To Break A Streak Of Bad Luck

To Break A Streak Of Bad Luck Cover
Go for a walk and pick up seven twigs from the ground, one to represent each day
of the week. Traditionally, the twigs should be ash for Monday, beech for
Tuesday, elm for Wednesday, oak for Thursday, horse chestnut for Friday, yew for
Saturday, and elder for Sunday. Take them home, snap them into pieces and burn
them in the hearth or a bonfire. Say:

Ill luck broken
As these words are spoken.

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The Magic Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum

The Magic Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum Cover

Book: The Magic Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum by Eliphas Levi

This Translation of a previously unpublished work by the late Alphonse Louis Constant, or, as he preferred to call himself, Eliphaz Levi, is published with the consent of its possessor, Mr. Edward Maitland, the eminent collaborateur of the late Dr. Anna Kingsford, to whom it was given by the Baron Spedalieri, so well known as the friend, disciple, and literary heir of Eliphaz Levi. The original MSS., which is in the handwriting of Levi himself, is written upon pages interleaved with the text of a printed copy of a work by Trithemius of Spanheim, entitled De Septem Secundeis: the edition was published at Cologne, and is dated 1567. This work of the Abbot Trithemius is a very curious and interesting dissertation upon the ruling of the world by the seven great Archangels, to each of whom in succession is alloted a period of 354 years and 4 months.

The ordinary reader who has made no special study of the magical writings of Eliphaz Levi, nor of the Kabalah, may consider that, however interesting the subject?matter of many of the following chapters, the Connection between the Tarot Trumps and the details given under each heading is but slight. It must be understood that there is in all cases a direct relation between the card and subject; but the keys which connect them are missing by intention of the author, and yet are obtainable by study of Levi other works.

"The Mysteries of Magic, a Digest of the Writings of Eliphaz Levi, by Mr. A. E. Waite, published by Mr. Redway in 1886, has had so large a circulation among English readers, that the editor anticipates a cordial Reception for this little volume. LONDON, February 1896.

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Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients

Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients Cover

Book: Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients by Medieval Grimoires

A magical ritual published at Basle in 1575. The text is in Latin and appears to have been influenced by Paracelsus. It is of Christian, not Jewish, origin, and although the authorship is unknown, it is probably the work of an Italian. Only one of its nine volumes still exists: dealing with the institutions of magic, the work is entitled Isagoge, which means "essential or necessary instruction."

The book introduces the ritual of the Olympic spirits who dwell in the air and among the stars and who govern the world. There are, we are told, 196 Olympic provinces in the universe: thus Aratron has 49; Bethor, 42; Phaleg 35; Och, 28; Hagith, 21; Ophiel, 14; and Phul, 7. Each of the Olympic spirits rules alternately for 490 years. They have natural sway over certain departments of the material world, but outside these departments they perform the same operations magically.

Thus Och, the ruler of solar affairs, presides over the preparation of gold naturally in the soil. At the same time, he presides magically over the preparation of that metal by means of alchemy. The Arbatel states that the sources of occult wisdom are to be found in God, spiritual essences, and corporeal creatures, as well as in nature, but also in the apostate spirits and in the ministers of punishment in Hell and the elementary spirits. The secrets of all magic reside in these, but magicians are born, not made, although they are assisted by contemplation and the love of God.

It is sufficient to describe the powers and offices of one of these spirits. Aratron governs those things that are ascribed astrologically to Saturn. He can convert any living thing into stone, can change coals into treasure, gives familiar spirits to men, and teaches alchemy, magic, medicine, and the secret of invisibility and long life. He should be invoked on a Saturday in the first hour of the day. The Arbatel was said to be one of the best authorities on spiritual essences and their powers and degrees.

Download Medieval Grimoires's eBook: Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients

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A General Charge For Spell Work

A General Charge For Spell Work Cover
The following chant is a good all purpose chant that can be used for just about any spell:

Witches power burning bright, tarot, rune and blade,
Charge the spell, enfilled with might,
here and now the magic's made.
Wave and tree, hedge and flame,
strength of the elements gather here,
to bless this work and charge it well,
to complete the spell now far or near.
Mystic Moon and Brilliant Sun,
send your power here this way,
Gracious Lady, Mighty Lord,
bless this charge that I lay.
Powers that are, powers that be,
gather round this spell I cast,
empower my working three times three,
send it forth to see it last!
So Shall it Be!

