How To Practice Witchcraft Spells

How To Practice Witchcraft Spells Cover When one thinks of witchcraft and spells, the tendency is to imagine a haggard woman of the wood reciting an incantation to hex her neighbor. This is unfortunate and completely inaccurate. To practice true Witchcraft Spells means to accept personal responsibility for one's actions and their consequences. So, before you fire up your cauldron, learn how to properly practice witchcraft spells.

How to Practice Witchcraft Spells Instructions

Things You'll Need:

* Spell supplies and materials, as appropriate

Step 1. Decide on the spell you wish to perform. This will depend on your goal or intent, whether it be to increase financial abundance, find a new job or promote good health.

Step 2. Practice responsible ethics. Accept that we cannot always change what is meant to be, nor should we try to. Likewise, life is full of lessons that are intended to be learned from. So, examine your motives carefully before resorting to using a spell to bring about change through witchcraft.

Step 3. Follow the Witch's Pyramid when performing any spell. This is a set of four pillars (or principles) that are integral to success. They are: To Know (understand the mechanism of the spell and its effects), To Will (the ability to focus on your intent), To Dare (to believe that you are worthy of receiving this blessing) and To Keep Silent (don't negate the positive flow of energy set in motion by talking or bragging about your spell).

Step 4. Prepare the area for spellwork by walking in a circle three times deosil (clockwise) while cleansing the space once with sprinkled salt, again with blessed water and the final time with the smudging of incense, such as frankincense or myrrh.

Step 5. Consecrate any tools you intend to use when casting spells, such as a wand, pendulum or an athame (a special knife used for ritual, not cutting). To do this, set up a lit candle, burning incense, a bowl of blessed water and a bowl of salt to represent the four elements. Then pass the object over the candle flame (Fire), through the incense smoke (Air), sprinkle it with the water (Water) and then the salt (Earth). Finally, recite the following: Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, to this tool of the magick now give birth. Blessed and consecrated in this hour, be thou (name object) of strength and power.

Tips & Warnings

* Do not perform any spell that affects another person unless you have that person's explicit permission to do so.
* Abide the Witch's Rede, which states, "An' it harm none, do as ye will."

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