powers into yourself, swiftly allowing the Waters to rise, followed by the descent of the Light, as you do the Kindling Charm:

Cross your hands on your chest and say:

Powers of the Earth and Sky

Rooted deep and crowned high

Place fingers on forehead, chest and loins in turn, bringing the Two Powers smoothly into each, saying:

Flow and kindle in my head

Flow and kindle in my heart

Flow and kindle in my loins

Cross your hands on your chest, feeling the balanced flow of the Two, and say:


Remain with hands crossed on the chest or, if you prefer, extend your arms straight from your shoulders. With the Two rising and falling in you, open yourself to the horizontal plane, to the Three Realms of the world, to the Four Provinces of human power. See the Isle of the land on which you stand, the misty Sea that surrounds on all sides, the dome of the Sky overhead. See the signs of the Four Quarters, if you like - the Wand in the West, the Sword in the North, the Plow in the East, the Harp in the South. Hold this contemplation as you say:

The Land upholds me, the Sea surrounds me, the Sky above me.

Before me bounty, behind me wisdom

On my right hand magic, on my left hand strength

Cross hands again on the chest

For the Cauldron is in me.

And I am seated in the Center of Worlds.

At this time you may wish to pause in a Contemplation Meditation in which you compose yourself seating in the center of the Worlds and Realms, with all the Powers at your hand. This meditation can be maintained as long as you wish, simply experiencing the feel of the Pattern of the Worlds around you, with the Fire and Water in you. When you have finished your meditation practice you should make a simple offering to the Spirits. Light an additional offering of incense, and open your heart in welcome to all the Holy Beings. Say:

Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe

Powers of Earth and Sky and Sea

By Fire and Well, by Sacred Tree

Offering I give to ye.

Take time to return your awareness fully and completely to your body and material senses. Even as you remember what you may have gained or learned, allow your awareness to return to common life and breath. Before you rise from your seat, pause for a moment and return to your center in peace. Cross your hands on your chest and say:

The blessings of the Holy Ones be on me and mine

My blessings on all beings, with peace on thee and thine

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree

Flow and Flame and Grow in me

Thus do I remember the work of the Wise.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft
John Dee - The Practice Of Enochian Evocation
Anonymous - The Magickal Explanation Of Use Psalm

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Spell To Forget An Old Flame

Spell To Forget An Old Flame Cover
The old, nostalgic memories of past romances never seem to fade, though we do tend to forget the bad parts. When the influence of an old flame lingers, when the passion of a past and long-gone love refuses to die and keep interfering with the present, it is time to put it to rest. This spell will not eliminate the memories, but it will finally snuff the misplaced embers of a long-gone love.


* Nine black beans
* A piece of black paper

At midnight, when the moon is almost black, get the paper and the beans and sit in silence, Fully remembering your old flame. Invoke your past passion, the feelings you still hold on to. Then, take up each bean in turn, say one line of the charm, and put the bean onto the paper. Do this until all nine beans are on the paper. Then fold up the paper.


* Soul of bliss, perfect kiss, gone...
* Face so fair, gone...
* Beautiful hair, gone...
* Arms so cofortable and strong, gone...
* Legs so long, gone...
* Heart of fire, gone...
* Loins of desire, gone...
* Thoughts so fine, gone...
* Aura divine, gone...


Our love was true,

But it did not last,

Our love is gone,

It is now past.

Joy and peace to you and I.

The flame is gone

And now: good-bye.

Lethe, lethe, lethe.

From The Little Book of Love Spells By Sophia

Recommended books (free to download):

Sheelagh Rouse - Grace The World Of Rampa
Talismagick - Love Spells And Rituals For Love And Relationships
Aj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For Men

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Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt 5 The Da Fein

Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt 5 The Da Fein Image
"This is the final phase of the large meditation pattern I've been developing, based on several complexes of Celtic symbolism. if you put all the exercises of these sections, 1 - 5 together you have the whole pattern. Coming soon I will give the whole spoken charm together, together with some comment on the overall mystical state I hope it will induce."

