Anger Spell

Anger Spell Cover Anger Spell

This spell needs to be done alongside flowing water - I suggest in a private
corner surrounded by bushes at the side of a stream. Create your circle. Cup a
black stone in your hands and raise it to your forehead, concentrate and send
all your anger into the stone. Do this for as long as you can until you can do
it no longer, then hurl the stone with all your might into the water and say:

"With this stone Anger be gone
Water bind it No-one find it!"

Place your palms upon the ground for a few moments to earth the power and allow
your circle to fade. Now go home and take care of yourself for you may feel
depleted for a while, but you will be better. Alternatively, you may feel great
straight away.

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Protection Spell N6

Protection Spell N6 Cover
"By the dragons light
On this (month) night
I call to thee
To give me your might
By the power of three
I conjure thee
To protect all
That surrounds me
So mote it be
So mote it be!"

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Job Magick

Job Magick Cover There's a simple spell using a green candle and some Tiger Eye stones (along
with any other stones that promote fortune, though this one is the best). First
you clean and cleanse the candle and stones like you would normally do when you
first get them. If you don't know how to do this, we'll tell you. You light the
candle, surround the candle with then stones, and then invision the
circumstances that would achieve the monetary this case, your
husband's job. Look deeply into the flame while doing this, and invision as
clear and strong as you can.

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Some Banishing Spells

Some Banishing Spells Cover

To Banish Illness

Burn a black candle anointed with banishing and burn banishing incense. Concentrate on removing whatever the health problem may be by saying:

" As this candle burns,
So the illness turns,
Melted like this wax,
Cut like with an ax,
Remove and banished,
All disabilities vanished,
As my word you see,
Radiant health blessed be.

Let the candle burn until done.
Then bury ashes from incense and leftover wax.

Banishing Oil

1/2 oz olive oil
15 drops pine oil
12 drops rue oil
7 drops pepper oil
10 drops peppermint oil

Banishment Of Demons: "Lofahom, Solomon, Iyouel, Iyosenaoui"


This is a spell for love gone wrong, for ending a personal, family or business relationship that you no longer wish to be in. It is a fire spell. To work it, gather herbs of protection and an image of the person (photograph, poppet, etc.) Something written in their own hand, a lock of hair, a piece of clothing or a personal object will also do. Put everything into a fireproof container iron cauldron, marble mortar, whatever and set fire to it as you perform the spell. Add the photograph or a piece of paper with the person's name on it if you have trouble getting the fire going. It should make a very satisfactory blaze that reduces to ashes. The ashes can be buried or washed down a drain. Flush them down a toilet if you are very angry. Dispose of all the objects that connect you to the person: gifts, letters, photographs, etc. It is especially important to get rid of jewelry. Move house if you have to. Be careful with this spell. It's permanent, so don't use it unless you really mean forever. It's also powerful. The person I used it against had a pregnant wife, and their child was born with a hole in its heart.

By the crimson and the gold
By basilisk and bloodstone
By the garlic in the fields
By the poppies and what they yield
Invisibly I make my shield
To detect thee and deflect thee
And keep thy harm from me.
By dragon's blood and salamanders
By horses when their hooves strike sparks
By the dragon breathing flames
From the Book of Life I erase thy names
I cut the cords and unlock the chains
I sever all the ties by which we were bound
And with impenetrable walls myself I surround
Against thy power and its source
Against thy evil and its source
Vesta, Pele, Lilith
Kali Kali Kali
I banish thee forever from me
And any harm from thee to me
Doubles back and tables turned
Thou shalt by thyself be burned
Lilith, Vesta, Pele
Kali Ma Kali Ma
By the power of three times three
I banish thee, I banish thee, and I banish thee
I am set free
So mote it be!

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Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication

Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication Cover

Book: Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication by Konstantinos

This could have been "Afterlife Communication for Everyone". It presents detailed descriptions of different ways of talking to people who have died. Four of these seven methods are based on the concept of electronic voice phenomena ['EVP', sometimes called 'ITC']. The other three methods are more traditional spiritualist methods. Konstantinos does not make any assumptions about what the reader may know already -- either about technology or about spirituality. He takes you step-by-step through the whole book.

