Wishing Well Spell

Wishing Well Spell Cover
Take any large bowl. Drip a few drops of different colored candle wax in the bottom of the bowl, then adhere a white candle to that spot. The different colors represent diverse needs and goals, while the white binds this variety together in harmony.

Each morning, light the candle when you get up and put a coin in the bowl. Make your wish for the day. Blow out the candle before you leave the house. Whenever you desperately need to have a wish fulfilled, remove a coin from the bowl and either plant it in rich soil (houseplants will do ) or throw it into moving water so that your message of need will be carried through the earth.

When the bowl is filled with coins, use all but a few (these "seeds" always remain in your bowl) for random acts of kindness, like getting treats for the neighborhood kids or helping a homeless person. Your generosity will return to you threefold to keep the magic of benevolence, both mundane and divine, with you always.

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Spiritual Weight Loss

Spiritual Weight Loss Image

There are many elements to weight loss, not just one. Many people believe that it all based on the outer, what we eat, what we drink and how much exercise we do. While all these are needed in order to lose weight, one element is commonly over looked and that is the spiritual aspect of weight loss.


Spiritual weight loss is the concept of one's own beliefs being used positively and deeply, that one will lose weight. In a way it is a transformation of belief in to reality. What makes it spiritual is the spirit plays a big part in belief changes that effect the body.

The spiritual side is a massive aspect in our body, our beauty, our well being and of course to how we gain weight or lose weight and more. If you find it hard to believe then that is okay I will try to convince you that a spiritual side is apart of everything, as we keep reading.


The spiritual side of us all is affected by many elements, happiness, stress and thought. By thinking positive in one way many changes occur. It can create massive changes for the better. If one thinks negative all it can create is negative. Same goes with weight loss, we all need to think of how we want to look as well when doing a weight loss diet. But not just think, believe it.

So spiritual weight loss is about positively believing in your body and diet that it will work, positively changing oneself to the size you want. Everyday we make ourselves one step at a time. Every time we look in the mirror. Maybe it is - "I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel tired.." Do you believe me when I say these thoughts change the body. Most would agree, so it's the same as well for weight loss.

Have you noticed how amazing it is when we have a great day, everything just seems to work out all day, does it not? No worries, positive things just keep happening and the day just cruises on by. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Is it possible we created that day and is it possible there was a spiritual side. I think so.


The best and easiest way to believe in the spiritual side of weight loss is to look at others that do it everyday, look at the happy people, look at the positive people, look at the ones that achieve things that make you say wow. Look at the spiritual side of things for a change.

Look at yourself and say, "I want to be Happy, I want to Lose Weight and I am going to Lose Weight". "Each day I am a little lighter". Each day my body will change me more to what I want". "Each day I will lose more arm flab". "Each day I will stress less and let go to stressful conditioning's". "Each day will be better and better".


Many people ask me this question, how does one develop the spiritual side better and the best answer is meditation. There are two forms of meditation, awake meditation and traditional meditation. Awake meditation is where the mind wonders and is quietened by letting go while being out and about. This can be in almost any situation.

Traditional mediation is a deeper and more effective way to tune the spirit further. This is where one finds a quiet area to sit and go into deep meditation.

While in deeper meditation try to see or visualize yourself, healthy, happy, at the weight you want and surrounded by the most important things in life, including love. By doing so regularly you will attract these aspects into ones life like a magnet. The same goes with weight loss.

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John Nash - Spirituality And Gender
Sepharial - Sepharials World Predictions

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Circle Casting Made Simple

Circle Casting Made Simple Cover
Circle casting is an important, and at times, difficult activity. It involves the use of many skills, and for the beginner it can seem like a pointless, if not impossible, routine. How do you do it properly? When should it be done? And perhaps most importantly: how do you know if you've done it?


A circle is a boundary of energy extending halfway above the ground and halfway below. It marks the boundary between the worlds: inside the circle is a cleansed space where the two worlds can interact. Outside is the mundane, 'regular' world. That's the basics; more on this later.