In a polytheistic spiritual system, it is possible to be bewildered by the crowd of spirits, of divine beings. If there is an advantage to monotheism, it might lie in its simplicity. Systems that posit a single deity make it easy, at least, to determine where to focus one's worship. In system where the model of the divine more closely mirrors the patterns of nature, the forest of possibilities can seem daunting.

Practical Paganism addresses this problem by the creation, by individuals, of personal pantheons. Each land, each people, each village, each family hearth, even each individual has a constellation of Gods and Spirits that best suits the needs of their life and circumstances. For an ancient Pagan this process would have been a natural product of their upbringing. As modern Pagans, we work our way from our 20th century upbringings. This can make the process much more conscious and artificial, and perhaps, more difficult.

Pagans seek the divine in many places. We address the Gods and Spirits, we find the divine in a tree or a stone. However, modern Pagans may find it difficult to consider honoring the spirit of a living human as divine - including, of course, ourselves. Some religious and cultural traditions teach that humans are intrinsically unworthy, weak, even depraved or evil, requiring an external divine intervention. Even in secular discourse it seems common to devalue our human nature. Perhaps this is a reaction to the sort of recent western arrogance that considers humankind to be the 'highest' of all creatures. In any case, the concept of the divine present in our own human nature is not a common one in our culture.

It seems to me that traditional IE Paganism neither devalued nor overestimated humankind. When the divine can be immanently present in beasts and stones, we cannot think ourselves superior to our environment. Yet humans who do great deeds - or who simply win the love and reverence of their kin - can become objects of worship. Certainly this may happen after death, as ancestors, but it may happen even while alive. The Roman custom of deifying the 'genius' - the personal divine spirit - of their emperors after death has been frequently criticized by Christian historians, but it is only a state example of a custom that might extend into any village.

If we have such a divine spirit in ourselves as might be worthy of worship, then making ourselves aware of that spirit and its capacities, and working with it consciously, seems a fine goal for those inclined to spiritual work. Socrates spoke of his daimon - the spirit that advised him in his deeds. Later theurges from Hellenic nations, and various yogis and rishis of the Indic peoples developed detailed methods of approaching one's internal divine power. We have no specific record of such things among the Pagan Celts - such practice would have reeked of 'sorcery' to the monkish chroniclers. It does not seem unreasonable to suppose that Druids, in the course of their searchings into the world, would have sought contact with their own Divine nature.

We must remember that in such a formula we offer worship to our own divine core or crown, not merely to the personality and flesh that we commonly identify as 'me'. Just as when we offer to a tree we are not worshipping its cellulose and water, so we are not asking any being to worship our meat and mannerisms. It will be to our great advantage to recognize that in each of us there is a true Flame, a true Well of power and wisdom and love. Each of us contains, by right of birth, the divine.

As Druidic Pagans it is proper for us to honor the divine in every place that we find it. Thus it is reasonable for us to begin to learn how to worship out own divine nature, and those of the mortals around us. I cannot say, in this short musing, how such a doctrine may find expression in Our Paganism, but I have included a short poetic charm and exercise which could be added to personal devotions or ceremonies. I expect that the inspiration and genius of our folk will lead us to powerful expressions of the this core Pagan idea.

May we come to know the spark and flow of the divine power in us all!


I am a kinsman of the Fire

I am a child of the Waters

My flesh is holy, born of the holy union

My Spirit is a drop of the Cauldron of Wonder,

A spark of the Divine Fire.

"(Place a hand on the forehead)"

The Divine Presence is in my head

"(Place hand on heart)"

The Divine Presence is in my heart

"(Place hand on the loins)"

The Divine Presence is in my loins.

"(Join hand at the heart)"

I do honor to the God of my own soul

Shining spirit of my spirit

Font of Wisdom

Spring of Love

Source of Power

I offer to you the worship due to every God

"(Open hands wide)"

Honor to the holy being that is the Center of my Self

Shine bright and flow deep in me, I pray!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Aleister Crowley - Liber 888 Preface To Androcles And The Lion
Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft

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Unwanted Divorce

Unwanted Divorce Image
When an unwanted divorce appears likely, the Romanies advise the one who wants their partner to return to light a purple candle.

