Remove Blocks To Prosperity

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According to the 16th century swiss alchemist Paracelsus, the gnome is able to move through earth in the same manner that a fish swims through water or a human walks through air. Gnomes are associated with the fey, or fairy-folk, and are equated with earthly treasures, earth consciousness, and great knowledge of the magick in rocks, caves, roots, gems, and mountains.

Because gnomes can move through earth like fish swim through water, one can turn to the gnomes to move a block of earth energy within oneself, or a block placed in our path by another.

This spell is particularly good when things have been moving along just fine for you, you've been recovering from your debts, sailing ahead and suddenly - thwack! You run into some sort of a block. Before you spend days, weeks, or months worrying, try this spell.


* 1 cup dirt
* A sieve
* A handful (up to 1/2 oz) of ginger or dragon's blood herb


* Over a paper towel or bowl, pour the cup of dirt into the sieve.
* Add the ginger (or dragon's blood)


Element of earth,

move the mountain of "(state what is stuck)

As the ginger (or dragon's blood) mixes with the earth,

so shall the blocks in my life

be broken gently apart and removed,

so that I may prosper
" the dirt shakes out of the sieve, visualize the financial problems in your life breaking up and disolving. Once all the dirt is through the sieve, turn the sieve over and tap it seven times to remove any excess dirt.

Carry the dirt to a crossroads at midnight and dump it there, once again asking the element of earth to gently disperse the negativity in your life with harm to none.

Wash the sieve, asking the element of water to gently cleanse your situation.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Medieval Grimoires - The Red Book Of Appin
Idres Shah - The Book Of Power

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The Zee Energy

The Zee Energy Image
The life force, the first primeval god, has been rediscovered several times in recent years. It has been called by various names: prana, chi, viril, telluric energy, earth energy, the ether, among many others. Just as the blood in our bodies permeates every corpuscle of flesh but is concentrated in the veins, so the god energy is concentrated in ley lines, or the dragon paths of feng shui. These currents of energy are known to most cultures of the world by various names.

The Romany name for the life force energy is "MI DOUVALS ZEE". Which means the heart, or life, of God.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Paul Foster Case - The Life Power
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Evil Clergyman

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Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present

Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present Image

Book: Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present by Vladimir Antonov

This is one version of the Grand Satanic Ritual, This Ritual format can be used in Standard Rituals, Thanksgiving Rituals, As well as the invocation and summoning of the Gods.

Download Vladimir Antonov's eBook: Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present

Winning The Lottery

Winning The Lottery Image
The Romanies often like to gamble, and they advise using this spell for the lottery.

Light one green candle for each of the numbers to be selected. Sit quietly and ponder the flames, allowing each flame in turn to suggest a number.

Fill in the form according to the numbers that come into your head. Sprinkle the sheet with nutmeg and then snuff out the candles. Leave the form dusted with nutmeg for a day before thoroughly brushing it off.

by Gillian Kemp

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Feeding The Flame
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - In The Vault
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - In The Walls Of Eryx

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