A circle is cast to create a clean space in which to do ritual and magickal workings. It creates an area in which both worlds are present; in a very real sense, it is between the worlds. To invite a Deity, or an Elemental, etc. without a circle (into the mundane world) isn't always such a great idea. It's easier to interact inside a circle. It also acts to keep magickal energy inside until it is ready to be released, or to keep negative energy outside.


Well, you must have a lot of focus. You must be able to clearly visualize what you are doing, and how you are doing it. You should be able to feel the energy you are attempting to move, and have a clear idea of where you want to put it. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. What is the purpose of your circle? To protect from outside negativity; to contain magickal energy; to create a space between the worlds; another purpose; a mixture? The nature of your circle will depend on the ritual you are planning on doing.

2. How big will your circle be? If you are casting the circle for practise, then all you need is a circle the size of your own body. For a larger group, no big surprise, a larger circle. In my personal opinion, it should be large enough that you don't keep wandering to the edges and sticking your head through it.

3. How will you visualize your circle? If you are just learning, it might be best to stick with simple colours. Later on, you can learn funky patterns and effects. Practice casting a circle in your mind during meditation. You must learn how to visualize things clearly, hold them in your mind, and focus while you rotate and move them. At the beginning, stick to the basics: there's no substitute for them.

4. Can you keep your focus for as long as it takes to set up the circle? If you are constantly second-guessing yourself, you can't maintain your concentration. Trust yourself.

5. Treat it with respect. Constantly walking in, through, and out of the circle without cutting a door, or otherwise ignoring its boundaries doesn't really help you much. You can't really expect to cast strong circles if you can't create and keep it in your mind first. The circle is real because you make it real. You make it real by believing in it and acting on it.

6. Finally, don't be disappointed if you don't get it the first time. Or the second. Or the 30th. It takes time; it takes self-trust; it takes PRACTICE.


I've found that the best time is right after you have cleansed the space (by blessing, sweeping, or making lots of noise), and before you invoke any elements or Deities. If you have others with you for the ritual, save up jokes, and try to make each other laugh really hard just before you create the circle. This further gets rid of any negativity that might be present, and provides enough positive energy to cast a good circle. My friend and I have had some fascinating rituals this way.


Well, there are many ways. If you're reading this for information, then you'll probably want a simple one.

First, ground and center yourself. Stand with both feet firmly on the ground, and relax your arms at the sides of your body. Simply feel and visualize the energy of the Earth below you, and the Sky above you.

Face one of the directions, and physically reach down with your arm and gather the energy of the Earth into your hand. Reach up to the Sky and gather the energy of the Sky into your other hand. Now scoot down near the ground and face your palms outward, sending that energy into a smooth wall of colour that will spread itself into the shape of a circle. Rise up as you do this, shaping and smoothing the wall at this corner.

Repeat this at the other three directions, constantly smoothing and shaping it with your hands. At each direction, the circle gets stronger and thicker; there are no gaps because the energy of the circle constantly swirls around evenly.

See the energy as a thick, fluid stream of colour. It also flows under the ground, to even itself out as a complete sphere. You can shape it underground by visualizing it through the floor. Solidify it by visualizing the energy of the circle as sticking together, like hot glue or warm honey.

When you feel the circle is 'set', all you have to do now is keep it in mind, and perhaps make minor re-adjustments if you feel it is necessary. Take as much time as you need, and don't rush. No one is holding a stopwatch. Don't be afraid to move around spontaneously; no one is marking you on grace or coolness. And most importantly, don't be afraid to screw up; that's an important way to learn.


This is the fun part. Everybody has their own unique way of sensing circles. Some people can see the circle; as a band of colour, or a thickening of the air. Some people can feel it as a spark of electricity, or again as a thickening of air. Some people can hear it as a low hum. Everybody is different. One thing is certain, however: circles get really hot. In a strong circle you can feel the cold air rushing in when you cut a door. When you take it down, you can practically feel a breeze. In the beginning, you may not be sure whether or not you've succeeded; don't let that bother you. When you really get the hang of it, you'll know for sure.


