Do You Like Me Spell

Do You Like Me Spell Cover
Sometimes we really like someone but say nothing because we fear if we made an advance we would experience rejection. Here's a spell to give you the green light or the red light.

moon phase: full moon
day: a friday
planet: venus
supplies: a new red rubber ball (a small one)

In sacred space cleanse concencrate and empower the red rubber ball. As you bounce th ball repeat the following spell:
" From ground to air From air to ground I bounce the magick Round and round Do you like me? Do you love me? I need to know the answer. Dragons eyes, and angel wings. Now I touch the fairy ring. Do you like me? Do you love me? I need to know the answer Earth and air Fire and water. My little ball goes higher, and higher. Mine is magick. Mine is power. Its time to know the answer."

Repeat the last line as you bounce ball. Keep bouncing the ball and say: "
With harm to none as I will it shall be done. May all astrological
corrospondences be correct for this working, and may this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse. SO MOTE IT BE!

You should receive your answer shortly. If you do not have your answer in thirty days repeat the spell.

I did this spell and the guy I liked told me to my face he liked me! Then the next day he brought me a rose and asked me out!

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Be A Winner


You will need:

A piece of white cardboard (large enough for you to sit on)
A blue pen

The best time to cast this spell is on a Monday night at seven o'clock.

Begin by taking a bath or shower. After drying yourself thoroughly, remain
undressed and go into a private room in your home where you will be undisturbed.
Put the piece of cardboard on the floor and draw on it a large circle in a
clockwise direction with the blue pen. Then stand within the circle, raise your
arms into the air and take a few deep breaths. After you have done this, seat
yourself in the center of the circle and repeat these words:


Now write the numbers 7, 8, 9 on the cardboard (in a triangular fashion, not in
a row) and finish off with these words:


Keep the circle in a safe place and sit in it whenever you have to make a
decision (that your success depends on).

Books in PDF format to read:

Aj Drew - A Wiccan Bible
Marian Green - A Witch Alone
Aleister Crowley - Rosa Inferni

High Energy Moon Phases

High Energy Moon Phases Image
Let's face it, October is the month of the year that you want to have a spell cast over the other 11 months. Why is that? In October the energy is higher causing spells to work more effectively. It is always a good idea to have a spell cast during a full moon phase because the energy is higher as well.

What if you want a spell cast and it is not October or a full moon? There is an easy a ritual to increase the strength of your spell during high energy moon phases. This can be just as effective.

Are you in the mood to try a cleansing yourself? Here is a good ritual that you can try yourself. Be careful though because if you have had a spell cast prior to doing this ritual you can erase the spell.

Cleansing Ritual

Take a large bag of sea salt and sprinkle a pinch or two over the exterior doorways and windowsills of your home. Make certain that you get each and every one and do not miss anything.

Choose the room that has the strongest negative feel to it. Light a white candle. In a large fire proof bowl combine the following:

1 tablespoon peppermint, 1 tablespoon powdered garlic, 1 tablespoon ground clove, 1 tablespoon dried/powdered thistle, handful or two of sweet grass, sage or dried oak leaves

Carefully light the mixture so that it smolders, giving off an aromatic smoke. Leaving the candle lit, carry the bowl in to each room and repeat the following:

In the name of the Eternal Lady and Lord I bid thee part.

I consecrate and clear this space.

Negative energy be vanished and never come back.

Let nothing but joy linger here.

When you have done each room, return to the first, set the bowl beside the candle and wait for the remaining mixture to burn out. Take the ash outside and sprinkle it over the grass/flowerbed/etc, thereby returning it to Mother Nature.

It is always important to do this ritual with caution and do not leave anything unattended that is burning. Cleansings get rid of negative energy that can be built up around you causing bad luck and depression. Make this Halloween the time of the year that you decide to turn your life around and start a new year off on the right foot.

To have a spell professionally cast visit www.Witchcraft-Magic-Spells.com

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Al Selden Leif - Pagan Incense Information Pages
Devi Spring - The Emerging Indo Pagans

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Stone Love Spell

Stone Love Spell Cover
Go to a place that contains many water-worn stones. Look for a large, flat rock while visualizing yourself being involved with the perfect mate.

On this rock, mark with red ink two intertwined hearts. As you do this, keep visualization in mind. When you are finished, bury the stone in the earth in an uncultivated place.

From"'s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem ">

Recommended books (free to download):

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Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
Anonymous - Book Of Spells

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Spell To Change Eye Color

Spell To Change Eye Color Cover Make sure it is night when you do this spell. Also, light one orange and one pink

Close your eyes. (You Must Have complete focus and be concentrating on the spell, ONLY.) Fill your mind with the color your eyes are. Picture that for about five minutes. Then picture the color you want. Chant...

'' Become of me,'' three times. Repeat this hole process two times and you will see changes through the day.

Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward
Valentina Izmirlieva - All The Names Of The Lord

To Slow Down Time

To Slow Down Time Cover TO SLOW DOWN TIME

Draw a pentacle on your right hand using a Blessed blue pen. Visualize a sand
clock as you draw with the sand falling slowly. Say:

Core go round
Power be bound
Interrupt the nature's Course
Time slow down
Cast the spell saidth this words.

The spell will last for 24 hours or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or
washed, so don't let your hand get sweaty.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Aleister Crowley - Stone Of Cybele From Golden Twigs
Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of Osiris
Sepharial - Astrology And Marriage
Starhwak - The Spiral Dance

The Lottery Spell

The Lottery Spell Cover Light one green candle for each of the numbers to be selected. Sit quietly and ponder the flames, allowing each flame in turn to suggest a number. Fill in the form according to the numbers that come into your head. Sprinkle the sheet with nutmeg and then snuff out the candles. Leave the form dusted with nutmeg for a day before thoroughly brushing it off.

Books in PDF format to read:

Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells.pdf
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Other Gods