According to Konstantinos, practicing mystic and occult author, contacting the dead is easier than you might think. All that is required is some basic equipment, an open mind and a willingness to try any or preferably all of the seven methods he sets forth. Unfortunately, a number of the "simple" methods presented here are likely to appeal to only a small subset of technologically savvy amateur occultists. While Konstantinos's first method uses a simple tape recorder to capture "electronic voice phenomena," he soon escalates to using radio static and white noise; by method four, the reader is expected to be experimenting with noise reduction software and positive video feedback loops. Konstantinos's own reports of spirit contact offer little incentive for such heroic efforts; the idea of listening to hours of feedback and white noise on the chance of hearing a barely discernible voice whisper something like "Not solid... more thought, more reality" will probably repel all but the most dedicated seekers. For those who can set aside the suspicion that methods one through four are merely 21st-century updates of the photographic techniques employed by fraudulent or credulous Victorians, the second section, dedicated to more traditional psychic means of contact, is ironically more persuasive. Here Konstantinos's strengthsAhis earnestness, clarity and reasonable manner of explaining techniqueAoffset his somewhat scant presentation. Thanks to these qualities, the book should still find some fans among followers of the paranormal, technologically inclined or not.

Konstantinos opens the book with a short description of the afterlife, which is reminiscent of the descriptions in Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls". Interestingly, Konstantinos then goes on to say that he has studied stage mentalist techniques and he denounces as fakes (without naming names) those mediums who make the talk show circuit giving cold readings. His point of view is that since everyone is able to communicate with deceased spirits for him- or herself, such mediums are unnecessary at best and con men at worst.

Konstantinos then moves on to a brief history of the EVP techniques the first four methods are based on, before presenting his first method for capturing spirit voices on an audio tape recorder. As the later methods are presented, they build on the ones presented earlier. The fourth method describes how to capture images from the afterlife on video tape. Konstantinos takes pains to make sure that readers have realistic expectations about the results of these methods, but he is obviously very enthusiastic about them. He wants readers to try the methods because of the experiences he's had using them.

The last three methods are completely non-technical. These sections cover scrying, "mind to mind" communication, and group communication (i.e., seances). These are so far beyond my experience that my only comments on them are that they make interesting reading and I enjoyed Konstantinos' description of his meeting with the spirit of his great-grandfather, whom he had never met while living.

The real clincher about methodology, though, was Konstantinos' saying that it's sometimes necessary to change the sampling rate to understand the speech. That is, sometimes you need to speed up or to slow down the playback of the recording to understand it. Now, if you can take that kind of liberty to interpret your data - only because "that's what works" - then who knows what you might find in it?

Konstantinos wonders, early in the book, when mainstream science will pick up on EVP techniques. That will never happen until EVP analysis ceases to be subjective. While presenting his EVP methods, he describes how he has used computers in that work. This caused me to wonder what results could be found in his EVP recordings by running them through some decent voice recognition software. Or has this been tried already?

Find Konstantinos's book in
Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication

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Wicca Revealed An Introductory Course In Wicca

Wicca Revealed An Introductory Course In Wicca Cover

Book: Wicca Revealed An Introductory Course In Wicca by Pino Longchild

Wicca Revealed is a complete course in the fundamentals of Wicca. While there are a lot of books that claim to do this, Wicca Revealed does it in a different way. Most of the books that are out there are designed to be worked through in a few weeks. Some offer bits and pieces of Wicca and allow the students to make up a great deal on their own.

Initiatory covens, on the other hand will usually require an individual spend a year or so studying the particular tradition, acquiring knowledge of the various rituals and seasonal celebrations.

Wicca Revealed stands somewhere between these two methods. It’s possible to read the book in a short amount of time, but to work through it as designed, it is a full year course.