Cutting a door basically means opening a hole in the circle so you can leave it. It's best to stay in the circle the whole time it's up, but there are times when you've forgotten something important in another room (like a lighter), or there's something you have to deal with. My personal favourite way of cutting a door is to hold your fingers and hand in a straight line, and move your hand around a rectangular outline large enough for you to walk through. Visualize the energy of the circle inside that rectangle being sucked into your forearm where you can store it until you get back. When closing the door, do this in reverse, and then smooth out the edges of where the door was. Visualize the energy of the circle swirling around until the location of the door is lost. Still, cutting too many doors in a circle can also weaken it eventually.


I just added this question because I've wondered about it myself. Yes, the circle does extend halfway below the floor, and yes, someone downstairs could walk right through the bottom part of it. All I can suggest is that you either do your rituals after you're sure they're out or asleep, or just try not to think about it. :)


At the very end of ritual. After the Deities are gone, the Element/als have returned to their respective realms, etc. etc. etc. The only thing that generally follows taking down the circle is eating, drinking, and chatting. Take the circle down exactly the same way that you set it up, in reverse. Take as much time to take it down as you took to set it up. Send the energy back into the Earth, the Sky, or wherever you chose to get it from. If you used the energy from the Earth and Sky, then it's a good idea to change it into healing energy for our planet and our skies before you channel it back.


Actually: alone. If you can do it alone, then you can do it in a group; it doesn't always work in reverse. Working alone also lets you develop your own style, and you don't need to worry about people staring at you. You can work on your concentration more easily by yourself, and you don't feel like you're boring people if you take a while. Write your own visualizations and keep track of your results in a journal. But above all, learn to trust yourself and your instincts; it's one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

Author: Keitha (FireWind)

Recommended books (free to download):

Mourant Brock - Rome Pagan And Papal
Sepharial - Primary Directions Made Easy
Hans Christian Andersen - Fairy Tales Of Hans Christian Andersen

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Silvers Spells For Protection

Silvers Spells For Protection Cover

Book: Silvers Spells For Protection by Silver Ravenwolf

Silver is the first Wiccan author whom I have discovered so far, who has had the focus to dedicate her time and energies writing this "Silver's Spells For..." series. I declare that she is doing quite a good job!

Silver Ravenwolf's Silver's Spells for protection is just the right size. By that I mean that the format of this book makes it an ideal "take along" for purse, backpack, or pocket. This book covers how to handle stalkers, abusers, and other nasties with practical information as well as magickal techniques. It also discusses some of the other irritants in life-like protecting yourself from your mother-in-law's caustic tongue and how to avoid that guy who's out to take your job.

As for the one or two folks who declared that they needed to know Wicca or how to manipulate magickal energies before they used her books, well, you are entitled to your opinion. Considering that EVERY person on this planet has the potential for magick, I dare say that you all are trying to put magick in a box! Naturally Silver remembered to put the usual cautions and admonitions about the laws of magick in the first chapters of her book...so relax, OK?

Of course, unless the information in this book was valuable, there'd be no reason to take it along at all. But since it comes to spells, methods, and technologies for spiritual protection and prevention, this book has everything you need. That's why I started off by saying this is the right size to carry along with you: You're going to want to take it everywhere!

There is a self-blessing ritual and spells to protect your vehicle. There are spells to protect those in your home and ones to uncross yourself when confronted with negativity and setbacks. You'll find techniques to get people to stop lying about you, and others to aid you in court.

In fact, by understanding what underlies the techniques given in this book, you can come up with protection spells for any purpose. The appendices give you correspondences and suggestions so you can easily convert the spells given in this book to exactly work with your needs.

What do you do when you discover that your best friend at work sabotaged your promotion? Or if a neighbor suddenly decides that you don't belong in his town? What if a group of teens sets out to make your life a living hell? Silver's Spells for Protection contains tips for dealing with all these situations, and more.

One of the best parts of this book is a basic introduction to magick. Even if you're an old hand at spells and rituals, this section will refresh your memory and give information on ideas you didn't know or might have forgotten. How long should a ritual or spell last? Why didn't my magick work? When should I do this ritual? If magic for evil purposes works, why shouldn't I do it? All of these questions are clearly answered.

This book makes an excellent gift — to a friend or to yourself. Protection from the problems of life and from negative energies is needed by all. You can find answers here.

