A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft

A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft Cover

Book: A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft by Silver Ravenwolf

This book reflects deep insight and years of practice by a serious, working Witch. Not light hearted. A huge leap away from basic "Wicca 101". Discussions on the demands and rewards of spiritual progression are one of the many highlights in this book along with research into the science of Magic (sorry, I refuse to spell it with a "K", the same as I refuse to accept the idea of Ebonics as a proper form of the English language) by touching on the area of Quantum Physics. If there has ever been any misunderstanding of this author, they are cleared up here.

What if you could peek inside the journal of a skilled and powerful Wiccan and read all about her exciting forays into the Craft? What if that Witch was the ever-popular Silver RavenWolf? Silver's own pearls of wisdom gained along the bumpy road to spiritual enlightenment can be found in A Witch's Notebook. This hands-on guide is designed to work from moon to moon-leading students through five months of spiritual advancement. In discussing cleansing, sacred symbols, renewed spirituality, and magickal ingredients, Silver urges Wiccans to step outside the usual confines of witchcraft and explore other belief systems. This book also includes exercises, spells, and herbal information to assist in forging one's own unique spiritual path.

I hugged the book when I was finished. Finally a book written by someone who has walked the walk and has knowledge of the occult that far surpasses the boundaries of what Wicca is today. Applause! Not a typical Llewellyn book calling on friends to gather and klink athames and have a potluck.
For the serious student of WitchCraft.

While it is commonplace to associate Witchcraft with spells and herbal remedies, it's not every day you hear a witch not only proclaim that the premise of magick lies in quantum physics, but then go on to describe what quantum physics is and how magick is its natural function. RavenWolf, writer and lifelong practitioner of the Craft, offers readers a window into her personal chronicles about becoming a witch, enlivening these with fascinating explanations about the relationship between Wicca and Zen Buddhism, instructions for incorporating symbols from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch quilting patterns into spells, and a discussion of how belief in the Saints is similar to the Wiccan practice of "walking with spirits." Designed as a five-month study guide for embarking on a spiritual journey, RavenWolf guides readers step by step and with painstaking (though necessary) detail through the central rituals within Wicca, consistently reassuring readers with her depth of knowledge and personal experience. While most of the time her prose is delightful and inviting, (filled with insights like: "Witchcraft is divine alchemy—a philosopher's stone for the modern world") it occasionally digresses into overly casual language that detracts from the general flow. Overall, RavenWolf has written a wonderful guidebook for readers who are serious about beginning a Wiccan spiritual journey, complete with an extensive herbal and spell guide.

I recently lost all my possesions in a life changeing event. I lost everything and when time came to begin to rebuild, of all the books I lost I knew that Silver Ravenwolf was one I would replace. I had at one time collected all her work and guide books, but financially I can not replace them all now so I chose this one. It has it all, the basics, the wisdom, the strength of belief to continue on. This dear lady does know what she is talking about and she does provide practical and useful rituals and advice that will help anyone looking into the craft as a pathway to higher powers. One day I will replace all the books I had, but until then this one does meet all my needs. Thanks Silver for a compact and generous contrubition to this womans life.

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The Alchemy Of Abundance Practical Money Magic

The Alchemy Of Abundance Practical Money Magic Cover

Book: The Alchemy Of Abundance Practical Money Magic by Lisa Mcsherry

Lisa McSherry is the author of Magickal Connections and The Virtual Pagan. The owner of Facing North.

Actively explore your feelings about, and history with, money, finances and abundance. You can do this utilizing lucid dreaming, or by creating guided visualizations that reveal unconscious attitudes. The technique that helped me most has been writing a money autobiography. I spent three months writing about all of my dealings with money, from childhood until the present. From childhood gifts (given and received) to being the “poor girl” in young adulthood, right up to my current spending habits, I documented everything I could remember about how I interact with money.

This exercise taught me that money was a key element in my habitual self-depreciation — and, further, that this attitude literally kept me poor. Spending the time to journal it all and then reading over the narrative was a painful shock, but it forced me to start making changes in those negative attitudes. One of the most important things I did was evaluate my real worth to my employer and ask for a huge raise — which I got! I taught myself to eliminate negative self-talk like, “I’ll never make more than X dollars a year” or “I’ll never have enough money to go to Europe.” Instead of visualizing what I couldn’t have, I began to spend time visualizing what I would do with all of the abundance that was going to manifest. My journals detailed my “perfect” house and “dream” trips to far-away places. Many of those items I’ve already crossed off, because it turns out that the universe can provide you with what you ask even when it looks impossible. (It doesn’t always offer up cash!)

