Black Magic And Spells

Black Magic And Spells Cover There is a story to everything within our world. The same applies to Black Magic and spells. To some they are forbidden. To others they represent evil; and still to others they are an important part of their daily lives and spiritual practices. Learn exactly what Black Magic And Spells really are.

1. Many people don't like to talk about black magic and spells, but the truth is that--because of the mystery and malevolence behind them--these subjects remain debated between religious philosophers and practitioners even today. It is likely that the idea of black magic and spells got started about the same time that people began thinking of gods, the afterlife and a place called Heaven. After all, what are these things without their counterparts? The common idea of modern black magic and spells, though, seems to have taken root beginning with our Celtic forefathers hundreds of years ago. The Celtic religion now known as Wicca, which took form in the pre-Christian paganism in Europe, is known for its very naturalistic way of approaching daily life. Wicca still remains the antithesis to many main stream religions due to its liberal way of practicing and the idea that Wiccans practice some form of Satan worship, when they actually do not.

In addition to roots in the Wiccan religion, black spells and magic are also synonymous with a form of religion called voodoo, which originated in Africa and spread through various parts of West Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. If you would consider any religion the "mutt" of the religious world, then voodoo is certainly the one. Voodoo is generally a mixture of West African beliefs combined with Roman Catholic Christianity, and focuses on the many spirits that operate in our worldly realm.

Black magic and spells are generally assumed to go hand in hand with anything evil, and are used to do harm to another person.

Both Wicca and voodoo require the use of various magic, spells and rituals in their everyday worship. From this comes the mainstream idea that Wicca and voodoo are always associated with black magic and spells, or evil things, and that any spell cast by the Wiccan or voodooist must certainly be black magic. Although there are certainly some who practice black magic and spells, generally speaking both Wicca and voodoo can be considered the type of religions that allow its worshipers to have some sort of control over the outcome of their lives. In many other mainstream religions, it is more about prayer and waiting for God to intervene in their lives.

From this difference comes the fear and loathing of mainstream religions toward Wicca and voodoo, and this is evident in most of our mainstream movies and books today.
2. Black magic and spells used in Wicca, voodoo and offshoots of those religions allow for the practitioners some form of control over their daily lives. Through the use of spells and sometimes black magic, one may affect the outcome of a situation or predicament by speaking the proper incantation after having performed the prerequisites for the spell, which may include fasting, the drawing of a protective circle around the caster of the spell or any other form of readiness. While there are good and bad spells, the use of black magic insinuates doing harm to others for the caster's own gain.
3. There are many types of black magic spells, the majority of which primarily focus on doing harm to someone. Say you were treated unfairly in a recent job fair and lost a new position to one of your peers. There are Black Magic Spells that can be used to cause them to be ill or possibly even have a fatal misfortune. Perhaps someone has cast a black magic spell on you, and you want to go on the offensive in order to keep them at bay. Black magic can also be cast to gain money or otherwise cause a favorable outcome to the caster at the expense of others.
4. The effects of black magic and spells can be devastating to both the caster and the recipient of the spell. For the recipients, they may become ill or have negative thoughts or dreams. The recipients of black magic may suddenly have mental blocks when it comes to solving problems in their lives, and this generally leads to a degrading of well-being for them and possibly even death or financial ruin. For the casters, meddling with black magic can cause harmful forces to be attracted to them, and if the spell backfires, then the casters can find that they are feeling the effects of the spell (or worse) rather than their intended victims.
5. The common misconception is that black magic and spells are the only forms of worship used in voodoo or Wicca. The truth is that these two religions focus on "white magic" or good magic to help them live in peace with their surroundings and with other people. Both religions generally promote a sense of well-being with all living creatures.
6. The benefits of black magic and spells are primarily for the casters of the spell. If the spell is cast correctly, and all prerequisites followed exactly, then there is a chance that the casters' enemies will quickly fall to the wayside and the casters will begin to see doorways opening for them and possibly even some immediate financial gains. The casters may experience feelings of power and invincibility as well.
7. While the use of black magic and spells can render immediate results for the casters, it is not recommended that people go down this path. As soon as someone begins studying and practicing the dark side of Wicca, witchcraft of voodoo, she automatically opens herself up to outside forces that are not too friendly. Like bees to honey, these malevolent forces will flock around the practitioner of black magic, waiting for their chance to create some problems and illnesses of their own.

The best thing to do is stay away from black magic and spells, and focus on the brighter side of these alternative religions.

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