Anyway, don't let the naysayers put you off-- it is an excellent series, and the wide array of spells, their size and power being in direct proportion to the seriousness of the problems/people/situations at hand, are just what I needed! I live in a big city where there is LOTS of noise, and I used her suggestions for stress. Also, my ridiculous relatives have been harrassing me psychically to contact them (which in and of itself is not magickally ethical), and the "Simple Folk Spells for Little Troubles" worked wonderfully. All of her spells are, as Wiccan ethics go, WITH HARM TO NONE. Blessed Be!

Buy Silver Ravenwolf's book: Silvers Spells For Protection

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Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together

Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together Cover

Book: Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together by Aj Drew

This book shows us the potential for a modern Wicca based on the lives of the pre-Christian Pagans, a Wicca where the structure is founded on the natural bonding of a couple, rather than the seclusion of the solitary practitioner or the confines of a coven. Wicca for Couples not only includes rituals for handfasting, Wiccaning and hand parting, but also a discussion of how these sacred rituals have been almost trivialized in Wiccan culture and what steps we can take to return their sanctity. This book demonstrates how our rituals imitate life and how the living of that life is infinitely more important than what one does in formal circle.

Download Aj Drew's eBook: Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together

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Spell For Personal Freedom

Spell For Personal Freedom Cover Source unknown

Obtain a 12 inch length of thin rope or cord. The day before the dark Moon, tie
it in as many knots as you can. when the night of the dark Moon arrives, take
the rope outside and begin to untie the knots, saying as you loosen each one:

Bondage has no hold on me.
Darkest One, now set me free.

When the rope is knot free, bury it in the Earth, leaving a one inch tail above
the ground as a symbol of your freedom.

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These Phases Are New Moon

These Phases Are New Moon Image
Many factors contributes to a magic spells or a ritual's success. Given below are some of the factors when combined together that makes magic spells, which includes voodoo spells, free love spells", money spells or free Wiccan spells work well.

A proper Moon phase is most important for a successful free spell casting. Magic Spells which could be includes voodoo spells, free love spells, money spells or free Wiccan spells when cast on the night of the Full Moon have most potency and effect. Our moods and actions are affected by the moon. There are four phases of the Moon which also play a role on casting spells. These phases are New Moon, Waning Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.

New Moon phase and the Waning Moon phase are similar. These phases are apt for magic spells that get rid of things such as an enemy or a bad spirit. The Waxing Moon phase is right for magic spells that helps increase your material things, money or power. The Full Moon phase is most important are several important magic spells including includes voodoo spells, free love spells, money spells or free Wiccan spells can be cast during this phase.

The right materials for casting spells are also very important. For a magic spell to work you must have herbs, Voodoo Dolls, colored candles and oils. Free love spells would require red candles and money spells would require green candles. Voodoo spells will require Voodoo dolls, which can be made out of wax or cloth material. It can be visualized as being the victim and need not look like it. A dagger may be needed for tracing magical symbols in the air.

The right state of mind is another important factor for casting spells. For casting free love spells you must have an emotion of love for it to work. The love spell caster cannot be angry or depressed. The same applies for Black Magic spells and other spells such as magic spells, money spell, voodoo spells, and free Wiccan spells. You must also believe in what you are doing without having doubts for the magic spell to work.

The magic spell could take a couple days, weeks or a couple months to work. You have to have faith and patience. The person doing the spell casting should have studied and practiced all aspects of the Occult (deals with supernatural influences) thoroughly. You build your powers and potency by practicing more magic and rituals.

You can choose the magic spell according to your beliefs and start working on them in your life everyday and find that the quality of life and magical potency has improved. You must have faith, belief and patience in your magical workings for them to work. Those not having belief in the Occult and Magic must not get into it.

Finally, you have to experiment and see which magic spells work for you best. Keep your workings noted in a journal that you can refer to from time to time to find out which magic spells works and the ones that do not.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Louise Jackson - Witches Wives And Mothers
Harold Macgrath - The Pagan Madonna

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Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft

Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft Cover

Book: Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft by Pino Longchild

Authored by Pino Longchild, webmaster of www.magickaschool.com, Wicca Revealed takes students on a spiritual and magical journey, which builds skill upon skill and provides in-depth Knowledge of the Craft. Supported by a strong emphasis on guided research projects and exercises, prospective Witches are encouraged to think for themselves and develop a high degree of self-reliance.

