How To Use Good Magic Spells

How To Use Good Magic Spells Cover Good magic is a recent term used to distinguish itself in the public's mind from black magic. In black magic, spells are used completely for the spell caster's benefit at the expense of someone else. In good magic, the spells are usually to help someone else, but some can help the spell caster, although not to the point of hurting someone else.

Instructions How to Use Good Magic Spells

1.Decide what you want and write it down. Keep rewriting this desire into as few words as possible, or even make a symbol of this desire. Keep this paper or memorize it.
2.Choose a time to perform the spell. The best way to time a spell is by the phase of the moon. A waxing moon brings something to you, while a waning moon sends something away. A full moon is great for all-purpose spells. Look at an almanac to determine when the best moon phase will occur.
3.Choose your spell components or ingredients. These can be colors, candles, found objects, natural objects, crystals, spices, herbs, a photograph or figurines. These can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Usually, you pick some object to represent your desire and another to mark the beginning or the ending of the spell.
4.Write down the spell or copy it out of a spell book or a website. Feel free to change a spell as you would a cooking recipie. Write down when you are to perform the spell.
5.Select an undisturbed area where you can perform the spell--a room or a corner of a garden, for example. Some people just do the entire thing inside of their heads. Turn off the phone and make sure others leave you alone. Make sure the spell area is neat, tidy and does not have any distracting smells.
6.Gather your spell materials, your slip of paper with the desire (if needed), your book of shadows (or grimoire) if you have one and the spell instructions.
7.Take a deep breath and believe that the spell will work. Keep that feeling of certainty in your mind as you perform the spell.
8.Make some sort of offering as thanks to the universe. This could be feeding the birds, making a donation to charity or any other good deed that comes along.

Tips And Warnings

- Spells done inside of your head through imagination can often be just as powerful as actually performing the spell. It is good to get used to actually doing spells in order to make your imagination more effective. As you become more experienced in spell craft, you will no longer need to actually perform a ritual. Your wish and your belief that it will work be enough.
- Never do Love Spells to get a specific person to fall in love with you. These always backfire. It's best just to do a spell for love in general. Don't expect instant results like you see on TV shows or the movies. That does not happen. Spells are to be used in conjunction with practical activities. For example, if you do a spell to find a job, you do actually have to apply for jobs and go on interviews.

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