For those that are interested, this book goes hand-in-hand with the online course at Magicka School, but could work quite well as a self-study course, or as a text-book for an eclectic coven.

Wicca Revealed consists of twelve chapters, designed to be worked through one chapter per month. The chapters include:

* General Beliefs, Practices and History.
* The Goddess and God of the Witches
* Ceremonial Basics
* Magical Tools and Garb
* The Art of Magic
* Esbats and Moon Magic
* The Lesser Sabbats, Part one: The Solstices
* The Lesser Sabbats, Part Two: The Equinox
* The Greater Sabbats, Part One: Imbolc and Beltane
* The Greater Sabbats, Part Two: Lughnassadh and Samhain
* Wiccan Beliefs about the Levels of Being
* Self Dedication, Initiation and some Final Thoughts

Each chapter includes exercises and research projects designed to improve the student’s knowledge and experience. It’s expected that the student should spend real time with these projects and not simply and quickly push something out. There are a variety of meditations designed to allow the student to experience Wicca rather than merely experience book learning.

The attributions and notes section of each chapter are an important tool in their own right and will permit any serious student of Wicca to build an admirable occult library. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone work through Wicca Revealed without consulting what resources are outlined in the notes that they have access to. The texts referenced in the notes are some of the most important and well-written literature in Paganism.

Wicca Revealed does one thing that I’ve not seen in most other books about Wicca. It presents challenges to Wicca that one who wishes to practice this religion is likely to encounter. It challenges the student to understand these criticisms and to consider them. It’s in facing these criticisms that one is best able to determine if Wicca, indeed, is the path one truly wishes to follow.

Wicca Revealed is not a text for the casual student. It’s not a book for those who have watched "The Craft" and want to be witches. It’s not light reading, but it’s not unapproachable. It should be easy to understand by anyone with a legitimate high-school education. Wicca Revealed is a bit more challenging than Cunningham’s "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" and far more in depth than Ravenwolf’s "To Ride a Silver Broomstick". Then again, it fulfills a different purpose than either of these.

Pino Longchild seems to have done something that I’ve not seen in other books on Wicca. He’s managed to put into print the essence of an initiatory form of Wicca; something that offers the substance of an initiatory coven’s training to those who may not have access to a teaching coven.

If you are going to use this book as intended, I would only recommend one diversion from the way it is laid out. I would do chapters 1-6 in order. With Chapters 7-10, however, unless you are working through the program online, I would try to celebrate the Sabbats at the appropriate times. If one of these is approaching while you are working through the first six chapters, read ahead a bit and do what you can to celebrate these at their appointed time. You can always leave the exercises for when you actually work the particular chapter, but during your first year, it’s important to at least try to celebrate the festivals when they come about.

That, perhaps is the greatest difference between this book and working in a coven. Many covens will have a student start their period of study at a specific point during the year and learn the craft in a certain order. With Wicca Revealed, the author does not know when an individual is beginning, so it’s impossible to describe the Sabbats in such an order. So, when they come about, and if you’ve got the book, skip ahead a little and understand what it is that is being celebrated during your first year of study.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a marvelous self-study introduction to Wicca Wicca Revealed certainly will fit the bill. Being marketed through Lulu, you can purchase the book for a very reasonable fee, or you can download it in the even less-expensive electronic format. And while the book itself is a marvelous work, if you’re at all able to do use it, the online course, through the interaction with other students on the message boards can bring you as close to a coven-based course of study that you can get without being an actual member of a coven.

Download Pino Longchild's eBook: Wicca Revealed An Introductory Course In Wicca

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How To Seduce Someone With A Love Spell

How To Seduce Someone With A Love Spell Image


Okay, so the words from the Song of Solomon may not work on today's women in public; however, we hoodoo folk know how powerful that book is in love conjure work. It packs a punch!

Today is Valentine's Day and it's the one day of the year we can openly burn red candles and sprinkle rose petals around without anybody knowing we are conjuring us some lovin'!