Pierce it with a pin from right to left, so that the pin tip emerges on the left side of the candle. Then take a pin with a blue head and pierce the candle from left to right. As you do so, focus on the point of the pin, and the idea of crossing the other person's path. Leave the candle to burn and extinguish itself. Afterward, bury the pins.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Shunned House
Ona - The Dark Forces

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Calm For An Operation

Calm For An Operation Cover
Before a visit to the hospital for an operation, make yourself a healing package. Gather together a peridot or green crystal, a small vial of geranium scented body oil and a small makeup mirror. Wrap everything in tissue and put it all into a pretty gift box. Write these words on a blue piece of paper:

"Here within this magick box
I'll find enchanted fare -
a crystal to shine and light my day,
a secret oil to smooth my cares
and a looking glass in which I'll see
my loved ones smiling there.

This can also be made up for a friend.

Recommended books (free to download):

Anonymous - Wicca Beliefs And Practices
Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition

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Lust Spell

Lust Spell Image
(perform on Tuesday nights only)


picture of person you desire
a red or pink candle
pen or pencil

Cast a Circle...

Invoke Venus with this chant:
Venus, Mighty one of Lust!
I call upon you with your trust
To bring this person to me now
Your fragile trust is your vow!

Light your candle and chant while visiualizing you and
your desired person doing what you wish.

(Person's desired name) please come to me
Fufill my desire successfully
I beg of you to come to me
As I will, so mote it be.

Take the picture and write your name and the desired
person's name on the back ofi t. Kiss the picture,
place it to your heart. Extinguish the candle, and
place picture in your pillow case.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Mama San Ra Ab Rampa - Pussywillow
Anonymous - White Magic Spells
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells

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Comselha An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual

Comselha An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual Cover

Book: Comselha An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual by Benjamin Rowe

The purpose of this ritual exercise is to invoke the Transcendental power of the Enochian god, to transform it in turn through all the Macrocosmic powers within the Elemental Tablets, and to organize them into a balanced form. At the same time, these powers are conditioned so that they express a particular view of the creation of which they are a part. As the final step, these energies are directed so that they energize the magician himself.

The magickal records covering the results of the first use of this exercise are available separately.

I have received several complaints about my published rituals recently. Some complain that they are too elaborate, others that they are too simple, and some question whether they really qualify as magickal rituals in the traditional sense.

The complaints of over-elaborateness stem from the fact that it is impossible to perform any significant part of the works in a single session. This is perfectly correct, and is done deliberately. My experience has been that the rewards given to the magician by the "angels" of the Enochian system are very precisely gauged to the amount of care and effort the magician puts into the work. Works that are planned, rehearsed, and carried out over a period of weeks or months are much more likely to produce significant initiations than any number of single-session efforts. The present work was designed to be performed in stages, with the expectation that each stage will be performed until the powers invoked achieve a self-sustaining presence in the magician’s temple before he passes on to the next stage. It can be expected that the rewards will be commensurate with the effort involved.

Complaints of excessive simplicity derive from lack of the pompous verbiage typically found in formal rituals, and the dearth of advice concerning symbols, implements, and materiel that would help to fire the imagination of the magician. There is a decidedly bare-bones feel to the descriptions. This is perhaps an expression of my own character as a magician; I find that complex pomp and ceremony put me off rather than enhancing the work. I have complete faith that every magician’s imagination and intuition will provide him with enhancements appropriate to his or her own character and style, and so see no need to provide more than the minimum schema necessary to accomplish the work successfully.

The differences between these rituals and more traditional forms derives from the nature of Enochian Magick. In most systems, the primary difficulty is in producing a flow of the desired power. The major portions of the rituals are dedicated to simply getting the power to appear. Once it does appear, its direction to the desired end is a relatively simple matter.