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Love Spells And Rituals For Love And Relationships

Love Spells And Rituals For Love And Relationships Cover

Book: Love Spells And Rituals For Love And Relationships by Talismagick

Keep all small magickal objects away from children to avoid the possibility of accidental swallowing. Never leave a candle burning unattended, or near any flammable objects such as chemicals, curtains or papers. Always use magick for good reasons, and not with the intention to harm another person…The more good you do, the more you will receive in return!

Magick is everywhere, energy is everywhere. Using rituals and ceremony you can take these random forces and make them work to your own benefit. Instead of accepting whatever fate has in store for you, take charge and write your own destiny. The future is not set in stone- it is fluid, and as such it can be influenced by people who know how- people who understand that the universe is there for them to share and use. But be sure to return some of your good fortune as you profit from magick. This is a way of thanking the universe for its generosity, and avoiding greed. If you use magick for greed it will eventually backfire on you.

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Phronesis The Development Of Practical Wisdom

Phronesis The Development Of Practical Wisdom Cover

Book: Phronesis The Development Of Practical Wisdom by Terry Findlay

Terry Findlay Phronesis presents the story of how an ‘alchemy’ that our brains perform in making a series of life-changing transitions may be our best hope for encouraging individual and collect.

Download Terry Findlay's eBook: Phronesis The Development Of Practical Wisdom

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Get A Specific Person To Notice You

Get A Specific Person To Notice You Cover Old Gypsy love spell



1 onion in good condition, preferably already shooting
1 unused plant-pot
Some earth (preferably, but not necessarily, over Which the
object of your affection has walked).


Step (1) Place earth in pot.

Step (2) While visualizing your beloved and you in a romantic
atmosphere, Plant the onion; Water it while repeating
this verse:

"As this plant grows
And the blossom blows,
Make his heart turn
Completely to me."

(Repeat the verse everyday as you water the onion.)

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To Gain Money

To Gain Money Cover

silver coin


Fill the cauldron half-full of water and drop a silver coin into it. Position
the cauldron so that the light of the Moon shines into the water. Gently sweep
your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon's silver.

While doing this, say:

Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your
wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver
and gold. All you give, my hands can hold.

Repeat three times. When finished, pour the water upon the Earth. This is best
done during the Full Moon.

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Witchcraft And Wicca Faq

Witchcraft And Wicca Faq Cover

Book: Witchcraft And Wicca Faq by Anonymous

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be Frequently Asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. Since the acronym FAQ originated in textual media, its Pronunciation varies; "fack," "fax," "facts," and "F.A.Q." are commonly heard. Depending on usage, the term may refer specifically to a single Frequently Asked question, or to an assembled list of many questions and their answers.

Wicca is a nature religion based upon beliefs and rites believed to be rooted in ancient pagan practices. Wicca claims a direct connection to the ancient Celtic tradition, which is thought to be more in tune with natural forces than Christianity and other modern religions of the West. However, rather than see Wiccans as members of a religion, it might be more accurate to see them as sharing a spiritual basis in nature and natural phenomena. For Wiccans have no written creed which the orthodox must adhere to. Nor do they build stone temples or churches to worship in. They practice their rituals in the great outdoors: in parks, gardens, forests, yards or hillsides.

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The Salem Witchcraft The Planchette Mystery And Modern Spiritualism

The Salem Witchcraft The Planchette Mystery And Modern Spiritualism Cover

Book: The Salem Witchcraft The Planchette Mystery And Modern Spiritualism by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe has contributed to The Salem Witchcraft; The Planchette Mystery; And Modern Spiritualism; as an author. Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) published her first book, The Mayflower, in 1843. In 1852 she published her bestselling Classic, Uncle Toma (TM)s Cabin, the first novel to criticize the institution of slavery. She lectured and wrote for twenty-five years.

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Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Wicca In The Kitchen

Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Wicca In The Kitchen Cover

Book: Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Wicca In The Kitchen by Scott Cunningham

There's a reason caviar has a reputation as a love food, but a little vanilla or peppermint can work wonders too! You'll savor Mushrooms like never before after experiencing their intuitive-raising effects, and a munch of celery will resonate with new meaning as it boosts your sexual desire and psychic awareness.

Virtually any item in your pantry can be used for personal transformation. From artichokes to kidney beans to grape jelly, food contains specific magical Energies you can harness for positive results. This Encyclopedia of food magic offers twenty-seven of Scott Cunningham's favorite recipes. Magical menus for more than ten desired goals including love, protection, health, money, and psychic awareness are provided as well.

This commemorative edition also presents special features and articles celebrating Scott Cunningham's remarkable life.