So I thought I would share a love work using the Song of Solomon.


This work can be used by women or gay men to draw their lover to them. For this work one can use "come to me" spiritual supplies, such as oil, incense, and powder, but it's not necessary.




Fresh Rose Petals


Patchouli or Cinnamon Sticks


*Red Candle

*Come To Me Spiritual Supplies


If you want to use the candle and spiritual products then go ahead and carve the person's name in the candle and then dress it with come to me oil. Burn it on top of a photo of the beloved. Burn come to me incense and sprinkle a circle of come to me powder around the candle.

Into a bowl place fresh rose petals, lavender, and patchouli. Patchouli will draw your lover to you. If you don't have patchouli then add a stick of cinnamon. Add water to the bowl to cover the items. Pray the verses below over the bowl three times and then allow the bowl to sit overnight.

Song Of Solomon 3: 1-5

1 By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

2 I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

3 The watchmen that go about the city found me: to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul loveth?

4 It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go, until I had brought him into my mother's house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.

5 I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.

Now, at dawn rise and take the mixture and sprinkle it from your front porch or front door back to your bedroom. Walk backwards and call his name as you sprinkle the mixture. If you want to make it stronger, you can start sprinkling the mixture from the nearest crossroads back to your house. When you get to your bedroom you will sprinkle the mixture on your bed. With the remaining water you need to dress your bed posts and then dress yourself. Be sensual when you dress yourself and pay close attention to the parts of your body you want your lover to pay attention to! He will come to you.





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Reverse A Curse


What you need:
1 White Candle
1 black candle (should be smaller then the white one)
1 glass jar
1 toothpick
two pie pans
A small Mirror

Put the white candle in one pan and the black in the other. Light each candle.
As the candles burn, chant the following and push your energy into the candles:

"I burn these candles, one white, one black
To reverse the curse of ___persons name___ attack.
I call to the wind to blow the curse back!
I call to the sun to burn him/her with his/her own attack!
I call to the trees to make the curse grow! I call to the air to make the curse
follow where ever he/she shall go!
I am a mirror and I reflect the curse back!

Now you must wait and let the candles burn until there is no candle left. While
you are waiting, take the mirror and wrap it in the cloth and tie shut. Smash
the cloth until the mirror is broken. When the black has burned down, pour the
black wax into the jar and let dry. Using the toothpick, inscribe his/her name
into the black.

Open the cloth and put the broken mirror pieces on top (throw the cloth away).
Pour the white candle wax on top of the glass and let cool. Using the tooth
pick, inscribe the following: I am protected as long as the white covers the
black. Close the jar tightly and bury in a safe place. As long as the white
covers the black you should be protected from any curses he/she put(s) on you
and the affects should go back to that person. I hope this helps.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Anonymous - Healing Gemstones And Crystals
Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Roman Tertius Sibellius - De Vermis Mysteriis
Aleister Crowley - Rosa Coeli

How To Put Up A Sleep Circle

How To Put Up A Sleep Circle Cover
Face the direction of the head of the bed. (Say it is at the North) With your fingers trace a Pentagram in the air. Turn to the East and repeat. Same with South and West. Using your mind, set each Pentagram in flames. With your fingers, trace a flaming line from each Pentagram, until you have four Pentagrams and a circle glowing around you. Connect North to South circling over and under you. Same with East and West. You are now enclosed in a globe of Pentagrams and lines that are glowing. This circle can be set up just around your bed, or can be extended to include your house and property. It will dissipate by dawn and you can walk through it without causing problems if necessary (like to go to the bathroom).

This ritual is great for a lot of things besides just going to sleep :). It's a particularly powerful form of banishing/cleansing ritual both for an area and yourself.

Sleep circle:

Fifteen years' worth of students doing psychic stuff out there -- not a single one harmed while sleeping in a circle. Several were troubled when they forgot or neglected to circle the bed, tho...

Oh, for those of you severely into doggerel, it goes:

Conjure circle round the bed
Where I lay my weary head
That in its gold and silver light
I will spend a peaceful night.
So Mote It Be.