Buy Pino Longchild's book: Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft

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Pauline Bradford Mackie Hopkins - Ye Lyttle Salem Maide A Story Of Witchcraft
Dr Leo Martello - Weird Ways Of Witchcraft
Pino Longchild - Wicca Revealed An Introductory Course In Wicca
Pino Longchild - Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft

Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt3 The Three Cauldrons

Mystical Practice Of Druids Pt3 The Three Cauldrons Image
"The first two phases of this sequence, presented below, are so basic to Neopagan meditation and trance that I have had trouble distinguishing 'basic mental training' from 'seeking mystical experience'. The basic methods of the first two phases of this sequence - Open Meditation, Two Powers Attunement and Middle-realm Centering- are preperatory work for almost any ritual or meditative activity. In the next steps we begin to add material that is specifically Celtic or Druidic in origin. Since the real intention of the whole sequence is a mystical one - we mean to link the personal awareness with transpersonal existence - I'm calling the whole sequence by the above new title."


In the very small list of remnants of Celtic culture that suggest actual Pagan mysticism or spiritual symbolism the complex of the Three Cauldrons stands out plainly. Based on the medieval Irish poem the Cauldron of Poesy, we describe three Cauldrons or "boiling places" in the human system, into which the Power of Inspiration can flow and be held. The Cauldrons in each individual may be either empty, half-full or full, and by this is determined how much poetic or spiritual power the individual possesses.

The Three Cauldrons are described as:

1: THE CAULDRON OF WARMING, conceived of as located in the belly, is the source of physical and constitutional health and strength. It is born upright in all people, with the potential to be fully filled.

2: THE CAULDRON OF MOTION OR VOCATION, is conceived of as in the heart. It is the core of the poet's vision and work, the place where he receives his actual skill and inspiration. It is born in most tipped on its side, able to hold only a portion of the flow.

"The cauldron of motion then, in all artless people is on its lips. It is side-slanting in people of bardcraft and small poetic talent. It is upright in the greatest of poets, who are great streams of wisdom. Not every poet has it on its back, for the cauldron of motion must be turned by sorrow or joy."

3: THE CAULDRON OF WISDOM is conceived of as in the head. It is the container of the highest spiritual and artistic inspirations. It grants not just poetry but 'every art'.

The central metaphor for spiritual power or wisdom in the Cauldron of Poesy is Poetic Inspiration. The poet's ability to produce inspired verse is also his ability to make magic. Throughout this work we will use the metaphor of poetic skill and inspiration as the equivalent of spiritual and magical power, and we will work toward the use of poetry as a core element of ritual and spellbinding.

The majority of the text of the Cauldron of Poesy focuses on the Cauldron of Motion as the vessel that truly holds the poets power. It is born half-tipped, and it is by the deeds and events of human life that it becomes fully upright, able to obtain a full measure of the Mead of Wisdom. In the same way the Cauldron of Wisdom is born tipped on its lip, empty of power, and must be turned. This is described as happening due to powerful emotional events - sorrows and joys - during the course of life.

The Four Sorrows: longing, grief, jealousy and hard travel.

The Joys are said to be twofold: divine joy and human joy. Human joy is fourfold: Sexual delight, physical health, the joy of prosperity from one's vocation, the joy of success in one's efforts. Divine joys are the delight of the Blessings of the Gods, and the joy of eating of the Hazels of the Well of Wisdom, as it is said.

These joys and sorrows come from the events of our lives - they are not just from within, but rather they must grow from real experience and relationship with the other. In a modern life, if we have any adventure in us at all, any of that which might make a poet or magician, we will have many of the joys and sorrows described. If we can take them in, process them, boil them up, they become the raw material for our understanding and wisdom.