Buy Scott Cunningham's book: Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Wicca In The Kitchen

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Pagan Herbs By Use

Pagan Herbs By Use Cover

Book: Pagan Herbs By Use by Al Selden Leif

Herbs are used extensively in doing Magick. In this book you’ll learn about Using Herbs in Your Magick Making, Herbs properties and Their Magickal Uses.

Herbs are used in many religions – such as in Christianity (myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), ague root (Aletris farinosa) and frankincense (Boswellia spp)) and in the partially Christianized Anglo-Saxon pagan Nine Herbs Charm. In Hinduism a form of Basil called Tulsi is worshipped as a goddess for its medicinal value since the Vedic times. Many Hindus have a Tulsi plant in front of their houses.

Drugs and plants with psychoactive substances have been used world wide as entheogens to induce spiritual experiences. An example of this are the shamans in Siberia who used herbs and fungi such as the fly agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria).

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To Banish Debt

To Banish Debt Cover Supplies:
A piece of rolled parchment 2 inches wide and as long as you like.
One black pen.
One purple candle.
Oil of your choice.
Incense of your choice.

Suggested Correspondences:
Moon: Full (for more power) Dark (to banish)
Day: Monday (Family) or Saturday (banish) or Sunday (Success).
Planet: Moon (for family) Saturn (to banish) Sun (Success) or Mars (fast action)
Uranus (change)
Planetary Hour: Same as above
Astrological Placement: Moon in Aquarius (optional)
Deity: Juno (Goddess of Gold)
Elements: Air
Elemental: Sylphs

Cleanse and consecrate all supplies with the four elements (earth, air, fire, and
water). List all your debts on the parchment. Draw a banishing pentacle on the back of the parchment. Carve a banishing pentacle on the candle. Place the rolled
parchment in the candle holder then tighten candle on top. Think of banishing your
debts. Think of the feeling of happiness and relief when the debts are banished.
Light the candle. Take the candle to the East quarter and ask that the Sylphs send
your message of banishment out to the universe in a safe and protective way, and
ask that prosperity return to you in the same manner. Put the candle back on the
altar and, in your own words, ask Juno to banish the debt and replace with
prosperous energy. Allow the candle to burn completely. The paper will catch fire,
so watch what type of holder you are using (glass will break) and that the candle
holder is on a fire safe surface. As the candle burns, concentrate on banishing your
debts, your feelings of relief and happiness, and the coming prosperity.

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The Weed Curse Spell

The Weed Curse Spell Cover
This spell should be cast on a friday night at least after 7:00. The spell will curse a girl or boy that has stolen your significant other, or has cheated on you and than it
curses both of them. well here it is >get 3 weeds that have been stealing one of your plants food,water,soil,ext. and place it in your Cauldron filled with water. Place a picture of the person in which you're going to curse. (and only you can curse them or it comes
back at the person most significant to you.) then chant the following 3 times

"You have been so evil stealing my guy/girl,
so unto you this curse I hurl,
don't ever go near my very best friend,
or another time this curse il send"

now pick the picture up out of the water and after a wile burn it, and by the next moon cycle and the little slut will be begging for mercy.

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Help Lift Hard Feelings And Heal Emotional Rifts

Help Lift Hard Feelings And Heal Emotional Rifts Cover

You need a Quartz crystal.

Find a nice, quiet place where you can lay down, then place the quartz crystal on your third eye and say:

"I call upon Gula, great Goddess of healing.
Guide the help to direct any bad feelings,
See this dark specters reeling.
By the grace of your power
I ask you to heal them.
Teach each to feel what the other feels,
By the power of three, I wish it to be."

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William Mansfield Groton - The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults
Ilmu Khodam - The Occult Art Of Acquiring And Directing Spirit Servants
Dora Sigerson Shorter - The Fairy Changeling And Other Poems

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To Conjure Wind

To Conjure Wind Cover {To Conjure Wind}
What you need:
Athame or Wand

Call the corners and with your athame or wand stand
facing the east with it pointed at arms length in
front of you. Then chant focusing all your energy down
your arm and coming out of the athame:
Oh Great Goddess
Protectress of the Watchtowers of the East
Hear me, I invoke thee
On this hot _______ (insert month name) eve, I call to thee
The nights grow hot and the days hotter still
I pray to you to look down upon me
Cool me with your gentle wind
Hear me, I pray to thee
By the power that is three times three
It is my will, so mote it be.

Then dismiss the corners and meditate. It's handy to
use on a hot day or night in the summertime to cool

Written and contributed by:
Pantera Raine=>

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