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Spell Casting may involve words spoken, chanted or written, prayers, burning of candles or incenses, use of some precious stones, amulets, salts, and crystals. Spell casting is intended to cause a desired result both good and bad. Spell casting can drive away evils, protect one from evil spells and fulfill wishes on love, fortune or money. An evil spell casting can cause injuries and other harm to your enemies. The power to cast a love spell or any other spell is achieved by gaining knowledge of occult laws.
What you should know about Spells and spell casting To cast a spell that is effective you have to believe in it. You have to have faith in yourself and will power. Your mind must be trained to concentrate on casting spells and you should not be thinking about anything else. Since spell casting is about spirits, it is a serious matter and it won't work if you want to do it for fun. According to the Three Fold Law of Spell Casting, whatever you put out will come back to you three fold, be it good or bad. Also you should remember that cast spells may not work always.

When to cast a spell: Timing of the spell casting is very important. The moon has a powerful influence on people so it is important that the right Moon phase is present to aid the spell caster. Spells casting for gaining something should be done when the moon is waxing. For decreasing something or to drive away an evil, the waning period of the Moon should be chosen when casting spells. The most powerful time to cast a spell is during the Full Moon phase.

Some tips: Magic, your thought and visualization are forms of energy. By your thoughts and your visualization you are directing your energies. Write down what you want to do. Spell casters always write down their spells in the form of a rhyme to help them remember. Then by chanting your cast spells you can raise the energy level and make it more effective. Energy flows through you more freely when you are relaxed. Therefore meditate. Do not harm anyone with your cast spells. At the end of every spell casting make sure you offer a prayer. Keep all your tools for casting spells ready. It is important to cleanse them and bless them before a spell casting.

Terms used: Some terms used in cast spells are curse, hex and jinx. A curse is a bad spell intended to cause harm to another. It can cause ill health, misfortune, bad luck and sometimes death. Hexes are cast spells or bewitchment. You can hire a witch for causing a hex or to remove a hex. A bad luck happening repeatedly is known as a jinx. Psionics is another term used to refer to mental abilities like telepathy, teleportation and similar psychic phenomena. Banishing is a cast spell that you can use when you have a problem of negative presence and want to get rid of its negative influences.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anonymous - Healing Gemstones And Crystals
Aleister Crowley - Magick In Theory And Practice
Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition

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Bring Good Things To You

Bring Good Things To You Cover

Spell to Bring Good Things to You

by Janina Renee author of Playful Magick

This spell requires some of your regular cleaning supplies.
First, wash your back door, visualizing only good things coming through it.
Then do the same at the front door. Next, sweep off the front porch, saying that good things are coming your way. The next step is the sweep off the walkway, again saying that good things are coming to you. Then clean your driveway, the same way. The last thing is to wash your mailbox, inside and out, visualizing and repeating good things are coming your way. Keep everything fun and lighthearted. Oh, you also need to wash windowsills.

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Anonymous - Pentagram Meaning And History
Anonymous - Starting A New Coven Looking At Yourself

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For Riches

For Riches Image
Gather as many hollyhock seeds in autumn (when the seeds fall) as you can find in a folded piece of paper (loose, brown, dry and round ones and the ones like tarnished pennies). Bury them next to a southern wall with a mint, silver, ancient and copper coin each. By spring your wealth shall measure 12 times this.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anonymous - The Laws For Witches
Frank Luttmer - Chelmsford Witches

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Love Perfume

Love Perfume Cover
Add to your favorite bottle of cologne or perfume a few drops of musk oil, a pinch of ground coral, cantharides ("spanish fly"), brown sugar, cinnamon, and three rose petals. Shake well and then place the bottle in front of an image of your desired lover, or your chosen deity of love, for five days and nights. To attract a lover, rub some of the perfume on your forehead, breasts, and feet.

Recommended books (free to download):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Allowable Rhyme
Paul Foster Case - The Life Power
Aleister Crowley - Leah Sublime

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To Heal A Broken Heart

To Heal A Broken Heart Cover TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART

One white Candle
Blue cloth shaped in as a circle
3 Drops each of feverfew and myrtle
One white rose
One ivy leaf
One Yellow poppy
White felt heart
Blue thread
One copper coin

This spell must be cast on a Sunday, the day of death and endings. Cast a
protective circle and ignite a white candle to begin. Use a circle of blue cloth
filled with three drops of feverfew, myrtle, the petals from one white rose, one
ivy leaf and one yellow poppy. Take a white felt heart, cut in half, then sew it
together with blue thread as you charge the charm with this verse:

" Universe I call to thee
To kill this ache inside of me.
By all the power of three times three
Please heal my heart and set me free."