Recommended books (free to download):

John Yarker - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences
William Frederick Poole - Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft

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Focus The Energy

Focus The Energy Image
All psychic and magical activity uses zee energy that is transformed and directed through the chakras. Sometimes, usually under very emotional circumstances, this can happen unconsciously. For instance, the truly heartfelt prayer of someone in great need or danger can focus the energy with miraculous results, but for most magical purposes the zee must be directed through the chakras consciously. Practicing the Chakra Activation Technique will make it much easier to do this.

When one feels a strong emotional reaction to another person or situation, a sudden rush of love, joy, protection, sorrow, fear or intense dislike, the feeling is not just in the mind but is felt in other parts of the body such as the chest or the pit of the stomach. Learn to take note of these feelings, and you will find that they originate in one or more of the chakra areas.

The Gypsy knows that these raw emotions are powerful stuff when directed properly, especially love and hate. That is why a Gypsy curse or blessing is so effective.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Hermes Trismegistus - Book Iv The Key
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Evil Clergyman

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Anger Relavation Spells

Anger Relavation Spells Cover
What are some anger relevation spells?

Symbolic baneful actions are also cathartic actions. They drain and clear
our poisonous feelings and allow our own emotional healing to begin. If we
deny ourselves this outlet, what happens to the grief and pain and rage?

I am part of the All. "An it harm none" is about me too. Release of my
feelings is my right.

At first it seems like an insoluble paradox. But the same Understanding of
magic that forbids Projection of our bad feelings can open a safe channel
for those feelings. Here's one possible form:

1/ Understanding
Think about the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer "Grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference." People of any religion can
recognize the wisdom in these words. This ritual is intended to ease
emotional pressure. I believe that is a step towards granting all three of
those things to ourselves. If your hurt is ongoing, take steps to stop
it...What good this Circle does you will be temporary at best if you are
not acting on both the magical and material planes... Prevention and
healing are human tasks; to do them is to change the things we can change.
Justice - the evening of karmic balances - is the business of the Gods, and
may take place across a span of many lifetimes. Karmic balance is not a
thing we can change.

2/ Set Up
* You have some decisions to make. 1: Whether you will work alone or ask
one or more trusted friends to witness and facilitate your working. 2.
Nest, exactly what kind of symbolic action will release your feelings? Will
kicking a pillow suffice, or do you need to make a poppet, or will
screaming work? If you want to work with a physical symbol, prepare it in
advance. Do not use anything you will want to keep after the rite or ever
use again. 3: Figure out whether you can cast a Circle to include your
bathroom, or leave a cast Circle for a period of time. If possible, have a
warm scented tub waiting for you. If not, a basin of warm scented water and
a washcloth within easy reach just outside your Circle will suffice. Also,
a ritual meal, including Something green and growing, and something sweet,
should be prepared and waiting just outside the Circle.

3/ Procedure
Waning moon is a good time, and the Dark of the Moon is even better. Cast
the Circle and invoke the Watchers in your usual manner. Call on the Crone,
on She who weeds and prunes and disposes of the obstructive and

Just inside the Circle, like a membrane in an eggshell, cast a grounding
shield. One possible image for this shield would be a black absorptive
chain link fence, supported at regular intervals by fence posts that are
lightning rods. Whatever happens within this space will be grounded.

Make clear to yourself what you wish to drain. Say it aloud, even if you
are alone. Recall what happened to you in detail and let the feelings grow

Now let go of your feelings. Do whatever will help you to release what is
in you. Beat on a pillow or rip up a doll. Scream till you cry. Don't stop
till you are emptied. Then fling the thing you used as a symbol out of the

When you are sure you are all done, all drained, contract the shield into a
tight ball in the center of the Circle. As it contracts, it will gather the
negative energy from the Circle. Ground it. Affirm that you are sending
this energy to the fire at the heart of the Earth to be purified in that
blast furnace and cycled to wherever strong energy is needed. Know that
what you now let go is gone. Affirm this vocally.

