How To Do White Magic Fire Spells

How To Do White Magic Fire Spells Cover Fire rituals have been around since ancient recorded history. Fire is a powerful symbol of transformation, and can be used, with the proper spiritual education, to supersede emotional blocks and processes that may hinder you. The fire ritual has been used for centuries to release that which no longer feels good, manifest goals and discharge limits that the participant might have so she can create anything that she, with earnest, asks to have in her life. It is easy to perform a white magic fire spell. All you need are a few objects, good intention and a dry match.

Instructions For The White Magic Fire Spell

1.For an outdoor burn, make sure that the ground is clear of debris and that you have made a fire ring with stones to contain the flame. If inside, consider disconnecting your smoke detector as well as opening a window (this last part is so that the smoke that carries your prayers can rise up to the heavens to be heard).
2.Add the sticks, twigs and dry leaves to the urn (or lay them in the fire ring). Place the dry leaves on the bottom of the pile and mix the twigs and the small branches over them. Now add any important objects you deem sacred, like a cross or a rosary, a Buddha statue, gemstones, sage or a special keepsake from your past.
3.Light the fire, then think about what you want to create in your life while you stare into the flame. Allow the hypnotizing essence of watching the fire guide you past your intellectual doubts and cynicism. The fire will soon burn out and turn into white-hot embers.
4.Add herbs to the glowing embers. As the smoke starts to rise, imagine in your mind's eye what it is that you want to improve, what you want to get rid of or what you want to manifest in your life.
5.Say your wishes out loud. For example: "Hear my prayer, (God, higher power, Buddha, etc.). Grant me blessings of joy, happiness, abundance and love." As the smoke rises, your prayers are carried to the heavens to be answered.

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