Now lay the heart among the herbs, adding a copper coin to draw new love. Tie
together with white thread and wear close to your breast for nine days. On the
tenth day, burn the Herbal charm as you repeat the chant. Allow a Further nine
days for the spell to work.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Mark Mirabello - The Odin Brotherhood
Lady Galadriel - The New Book Of The Law
Edna Kenton - The Book Of Earths

Using The Occult To Create Wealth Or Money

Using The Occult To Create Wealth Or Money Image
One element of the Occult is the ability to create wealth. If you have not seen the movie "THE SECRET" you may want to as this a perfect example of how people create wealth with thought and positive thinking. The video sums up the basic principles of how USING POSITIVE CONTROLLED THOUGHT CAN CREATE MORE THAN JUST HEALTH OR HEALING BENEFITS IT CAN ALSO DRAW MONEY..

There are two sides or two prinicples about when creating wealth with occult energy, there is the side where people are doing it everyday unintentionally and there is the side where people do it intentionally..


FIRST OF ALL UNINTENTIONAL WEALTH CREATION IS THE SAME AS INTENTIONALLY, THAT IT USES THE ENERGY AROUND US, YET THE WIELDER IS UNSURE THEY ARE DOING IT. A perfect example is in business, people using techniques of positive thinking to create more wealth in the business.. It is not like the whole concept of hokus pokus and bang money is there, however it creates money none the less.. In the end it all comes down to belief and capital understanding. By positively thinking on a business deal does not necessarily guarantee a good deal for the business person, however IT DOES DRAW DIFFERENT MAGNETIC FORCES IN THE UNIVERSE YOUR WAY VERY MUCH LIKE THE SAME AS A SORCERER.

There is a common understanding of positive thinking in the business world where ego are positive thought are two elements that can manipulate the energy, so that is where the Occult comes in.. Have you ever noticed how some people that create wealth seem to do it so easy, its almost like money is knocking on there door. The truth is these people are so confident in no rejection that the energy listens. When you think about money it is just an energy as well, neither good nor bad, just a tool that how it is used decides its fate..


INTENTIONAL WEALTH CREATION IS CREATED IN THE OCCULT VIA DELIBERATE MEANS. It can involve a ritual or meditation or even just focus on positive thought forms.. The most common intentional method in the modern age to creating wealth is through positive thought creation. This is where a person, develops a understanding of the energy and positively charges it with there money needs. This can be done via goal setting and using thought that have no negatives..

While no negative thoughts is almost impossible, the easiest technique is to prove it works first is by creating a realistic money or wealth goal. Then place the goal that is possible under your pillow and whisper it to your self every night and every morning. The paper could read simply 20 dollars will come my way tomorrow from somewhere.. See what happens, THE KEY HERE IS BELIEVING UNDENIABLY which can be hard for some people..

In future posts I will go into how to use Meditation or Rituals for wealth creation..

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
John Ankerberg - Satanism And Witchcraft The Occult And The West Part Ii
Frances Billinghurst - Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me

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Reverse Any Love Spell

Reverse Any Love Spell Cover TO REVERSE ANY LOVE SPELL

On a night when the Moon is in a waning phase, write your name and the name of
your bewitched lover on the side of a white votive candle. Anoint the candle
with myrrh oil, light it, and say:


Allow the candle to burn itself out. After the leftover wax has cooled and
hardened, wrap it in a piece of white silk, tie it tightly with a white ribbon,
and then toss it into the sea or into a river.

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Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell

The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation

The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation Cover

Book review: The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation by Nich Culpeper

The Subject which I here fixed my thoughts upon is not only the Description and Nature of Herbs, which had it been all, I had authority sufficient to bear me out in it, for Solomon employed part of that wisdom he asked, and received of God in searching after them, which he wrote in Books, even of all Herbs, Plants and Trees; some say those Writings were carried to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar; being kept in the Temple at Jerusalem for the publick view of the People, but being transported to Babylon in the Captivity, Alexander the GREAT TYRANT at the taking of Babylon gave them to his Master Aristotle, who committed them to the mercy of the fire.

All that have written of Herbs either in the English or not in the English Tongue, have no waies answered my intents in this Book, for they have intermixed many, nay very many outlandish Herbs, and very many which are hard, nay not at all to be gotten, and what harm this may do I am very sensible of. Once a Student in Physick in Sussex sent up to London to me, to buy for him such and such Medicines, and send them down, which when I viewed, they were Medicines quoted by authors living in another Nation, and not to be had in London for Love nor Money, so the poor man had spent much pains and Brains in studying Medicines for a Disease that were not to be had; so a man reading Gerards or Parkinsons Herbal for the Cure of a Disease so may as like as not, light on an Herb that is not here to be had, or not without great diffuculty, if possible; but in mine, all grow neer him. Nich Culpeper, Gent. Student in Physick and Astrologie

Download Nich Culpeper's eBook: The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation

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Henry Andrew Francken - The Key Of Masonry Philosophical Lodge Of The Knights Of The Eagle Or Sun
Nich Culpeper - The English Physitian Or An Astrologo Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation

To Bring Spirits


This is a spell that has been translated from the Irish/Celtic language. It's
origins are not known for certain. The spell is as follows:

Sit in a circle….


Chant this three times. The spell will bring the Spirits of the World to you to
serve as a guide for you and your coven.

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Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual
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