Wash or bathe in ritual manner, feeling the last traces of your bad
feelings dissolve away. If others are present, allow them to wash and serve

Rest for a few minutes. Feel the peace of emptiness.

Then invoke the Maiden's energy for new beginnings. Have the ritual feast,
and indulge your senses. Gentle and joyful music would be effective, and
you may wish to switch to a sweeter smelling incense. This is a time to
dream dreams and plan plans. You have removed an energy drain from your
life, and you can.......?

Thank and dismiss whatever Beings you have called on, throughout the whole
ritual. Close your Circle as usual. Do not do any other kinds of working or
worship within this particular Circle.

Follow Through:

The final part of any effective magical working is "acting in accordance"
on the material plane. By doing this we give the magic a channel through
which to manifest. For this working, there are three forms of follow
through, and all are important.

1/ Remember that painful feelings are partly habitual. Stop feeding the
habit. Don't talk about the pain with anybody until at least the second
full moon after the working. This gives the habit the chance to fade out.
Eliminate the topic from your internal dialogue as well. Thinking about
action to change your life is perfectly ok; the problem is reiteration
about the old feelings of frustration and helplessness that impede change.

2/ If the hurtful situation is current and ongoing, continue with any steps
you were taking to change the things you can change. In fact, you will
probably find you have more energy than you did before to devote to your

3/ Be sure to use some of your newly freed emotional energy to reward
yourself. Take time for friendship, love, and pleasure. The object of the
exercise is to clear space for the enjoyment of life, so start right now.

(by Judy Harrow, HPs, Proteus Coven)

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - International
Anonymous - Hypnotism Spells
Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells.pdf
Kathryn Paulsen - Witches Potions And Spells
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells

Spell To Bring Spirits

Spell To Bring Spirits Cover
This is a spell that has been translated from irish/celtic's origins are not none for certain..the spell is as follows:

Sit in a circle...

west chant: obey these words of power
east chant: watchers of the threshold, watchers at the gate
north chant: unbar the guarded door
south chant: obey this command of this servant of power

Chant this three times.
The spell will bring the spirits of the world to you to serve as a guide to you and your coven.

Recommended books (free to download):

Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of Osiris
Aleister Crowley - Sepher Sephiroth
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells

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Money Spell With Smartweed

Money Spell With Smartweed Cover To find money, one should make a conjure bag Containing a magnetic horseshoe,
and a lodestone to attract and draw wealth to you, and some smartweed
to enable you to see how to capture it and hold it Without being led astray
by unprofitable distractions or foolish delays. Feed your money bag
with a sprinkle of Gold Magnetic Sand every Third day
until you find the amount you need..

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - One Star In Sight
Walter Scott - Demonology And Witchcraft
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Life Spells
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Bath Spells

To Speed Up Time


Draw a pentacle on your left hand using a blessed red pen. Visualize a sand
clock as you draw.

Now put your left hand on your forehead or third eye, and say:

Sands of time show me thy way
Turn the nights into days
Rose petals so light and grace
Speed up time now in this place.

The spell will last for 24 hours or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or
washed, so try not to let your hands get sweaty.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Shunned House
Stephen William Hawking - Space And Time Warps
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Shadow Out Of Time

Angel Trap

Angel Trap Cover The purpose of the angel trap is to capture and dissolve any 'angels' created on
the astral by the fundamentalists to seek out and harass anyone that does not
share their religious beliefs.

The Angel Trap was originally published in Green Egg. The author's name is
Frater Scientibus. The author of this version is Julie Waters. She changed it
slightly and made it her own.

* I have added an extra instruction at the beginning and it works wonderfully
for me.

You will need:

a clean jar with a tight lid
soapy water
kosher salt
paint (black, red and yellow)
sealing wax
a lighter or matches


* With your black paint, paint X's all around the middle of the jar. They don't
have to be large to be effective. When that is dry, paint an X on the bottom of
the jar. Let dry. The purpose of the X's is this: when the angels get trapped in
the jar, they will look for a way out. There will be none. They will have no
choice but to dissolve. They will also know never to bother you again for they
will know what the consequences will be.

