To Bring A Loved One Back

To Bring A Loved One Back Cover Take his picture and with four pins, pin it facing Against the
back of the headboard, so the face looks "Through the headboard"
at the sleeper. That will fix his mind on you.

Take his or her photograph and place it face down on a table.
Place a red candle on top of it. Burn red candles on it for
three hours in the evening and three hours in the morning
for six days. Turn the picture face up and continue the
candle burning ritual for three more days.
This will bring the person back.

Take the man's photograph and place it over the top of a small glass
of water and put the glass under your bed. That will bring him back
across the water to your bed.

After sunset, write the man's name on each of four pieces of paper
at the four corners of your house. Put the pieces of paper under
your pillow before you go to bed. Every night for eight nights
thereafter, write his name on each of four pieces of paper
at each of the four corners of your house and sleep on them.
He will come back.

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