How To Do White Magic Spells

How To Do White Magic Spells Cover While magic in and of itself is neither good nor bad, the intent of the spell caster is described in terms of color. Black magic is used to injure or destroy, while white magic is used only for the purpose of good. white magic spells are cast to heal and help both yourself and others. When cast correctly, they bring light into the world in an uplifting manner. Creating and casting White Magic Spells will focus your thoughts and intentions as you send your energy out into the universe. There are as many ways to generate magic as there are people who practice it, but some basic guidelines can provide a general framework for creating your own ritual to do White Magic spells.


1.Create a sacred space. Find a location in which you feel relaxed and peaceful. Set out a small table and cover it with a white cloth. This will serve as your altar for spell casting. The color of the cloth can be changed according to the spell being cast: For love, it should be pink or red; for money, it should be green; and for success, it should be yellow. White stands for protection and peace and is a good general color.
2.Decide what your intention is. What do you want to accomplish? Be as specific as possible. It is better to say, "I want clear skin and healthy hair", than it is to say, "I want to look better." Remember, this is white magic, and your purpose should be for the good of someone else or yourself. Remove any trace of negativity from your thought process.
3.Find your tools. Light candles in the appropriate color for the purpose of your spell. Choose herbs, crystal, incense or essential oils to help invoke the proper spirits and focus energies. For example, lavender, vanilla and honeysuckle are used in love spells, while alfalfa and cloves are used in friendship spells. A common tool is the ritual dagger, or athame. The athame is used to cast the ritual circle, and is never actually used to cut anything.
4.Write the spell. Name it according to what it should do (and yes, it needs to rhyme). When you are finished, keep it private, as this keeps the energy focused and does not allow any negativity to influence your work. The spell can be as long or as short as you like. If you're having trouble, borrow an established spell. (See Resources.)
5.Decide when to cast your spell. Many people like to cast spells when there is a full moon, because that is when there is the most energy available to work with. However, this is not always convenient. You can cast a spell at any time; however, for it to be as effective as a full-moon spell, you may have to cast it more than once.
6.Cast the circle. The space you are using to cast your spell should be cleaned and sprinkled with salt ater prior to use. Once this is done, use your athame, wand or finger to draw a large circle around you--approximately 9 feet in diameter. If you like, you can define the outline of the circle with candles or stones.
7.Invoke the four elements. Begin by facing East and asking Air to join you in your spell casting and watch over you while you work. Then turn South and ask the same favor from Fire. Face West and ask for the help of Water. Finally, turn to the North and call upon Earth.
8.Light a candle and ask any spirits or deities who seem particularly suitable to your cause to join you. Then thank them for protecting you, guiding your energy and adding their own energy to your spell.
9.Chant your spell and perform whatever rituals you feel will strengthen it. Be sure to end your spell with "so mote it be," as this closes the spell. Ask the universe to hear you and to turn your wishes into reality. Describe your desires in great detail. Thank the universe for listening to you. Offer some token of gratitude.
10.Face North and say, "Spirit of the Earth, my ritual is now complete. I bid you farewell." Repeat while turning counterclockwise moving from North to West, to South, to East, bidding the elements farewell.
11.Blow out the candle. Bow your head before your altar and say, "I declare this circle closed. So mote it be." Complete the closing by ringing a bell.

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