Pour the soapy water into the jar, swirl it around coating all sides. Pour the
water back out.

Slowly pour the salt into the jar. Turn the jar at an angle to coat all sides.
While this is drying, paint the lid black. Let dry.

Next, take the lid and paint a pentagram on the top of it using the red paint.

When that is dry, paint a spiral in the center of the pentagram using the yellow
paint. Visualize this spiral as being a pathway into the center of the jar.

When the spiral is dry, carefully put the lid back on the jar making sure not to
dislodge the salt.

Use the wax to seal the jar.

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Spirituality And Gender

Spirituality And Gender Cover

Book: Spirituality And Gender by John Nash

A major crisis in the world today concerns women and spirituality. Women everywhere are experiencing a rapid expansion in Consciousness that has opened up new avenues to self-expression and fulfillment. From the limited fields of the home, teaching, and nursing, women now enjoy opportunities in virtually every field of endeavor: the professions, politics, the military, business, manufacturing and construction industries, entertainment, sports, and many other areas. Although they have met some resistance, the response from male colleagues to women's entry into these fields has been overwhelmingly positive. For the most part, men are readily sharing in women's consciousness-raising. Government and industry leaders stress the contribution that this previously untapped human resource can make to growth and prosperity. Today's women can do anything men can do, outside the realms of physical sex and religion.

Women have long been welcome in organized religion in service roles. Nuns could teach in schools and nurse the sick, female parishioners could arrange flowers on the altar, women could teach children and other women in Sunday school and could serve as volunteers in the great many jobs needed to keep a church operating. Now women are knocking on the seminary doors and demanding entry to the ministry. Some Christian denominations have admitted women to the ministry on an equal footing to men--in a few cases even to senior ranks such as bishop. Reform Judaism welcomes women to the rabbinate, and women have made some inroads into the priesthood of Hindu and Buddhist temples. However, other Christian denominations and Islam adamantly refuse even to discuss the issue of female ordination. After all, as the fundamentalists are quick to point out, it was through women that sin came into the world. Furthermore, the Savior/Prophet was male, so that's that.

For much longer, women have played a distinct spiritual role, although this role has received scant support from male-oriented society. The goddess culture of ancient times was destroyed by patriarchal invaders, notably the Hellenic Greeks. Priestesses and vestal virgins continued to play a significant role in religious life during the Greek and Roman periods, although large numbers are reported to have been raped or murdered. Others went to war, often fighting to the death or taking their own lives before they could be captured.

In the later Christian era, a few women, like Hildegard of Bingen and Theresa of Avilla were revered as mystics, but many more, including Joan of Arc, were burned at the stake. Historians attribute much of the appeal of Medieval Witchcraft to women's unfulfilled saccerdotal ambitions. Even today, Wicca attracts women who might in other circumstances be attracted to the priesthood available to their male counterparts.

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The Earth Path Grounding Your Spirit In The Rhythms Of Nature

The Earth Path Grounding Your Spirit In The Rhythms Of Nature Cover

Book: The Earth Path Grounding Your Spirit In The Rhythms Of Nature by Starhawk

Fans and followers of Starhawk (The Spiral Dance; etc.), a founding member of the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, will welcome her latest offering. Well organized, each chapter contains reminiscences of personal and group experiences, exercises and suggestions for prayer and ritual. Many of her tenets apply not only to those interested in the practice of Wicca but to readers seeking a better understanding of the world around them: "Once we have learned to hear, then we can begin to understand. And only after we understand do we begin to speak, to intervene." Yet she astutely cautions: "To change a drum rhythm in a group of drummers, you first have to match it and join with it. But when you are within a system, part of the whole, that system is also changing you. It is difficult to maintain your own rhythm and not simply become part of what you are trying to change." Starhawk presents an array of exercises and practices for sharpening observation and listening skills. She engages readers' spirits and minds through her illustrative storytelling, offering ways to communicate more fully with the world and suggesting ways to act. While those unfamiliar with her passion for protest may find themselves distracted by the all-too-frequent appearance of her political soapbox, they will appreciate her tools for connecting with nature.