In contrast, the Angelic Calls and Names provide a means by which even a beginning magician can easily call up a strong flow of force. But the forces involved are much more ambiguous than in other systems. Each appears to have many different natures depending on the level and orientation from which they are viewed; their manifestations seem to be potentially infinite. The primary work of a ritual must accordingly be to focus, direct, and condition them, through the use of the imagination, so that they manifest in a clear and manageable way. This work conforms to that necessity.

Additionally, the specific form used makes this work something resembling an inverse path-working exercise, going top-down rather than bottom-upwards. And as Frater Azoth has pointed out, there are resemblances to the mandala-workings and chakra-visualizations used in Tibetan Buddhism. They are certainly very similar in intent, though the similarity of form was unintentional.

Download Benjamin Rowe's eBook: Comselha An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual
Josh Norton - Charging An Enochian Tablet
Benjamin Rowe - Comselha An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual

Pagan Christianity Exploring The Roots Of Our Church Practices

Pagan Christianity Exploring The Roots Of Our Church Practices Cover

Book: Pagan Christianity Exploring The Roots Of Our Church Practices by Frank Viola

Have you ever wondered why we Christians do what we do for church every Sunday morning? Why do we "dress up" for church? Why does the pastor preach a sermon each week? Why do we have pews, steeples, choirs, and seminaries? This volume reveals the startling truth: most of what Christians do in present-day churches is not rooted in the New Testament, but in pagan culture and rituals developed long after the death of the apostles. Coauthors Frank Viola and George Barna support their thesis with compelling historical evidence in the first-ever book to document the full story of modern Christian church practices.

"Frank Viola and George Barna have teamed up to create an intelligent, readable, and yet challenging work about the historical roots of the many unbiblical modern church practices that hinder Christian growth in quality and church growth in quantity. Anyone who reads Pagan Christianity with an open mind and heart will never see the church the same way again. May those with newly-gained spiritual eyes not stop there, but go on to do something about it."
Rad Zdero, Ph.D., Author of "The Global House Church Movement" and Editor of "Nexus: The World House Church Movement Reader."

"Frank has done a masterful job both researching and then weaving together the threads that have made modern church practices what they are - pagan substitutes for authentic church life. One nice thing about PAGAN CHRISTIANITY is that it provides the history behind a perception that many of us Christians share: The way the modern Western church does things has little to do with the organic life we see in the New Testament. The difference is so great sometimes that one wonders how one could possibly have transmuted into the other."
Hal Miller, author of "Christian Community: Biblical or Optional?"

"This is an important book which demonstrates that many of the practical aspects of contemporary church life, ministry and structure have little or no biblical basis and are, in fact, inspired by a wide variety of non Christian patterns and ideas most of which are inimical to Christian life and growth. Many readers will find this book challenging in the extreme but all who are concerned with the future of the church should read it."
Dave Norrington, Lecturer of religious studies at Blackpool and the Fylde College, author of "To Preach or Not to Preach."

Download Frank Viola's eBook: Pagan Christianity Exploring The Roots Of Our Church Practices

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To Attract Others Of Like Mind

To Attract Others Of Like Mind Cover TO SURROUND YOURSELF IN LOVE!

Orange candle, vanilla oil, needle & thread, 6 sunflower seeds (soaked overnight
in water to soften the outer shell)

Anoint the candle with vanilla oil and light it. As it burns, chant

Come from here and come from there
People whom my ideals share
Come one, come now, come all to me
By Sun, Wind, Earth, and Shining Sea!

Thread the needle and string through the first sunflower seed Say:

With seed one, the spells begun

String the second seed, saying:

With seed two, my wish comes true

With the third:

With seed three, it comes to me


With seed four, it's at my door


With seed five, it grows and thrives

And with the sixth seed:

With seed six, the spell is fixed

Knot the ends of the thread together to form a ring Rub a little vanilla oil
into the center of the seed ring, and leave It by the candle until it burns out.
Carry the ring with you as an attraction charm!

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - The Stratagem And Other Stories
Ophiel - The Art Practice Of Caballa Magic