So in this exercise we use the Cauldrons as anchoring symbols for a wide range of contemplations, focused on our own bodies, lives and spiritual growth. In order to comprehend and digest the joys and sorrows of our lives we contemplate them in formal meditation. By bringing the memory of the events before the mind's vision, while maintaining the detached perspective of Open Meditation we can process them effectively. So we contemplate in turn the body, the network of our 'professional' life, and our spiritual condition.

There's a word to be said about the presentation of the Cauldron of Motion. In the original poem the heart cauldron is plainly related to the poets life and livelihood, on the deeds that bring inspiration and the rewards of poetic success. For those of us who approach the work intending to be a poet-seer in the old ways, we can simply proceed. For those of us who may have different path in life, whether the warrior or the merchant or another profession, there's no reason why wisdom and inspiration won't serve equally well. So we have tweaked the work of the Cauldron of Motion to be more broadly applicable to the 'vocation' of whoever might undertake the work. "F'o topar tomseo,"f'o atrab n-insce,"f'o comair coimseo"con-utaing firse."

Good is the well of poetry,good is the dwelling of speech,good is the union of power and masterywhich establishes strength.


The first two phases of the sequence are performed, the Two Powers are settled into a clear flow in the self, and she establishes herself in her Center. With the Two Powers established in your body, establish thebeginning with your loins.

Envision the Cauldron of Warming low in your Three Cauldrons, belly, see it made of iron, or stone heated by the fire below. intone the name:


"Envision the combined Light and Shadow flowing into your Cauldron of Warming. As it does, open your awareness to your body. Become aware of your flesh and bone, blood and belly and brain, seeking an awareness of your health and wholeness, and, by will, seeing yourself as hale and well in every part."

"Envision the Cauldron of Vocation in the heart. See it made of silver and gold, heated be the fire in your heart. Intone the name:"


"Let the Powers flow into the Cauldron of Movement, and feel your awareness open to your daily life and work, to the deeds and events of your life. Become aware of your place in the world, among kin and folk and the wide world. From the center that is the Cauldron see the webs of relationship and mutuality that hold your life together. See them made strong, whole and helpful."

"Envision the Cauldron of Wisdom in your head. See it made of crystal and amber, lit and warmed by the fire above. Intone the name:"


"Let the Two Powers flow into the Cauldron of Wisdom, and open your spirit to your spiritual way and work. As the Fire and Water fill the Cauldron open your mind to the sources of divine awareness in your life. Feel your Allies draw close, and the Divine In You shine and flow, filling you with the Mead of Inspiration."

"As you wish, and as you are able, let your mind rest in balance between these three Cauldrons. Broaden your attention to allow the three sets of images to flow and intertwine. In this weaving there may be things to be learned. Understand that these Cauldrons are always in you, always turned or turning, just as the Two Powers always flow in you. Rest and work in this state as long as you like. Conclude with a prayer or gesture of thanks and closure."

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Herbert William Magoun - The Asuri Kalpa A Witchcraft Practice Of The Atharva Veda
John Dee - The Practice Of Enochian Evocation

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Black Passion Lust Spell

Black Passion Lust Spell Cover Gather together some rose petals, a red candle, Black Passion incense (we used spiritual Sky brand,) and an athame. If you don't have an athame to draw energy, just do it the usual way. Phoenix casted the circle using the Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram, and we casted the circle in rose petals. Then, we said...

"The circle is cast, and we are now between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day,
birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one. it is in this place that we invoke the tantric powers of Hecate."

Then we drew Hecate within ourselves through a few moments of meditation, and continued...

"And now, we are as one.
So Mote It Be!"

Then raise energy. Put the candle in the circle's center. Light it together,
visualizing your lust into the candle. Say the subject's name, then say:

"And now, the spell will be cast.
I, _______, cast a spell of lust over _______.
Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams
of unbridled lust and passion for me,
who is his/her Brother/Sister in the ocean of time.
So Mote It Be."

Light the candle, and say:

"And as we light this candle,
it is done with no ill consequences to anyone,
including ourselves."

Dismiss, thanks, and close.

You can do this alone, or with someone.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Anonymous - Babylonian And Assyrian Literature
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
Kathryn Paulsen - Witches Potions And Spells