This book represents Starhawk's return to that idea, resurrecting the feeling of living in harmony with the Earth and respecting Our Mother as we should. With this book, Starhawk wants to show us that we need to be more than just "aware".

The book looks at our connection with magic, the four elements we work with and how it relates to our beliefs and to the earth and its ecology. The book is filled with stories of her recent workings. It discusses how we connect with each of the elements in nature and provides meditations on the earth, the elements and finding our own place of balance in this world. And all of this is deeply rooted in Goddess Spirituality.

This is a book on personal responsibility to protecting the earth's delicate ecology. This is a book on earth based spirituality. This book is about magic. This is a book about Starhawk and how she has been dealing with all these issues. This is a book about finding where you fit into this whole equation.

As I read through this book, I found myself agreeing with some of the material that Starhawk was discussing. I also found myself disagreeing on some points. This books intention is to raise personal response. As you read the material that Starhawk provides for the mediations and then work through the meditations, the idea is to reflect on your own connections to these ideas, and the workings are meant to provoke personal response. Each person's response will be different, though the material provided for meditation is meant to focus you on specific ideas.

There are many personal stories told by Starhawk about her recent involvement in political actions. Each of these stories, be it the fire protection ritual she is involved with in the opening of the book, or her research about genetically engineered seeds and the World Trade Organization, we see Starhawk's view on personal responsibility carried to many different levels. While there is much here that should be reviewed and her resources for the information provided is extensive (her Select Bibliography is impressive as well) it is up to the individual as to how this affects each of us and how involved we want to be with the processes that Starhawk discusses.

This is a book that combines Starhawk's personal path of spirituality with her own personal path of ecological responsibility. Those who are not familiar with these issues will find that this book can be used as a handbook for personal exploration. It is a book of awareness of the kinds of issues that many of us should at least be familiar. There are many issues addressed here that makes this a good book of information, even though it may seem a bit extreme at times. If you remember how passionate Starhawk is about her chosen path, you can then understand the extremities. This book does allow for you to find your own small part in how all this plays out; you need not be as involved as Starhawk, but you may also find yourself provoked to action by the information provided.

This book is one that should be carefully read, openly discussed, and as you meditate upon the information provided, you will need to know the scope of your own abilities and how deeply your personal responsibility for the issues flows. This book may help you find this.

This is a very good look at Starhawk's recent path of earth based spirituality and responsibility for the earth, and one that every follower of Starhawk's path will want to read.

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Pagan Spells Bath Spells

Pagan Spells Bath Spells Cover

Book: Pagan Spells Bath Spells by Al Selden Leif

Bath spells are the most relaxing way to practice witchcraft, and one of the most popular (after candle spells). They appeal to our senses, and capture the power of the water element. On this page, I've collected the best bath spells from around the site. Hopefully there will be one that suits your magickal purpose.

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Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples

Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples Cover

Book: Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples by Kveldulf Gundarsson

This is not a dry academic book. Gundarssons' writing flows like the sagas themselves, covering subjects such as norse deities and rituals. It describes the structure of the spiritual realms in which the Norse magician would walk. It is no wonder that this book is considered the classic text book of anyone who would study runes or the northern tradition.

Download Kveldulf Gundarsson's eBook: Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples

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To Bless A Magical Pen Spell

To Bless A Magical Pen Spell Cover When there's a new moon, fill a glass with consecrated water, (hope u have) and add some crushed roses, and a pitch of salt place the pen in glass, and the glass where the moon shines directly on it, burn some protection incense, visualize the pen being charged with a blue light, CHANT 3 or more times...

INK SO (color) AS THE (comparation)

the next day it will be blessed,


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