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Wicca The Complete Craft

Wicca The Complete Craft Cover

Book: Wicca The Complete Craft by Dj Conway

It's hard to imagine a more comprehensive or well-written resource for students of Wicca than Wicca: The Complete Craft. D.J. Conway, whose earlier books include Moon Magick and The Celtic Dragon Tarot, speaks about the Wicca religion with seasoned authority, making this one of the best guidebooks on the market. She begins with an overview of Wicca, explaining its historical roots and dispelling common assumptions. For example, the practice of magic is not the focus of Wiccan religion, just a sideline, she notes. Conway also possesses a strong voice of integrity. Unlike some fad-feeding authors, she discourages teens from becoming involved in wiccan magic without the explicit approval of their parents. In fact, even advises teens to avoid the practice of magic altogether, since "the vast majority of teenagers lack the life experience or emotional maturity to deal correctly with the ethics involved with magic." This sort of ethical vigilance is carried throughout the book. Conway offers over 500 pages worth of lessons and rituals, including the making of a witch (expect to study at least a year and a day), developing psychic abilities, protection and self-defense, puberty rites, breaking spells, astral projection, magical herbs, and ritual tools. This is the book for beginners, and is certainly a respectable resource for more mature witches.

While this book certainly is not "the definitive" wiccan book (as if there was such a thing), it certainly offers a wealth of information about this ancient religion. This book was mentioned to me as a great place to learn more about "the Craft," in fact the person who first told me about it called it a "Wiccan textbook." While someone not new to Wicca may find this book covers a lot of material mentioned elsewhere, someone new to this as I am will find this book fascinating.

What I liked about this book was that it provides a very nice overall reference to Wicca, which as someone new to this religion is something very important to me. There is a tremendous amount of information in this book, in fact at times it was almost overwhelming. Among areas covered are examples of rituals for various Sabats, handfasting, and Drawing Down the Moon and Sun, herbs, essential oils, candles, words and terms used in Wicca, pantheons of Gods and goddesses of different cultures, nature spirits, and so on. Reading through this book gave me a sense that the information contained within it can be a source of "great power" if used correctly.

Popular pagan author D. J. Conway introduces readers to the religion of Wicca, or witchcraft, and dispels many common misconceptions about it. Conway offers a comprehensive overview of Wiccan philosophy and tenets and provides a useful primer for practicing Wicca as a spiritual guide. Wicca is an ancient nature religion that teaches respect for others as well as responsibility for one's actions. Conway emphasizes that it is not associated with cults, devil worship, or animal sacrifice. Wiccans believe in the sanctity of all life and recognize a dual deity, both a goddess and a god. Included are chapters on sacred space, ritual tools, holy days, meditations and visualizations, spells and the art of spell casting, as well as terms used in Wicca.

As I said before, this may not be "the one true Wiccan book," and those with some knowledge may already know most of what in here, but still I found it to be an excellent guide to Wicca.

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Stop Negative Feelings In A Crowd

Stop Negative Feelings In A Crowd Cover
Spell to Stop Negative Feelings while in a crowd

If you are in a crowd of People and for some reason a negative feeling or
Thought comes to you and you cannot get away from the situation, simply find a
piece of paper. It can be any type of paper. I have even used a napkin while I
was at a restaurant once. Then very quietly, take the piece of paper and make
three small tears somewhere on the paper. As you tear the paper, in your
mind's eye see the negative feelings being torn away. Take a deep breath and
allow positive feelings to surface. Very quietly, place the torn paper on some
other surface away from you. Being very discrete is apart of the magick. No
one will ever know that you just stopped negative energy being sent to you. It
will return back to them. Then, continue with the laughter, love, and light of
being around the crowd.

Copyright (c) 1996, The Divine Light.
Revised -- May 28, 1996 [The Divine Light]

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Why Spells Work Sometimes And Sometimes Not

Why Spells Work Sometimes And Sometimes Not Cover
Oh yes... I get so many letters asking why didn't this spell work for me? Or is this stuff real? ( I hate that one the worst! ) Or how long is it going to take for it to work? Here I will try to answer those questions to clear the air so that maybe you will read this and I won't have to answer more e-mails by the hundreds.

Why do spells work and sometimes they don't work? There are many things that contribute to a spell or ritual work properly and not one thing alone. All of the following combined together is what will make a Spell, Hex or Curse work and work good.

* The proper Moon phase
* The proper Planetary Hour and Day
* The proper materials and supplies
* The mental condition of the Practitioner
* The will of the Universe
* The experience of the practitioner
* The Magical Energy built up by the Practitioner
* Your belief in the magic you are working
* The proper Spell

1. The Moon phase... The proper Moon phase is one of the keys to success in Spell casting. There are many Spells that I do on the night of the Full Moon for maximum effect and potency just as farmers may plant there seedlings during the Full Moon. The Moon effects everything and can effect our moods and actions. Ever notice that people seem to be more wound up and crazy during the Full Moon? I see it all the time.
There are four phases of the Moon... New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and the Waning Moon. Each of these phases has a 7 day period for doing your Magical workings. If you add these phases up, you come up with the 28 day lunar month. The time period for each phase is... 3 days before to 3 days after. This gives you plenty of time to plan and do you Spell casting. Not everyone can plan on doing Magic on one certain day, so this opens the window of opportunity for those of you who have a busy schedule.
Here is what the different phases are normally used for in Magic.

New Moon - This phase is very similar to the Waning Moon and used to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon - This phase is for doing Spells that might increase your gain such as money, power or other material things.

