Beyond Wicca Journey To The One The Elements

Beyond Wicca Journey To The One The Elements Cover

Book: Beyond Wicca Journey To The One The Elements by Anonymous

The Elements are one of the most important things we study in Wicca and they're no less important as we move on in the Journey to the One. This is presented here as a study for those who do not have too much Experience With the Elements and as a review for those who do.

First of all, what are the Elements? They're not the same as the Elementals which are spirit forms and definitely sometimes mischievous. There is an Elemental associated with each Element but does not have to be connected all the time if you don't want them to be. The ancient people held to the belief that the world was composed of four Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Everything could be put into one of those categories. We know now that there are actually multitudes of chemical elements but as purveyors of the ancient beliefs we also know that the Four Elements have been firmly established in the collective mind of the human race for many thousands of years and have served us well. We continue to make use of them in our daily lives. Every project we do will go better if we incorporate the Principles of the Elements. All the Magick we do will be more probable with proper use of the Elements.

So, this is something we need to make a very thorough study of, have an intimate association with and be able to draw upon their wonderful powers whenever we need to. The diagram to the lower right shows the Elements positioned on the logo for the Journey to the One. Read the document titled The Logo of the Journey for more detail on this.

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Opening The Circle

Opening The Circle Cover
The High Priestess goes to each of the four directions in turn, and draws a Banishing Pentacle, saying,

Guardians of the East (South, West, North), Powers of Air , (Fire, Water, Earth),

We thank you
For joining in our circle
And we ask for your blessing
As you depart
May there be peace between us
Now and forever. Blessed be.
She raises her athame to the sky and touches it to the earth, then opens her arms and says,

The circle is open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess
Go in your hearts,
Mercy meet, and merry part.
And merry meet again. Blessed be.

To watching winds we wish fair traveling;
To sleepless dead sweet rest we send;
Gods and Goddesses, go with praises --
See: the circle is severed thus. [cut with sword at east]

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Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature

Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature Cover

Book: Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature by Ann Moura

Practice a craft grounded in the powers of Nature, the wildwood magic of the Elementals, of Mother Earth and the Horned God. Kin to star and stone, water and wind, the practitioner of green magic respects the powers and spirits of Nature, and knows how to work with their energies to accomplish magical goals.

Green magic is the foundation of Modern Witchcraft, according to author Ann Moura, a descendent of a long line of maternal witches. It comes from the ancient pagans, who relied on the natural world--using herbs, faeries, wind, rain, and fire--to create spells, potions, and healing teas. "The Green Witch is a Natural Witch, a Hereditary Witch, a Kitchen Witch, a Cottage Witch, a Hedge Witch ... and generally a Solitary Witch," she explains, hoping to demystify this sacred, yet highly accessible craft. In her previous books (among them Green Witchcraft and Green Witchcraft III) Moura offers manuals devoted to mastering specific spells, such as alter-making and potions. In Green Magic she takes a more philosophical approach, delving into the psychology, ethics, and traditions of this earth-based craft. For instance, she offers a section on "transference magic," which warns practitioners to keep close tabs on the unconscious mind so as not to subconsciously transfer negative energy to other people when trying to cast goodwill spells. Those who need basic instruction will find some practical advice here, such as the use of "ritual jewelry" and making magical herbal teas, but mostly this stands out as the deeper discussion that advanced witches yearn for once they pass Green Witchcraft 101.

This comprehensive guide to the Green Craft focuses specifically on the Magical Practices covered in the three volumes of Green WitchcraftŠ²Š‚”and goes even further, presenting information not found in any other book. Become attuned to Nature and to your own magical power with instructions on:

- How to create and cast spells
- The difference between a spell's purpose and its goal
- How to move energy with gestures
- Stages of energy flow
- Types of spells within the Green tradition
- Psychology of Green magic
- How to access the energies within natural objects

In this installment of the Green Tradition, Ann Moura explores energy working. While this may seem very a general topic, Ms. Moura has tied this all in with her own tradition of Green WitchCraft.

All the components of working magic are here, and tradition or no, they can be applied across the board in any tradition where the individual wants to work magic. This reads as a basic 101 to a 202 primer on working with energy, energy manipulation, components of spell working and all the ritual and tools associated with this.

I was pleased to see someone finally approach magic as the energy work it is and work through the basics without the mumbo jumbo. Her section on energy is good, and her discussion on purpose and method will spark some conversations.

This is a good companion to her previous books, and is a good working primer on spellcasting and energy working. If you found her other books on her Green WitchCraft path your path, then this is a good continuation of that work.

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Circle Of Fire Protection Spell

Circle Of Fire Protection Spell Cover CIRCLE OF FIRE - PROTECTION

Have you ever been momentarily overwhelmed by a
feeling of hopelessness? Heed the warning and look
to your enemies. A strong possibility exists that
you have been ill-wished, "overlooked" as the
elders would say. Witches are commonly blamed for
casting evil spells, but in truth very few indeed
care to risk a Three-Fold Return. This conviction
that a curse sent forth will return thrice to haunt
you is a Doctrine bred in the bone and one as old
as the craft itself.

Keep in mind that psychic attack is often the work
of an amateur with latent power enlivened by envy
or rage. Hate is a strong motivation and a sharp
weapon. However, a malevolent thrust from the mind
of a novice is over in a flash. An untrained will
cannot sustain the proper degree of concentration
needed to do real harm. Nonetheless, it is only
wise to identify the perpetrator and protect
yourself from further negativity.

Visit the ocean (or any free-flowing body of water)
to fortify confidence with an ancient Irish pagan

I bind to myself this day
The swiftness of the wind,
The power of the sea,
The hardness of the rocks,
The endurance of the earth.

Cense the air of your home to purify the space and
comfort the spirit under siege. Frankincense and
myrrh are incenses notable for driving away the
forces of evil intent.

Of all the earth's herbal gifts, none affords more
effective Protection than rue, the "herb of grace".
Hang a fresh bunch over your doorway and carry a
dried sprig to shield against harm from the ill-

One of the simplest means to defeat psychic attack
is the Circle of Fire.

In privacy and Complete darkness, light a candle.
Take a deep breath and stand as tall as you can.
Face east and raise the candle high above your head
for a moment. Bring the flame down to eye-level and
hold it there while you turn slowly deosil three
times. Concentrate your full attention on the blue
of the flame as you rotate in place. Raising the
candle high again, salute the east as you complete
the final circle. This erects a barrier through
which no evil thought can pass.

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Confidence Spell

Confidence Spell Cover CONFIDENCE SPELL

You will need:

A lions head charm (buy or make one)

A yellow candle

Essential oil of rose, orange or hazel

Buy or make a charm that resembles a lion's head. (It can be as simple as you
want it to be as long as you know what it is). Pass it three times through the
flame of a yellow candle, meditating on your esteem and the respect you truly
deserve. Then infuse the charm with your energy by anointing it with the oil.
Wear it on a chain or keep it in your pocket and when you see or touch it, you
will feel your confidence build within you.

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Venus Love Spell

Venus Love Spell Cover Begin the spell on Friday, the day traditionally associated with Venus. Repeat the ritual for seven consecutive nights.

One Red Heart Cloth
One Red Candle
One Mirror
One White Cloth
Seven Pins
One Scent of Venus Incense Stick (or you can substitute this for rose,basil or lavender) After a cleansing ritual and relaxing bath, perfume your body with Ylang Ylang oil. Choose a magic area in your bedroom, lay out a white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Cast a protective circle, light the candle and incense, focus on your sexual energy and chant...

"I call thee, beloved one,
To love me more than anyone.
Seven times I pierce thy heart,
Today the magic of Venus starts.
I bind thy heart and soul to me;
As I do will, so let it be."

Repeat the chant seven times, placing pins in the heart one at a time after repeating...

"Seven times I pierce thy heart".
Snuff out the ceremonial candle and incense.
Leave the pins in the heart until the following night."

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A Circle Of Protection And Love

A Circle Of Protection And Love Cover

The Mother's Cloak - An Invocation

A Circle of Protection and Love

The Mother wraps Her cloak around us.

Thus we are protected.

The Mother takes the girdle from Her waist,

and wraps it around us.

Thus we are held within Her passion for Her consort.

Thus we are held within Her passion for us.

Thus we are held within Her Passion for Herself.

Around us the Mother lets down Her hair -

blond like beach sand,

dark like earth and the empty far readhes of space.

She lets Her hair down around us,

that we may nestle within it like children

playing, hidden within the bowers of a weeping willow.

Her arms encircle us in her love.

She pulls from Her body Joyfire,

Joyfire whose name is God, Our Father,

and She wraps this circle of joy around us.

Around us are the elements of life that are Herself in truth-

by these we are protected, calmed,

given peace and joy.

Within this circle we share space with the animal peopple,

with the land, and the land of spirits,

within the weaving of all the Cosmos.


This invocation is particularly wonderful if used when casting a circle, and/or before any magic or ritual. It can also be used in times of deep stress, worry, or fear.

~ from: Goddess Initiation

by Francesca de Grandis

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To Attract Customers To A Business Or Visitors To A Home

To Attract Customers To A Business Or Visitors To A Home Cover Make a fine powder out of some basil leaves and sprinkle them around the main
entrance to the home or place of business. It is believed that only good and
friendly people will enter, since it supposedly repels those who intend harm
toward the workers of a business or the occupants of a home.