Full Moon - This the phase where I do my most important spells. For my beliefs are that my Magic is much more powerful during this phase. Most people like my friends only consider the Full Moon the actual day that it is the fullest and marked on the calendar. They do not know that the Moon has the same influence for a seven day period. Once again I personally prefer to work on the night of the Full Moon, at its fullest.

Waning Moon - This phase is normally for Spells that do away with things or make things go away. Such as making an enemy go away or a bad spirit or slander along with many other things.

2. The proper materials and supplies... These are so very important, for one must have all the proper things needed for a spell. You may possibly need herbs, colored candles, Voodoo Dolls, oils and of coarse the proper spell. The herbs, colored candles and oils are specific ones that are associated with that type of spell. In other words they have a vibration that is related to the what you are trying to accomplish. For instance if you are doing a love spell you would not want to use green candles... you would want to use red candles and if you were doing a money spell you would not want to use red candles... you would use green. For Candles you can go to my Candle Magic page to see what color corresponds to what need. For oils and herbs there are many other sites out there and books that will tell you what what corresponds to what. For Voodoo Dolls you can make you own out of wax or cloth material. It doesn't have to look like the victim because you are going to visualize it as being the victim. There may be a need for a Dagger to trace magical symbols in the air. Daggers can be purchased online quite easily. If you cannot find the supplies you need in your town the I suggest you look online at Avatar Search.

3. The mental condition of the Practitioner... This is also very important. You must be in the right state of mind. If you are trying to do a love spell, you must have the emotion of love for that person to project out into the universe in order for it to manifest. In other words you cannot be angry or depressed when doing the love spell. The same goes for Black Magic Hexes and so forth... you must be worked up into rage or a very hate filled mood to project hate at the Victim. You cannot expect a Hex to work on someone if you are in a Jolly mood when performing the spell. Your mind must be in sync with the type of Spell you are doing. Plus you must believe in your work and not have doubts. How can you expect a spell to work if you don't believe in them but you want to try them just to see if they do work. You will get nothing from that.
4. The will of the Universe... Many of you ask... well how long will it take to work? That is up to the Universe as to when it will manifest. It could be a couple days or it could take weeks or a couple months. There have been many times I have done spells an had no quick results and then POOF! Two months later it happens! I had almost forget about it. So be patient and have faith in your workings. Positive thinking = positive outcome.
5. The experience of the Practitioner... The person casting the spells should have some experience or at least some good study and practice. Many of you out there, especially the younger ones expect that you can do a spell for the first time with no knowledge of how they work or why and have studied the Occult none whatsoever. I strongly advise you to study all aspects of the Occult and practice, practice, practice. Dabblers will get no where except hurt. Remember the more you practice Magic and do certain Rituals the more you will build up your powers and therefore be more potent in your spells.
6. The Magical Energy built up by the Practitioner... This is one way to add potency to your Spells and Hexes. I am a Sorcerer and not a Witch so I will tell you what I do. I use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram and the Middle Pillar Ritual. They serve to protect me and they build up my Aura and my Psychic and Magical powers. This covers all my grounds when doing Spells and makes me glow with power! I know there are many different Rituals out there according to what you believe in so find the ones that suite your beliefs and get to work on them everyday of your life and you will see a difference in the quality of your life and the potency of youR Magical doings.

7. Your belief in the magic you are working... You must believe in your magical workings. If you don't, how can you expect them to work. You must have faith, be patient and you must believe! So many of you want to try some spells first to see if they work and then you'll decide to believe. That's not the way to do it! If you do not believe in the Occult and Magic... then I suggest you stay away from it. Word to the wise... Magic is not a game or something to just Dabble in or play with. Magic is a way of life.

8. The proper Spell... Let's face it... you must have a good spell. Some of the spells out there are pure crap and some are really good. Some spells may work better for you than others, so experiment and keep a journal of your workings so that you will know which ones work best for you and which ones don't. Also just because a spell doesn't work for you doesn't mean that it is no good... you may have not been the right state of mind or maybe you didn't have the proper materials. All the above things on this page come into play. So like I said... keep a journal and find the Spells that work for you!

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Finding That Which Is Lost

Finding That Which Is Lost Cover FINDING THAT WHICH IS LOST

You may burn incense make of herbs that symbolize finding lost things. For added
emphasis, invoke Saint Anthony into the spell.

Bound and binding
Binding bound
See the sight
Hear the sound
What was lost
Now is found
Bound and binding
Binding bound.

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To Help Pay Debts

To Help Pay Debts Cover TO HELP PAY DEBTS

Take the key to a strong box and go to a country crossroads at Midnight during
the full moon. Lay the key in the Middle of the crossroads and walk in a circle
around it three times to the left and three times to the right, chanting:


Take the key home and put it on your key chain.

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Rain Spell

Rain Spell Cover Simply Take a bowl full of water and if you have 2 People sit across
from each other... if it is just you then just put it in front of you.
Make sure you make your Circle then chant over the bowl of water "Water
Nymphs strike the Clouds so rain will fall freely to the ground" while
doing that visualize clouds bursting open and water falling down over
the area you wish for rain. this really works i did it with a friend

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