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Thelema A New Spiritual Tradition For A New Age

Thelema A New Spiritual Tradition For A New Age Cover

Book: Thelema A New Spiritual Tradition For A New Age by Anonymous

THELEMA: New Spiritual Tradition for a New Age Is it a religion? a philosophy? a collection of mystical practices? a system of post-modern ethics? Decide for yourself... "There is religion in Thelema for those that require it. There is also freedom from religion in Thelema, for those that require it." THE GOAL OF THELEMA: To help you realize your True Will (the innermost spark of divinity inside you that holds your life's purpose) on your own terms, in your own unique way, bowing down to nobody in the process.

Download Anonymous's eBook: Thelema A New Spiritual Tradition For A New Age

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Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions

Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions Cover

Book: Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions by Patricia Telesco

Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions takes you on an adventure in concocting delectable, symbolic beverages suited for every occasion. Be it a healthy brew, a love potion, a solstice elixir, or a mystical mead, these recipes encourage positive energy in and around your life in a fresh, fun, and creative way. You'll learn how to make potions such as: * Four Quarter Harmony-a lovely libation to bring the elements into balance. * Carrot Awareness-to open that third eye so you can see clearly. * Fortune Draught-for prosperity and good luck. * Harvest Horn-to celebrate the Fall Equinox. * Peaceful Pleasure-when you want to calm things down. Quench your physical and spiritual thirst with these enchanting beverages, but don't stop there. Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions gives you enjoyable sips of the history of various drinks, the religious use of beverages throughout the world, and how to transform your pantry into a magickal paradise suitable for any spell.

Plenty of magic books speak of witch's brews, but too few go into the specifics of their construction. New age Wiccan practitioners just starting out will thus welcome Patricia Telesco's Kitchen Witch's Guide To Brews And Potions, which offers spice-infused recipes for all kinds of potions. You needn't look for exotic ingredients, either: symbolic beverages contain juices and ordinary grocery-store fare.

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Spells For Longevity

Spells For Longevity Cover dried apricots, apples, sunflower seeds, pears, olives, and beets.

Work apricots into your diet. Dried apricots and apricot juice
can be effective in preventing premature heart attacks,
raising vital mineral levels, and blocking formations of certain cancers.
Antioxidants in olives can help prevent cancer.
The rest of the foods are helpful in evoking long, healthy lives.

Count out 120 sunflower seeds, and eat them at sunrise.

When you eat pears or olives, imagine yourself endowed
with the longevity of the trees that bore the fruit.
See yourself as the tree, and visualize dropping seeds.
This way you bless not only yourself, but your offspring to a long life.

Rub olive or apricot oil into an apple, bite it,
and visualize yourself as healthy into old age.

Drink beet and apple juice, and visualize them
revitalizing every cell in your body.

Books in PDF format to read:

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The Wicca Spellbook A Witchs Collection Of Wiccan Spells Potions And Recipes

The Wicca Spellbook A Witchs Collection Of Wiccan Spells Potions And Recipes Cover

Book: The Wicca Spellbook A Witchs Collection Of Wiccan Spells Potions And Recipes by Gerina Dunwich

I noticed alot of belly-aching reviewers posted as "A Reader".I think it's just sour grapes on their part.Why not post with at least a 'Magickal Name'?This book is geared for the 13-23 year old wiccan practioneers.This book had many solid tibbits of information on spell-work,wiccan recipes, and pagan-potions.It was a quick and enjoyable reading,only 180 pages.This book helps the curious novice arouse an interest in the calling of Wicca.This is not Aleister O'Crowley's realm of divinity or his area of fluffy interest.One can read this in an afternoon's time.I would have to recommend reading this first,before you read 5,000 more sophicated spells.A wonderful primer for new spell-casters.

The secrets of spellcraft revealed through easy-to-follow, yet highly powerful magical formulas. There are also sections on the magical association of herbs, the eight sabbats of the Wiccan tradition and a directory of occult shops, publications and services to the Wiccan community.

I have used many of her spells in this book with great success, with no ill effects. If you are reading correctly (NOT) you will notice that the dove's blood spell has a disclaimer that it is from another sorce and she recommends either your own blood or no blood at all, just use dragon's blood, I'm sure any "real" witch would know what that is.

This book is one of the best books that I have had the pleasure of reading since realizing my true destiny 6 months ago..I have read many books, but this one takes the cake. It was VERY hard to find because it is out of print, but through the WWW, I was able to track it down and I couldn't be happier. If you can find this book, it is worth what it takes to get it. Happy reading!

Find Gerina Dunwich's book in
The Wicca Spellbook A Witchs Collection Of Wiccan Spells Potions And Recipes

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