To Cure A Bad Habit

To Cure A Bad Habit Cover
To help yourself or another to give up smoking, nail biting or any other
unwanted habit, first find nine stands of hair belonging to the afflicted
person, and wind them around an iron nail. The nail should then be hammered into
a wooden post. The habit is believed to abate as the nail rusts.

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The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic

The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic Cover

Book: The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi

The author of this book calls upon the eastern Magi to come forward and recognize once again that Divine Master Whose cradle they saluted, the Great Initiator of all the ages. All His enemies have fallen; all those who condemned Him are dead, those who persecuted Him have passed into sleep for ever; but He is for ever alive. The envious have combined against Him, agreeing on a single point; the sectaries have united to destroy Him; they have crowned themselves kings and
proscribed Him; they have become hypocrites and accused Him; they have constituted themselves judges and pronounced His sentence of death; they have turned murderers and executed Him; they have forced Him to drink hemlock, they have
crucified Him, they have stoned Him, they have burned Him and cast His ashes to the wind; then have they turned scarlet with terror, for He stands erect before them, impeaching them by His wounds and overwhelming them by the radiance
of His scars. They believed that they had slain Him in His cradle at Bethlehem, but He is alive in Egypt.

A final word to recapitulate this entire Introduction. If you be blind like Samson when you cast down the pillars of the temple, its ruins will crush you. To command Nature we must be above Nature, by resistance of her attractions. If
your mind be perfectly free from all Prejudice, superstition and incredulity, you will rule spirits. If you do not obey blind forces, they will obey you. If you be wise like Solomon, you will perform the works of Solomon; if you be holy like Christ, you will accomplish the works of Christ. To direct the currents of the inconstant light, we must be established in the constant light. To command the Elements, we must have overcome their hurricanes, their lightnings, their abysses, their tempests. In order to DARE we must KNOW; in order to WILL, we must DARE; we must WILL to possess empire and to reign we must BE SILENT.

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Eliphas Levi - The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic

To Protect Your House From Prowlers

To Protect Your House From Prowlers Cover
Sprinkle salt throughout the house while repeating the following incantation.

"As this salt I sprinkle about
To keep the evil spirits out
Let no danger enter in
Any opening herein
I now invoke the law of three
This is my will,
So mote it be!"

Visualize the salt creating a blanket of protective, glowing energy around your
home. It is done.

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To Win A Love Who Rejects You

To Win A Love Who Rejects You Cover
Make a wax doll, in his or her name or image.
Scribe the name into the doll and then roast it over a small fire.
As the wax melts, so will the heart of the loved one.

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Change Things For The Better


"I cast this spell for the world to see,
a change in your forever it be,
a change for the better and not for worse,
a change forever but never a curse,
by the poweer of 3 I conjure thee,
to change forever, so mote it be.

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Rich Witch

Rich Witch Cover Rich Witch

This spell should be cast on the evening of a new moon.

Find a flat surface or use your altar. Light a green Candle and place a bowl and
a spoon on the surface Before you. Mix a teaspoon of nutmeg and a teaspoon of
cinnamon in the bowl. As you mix the ingredients, think of an amount of money
you would like to see in your bank account. (Don't go overboard though, or you
will scatter the spell's energy.)

Continue to focus on that amount of money as you take three coins of low
denomination and toss them repeatedly until you get one tail and two heads.

Place the coins and the powder Together in an old wallet or purse and shake it
up as you chant:


Place the purse in the same place as you keep all your financial documents.

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Wicca Beliefs And Practices

Wicca Beliefs And Practices Cover

Book: Wicca Beliefs And Practices by Anonymous

There are a wide variety of beliefs and practices in modern day Wicca. However, despite the pluralism and diversity, distinct principles derived from Gardnerian Wicca are common to most modern witches.

Beliefs will often be mixed with a combination of mystical traditions, Celtic or Norse paganism, Greek and Roman goddess worship, Ancient Egyptian spirituality, Eastern Shamanism, or even Native American Spiritual Practices depending on the group. All of these groups revere nature, support peace, and believe society cannot be at peace if we are out of harmony with nature or are mistreating Mother Earth (also known as Gaia, the name of a pagan goddess given to Earth). This aspect of Wicca is very similar to the New Age Religion supported by the United Nations and many of it's members, NGO's and leaders. Divination techniques such as tarot cards, astrology, runes, the I Ching (from Chinese Taoism), clairvoyant or psychic readings, candle magick and other occult practices are not only common but encouraged by most groups.

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Vehicle Protection Spell

Vehicle Protection Spell Cover Protection Spell - Vehicles

Protection Spell, Protecting a Vehicle


You will need one clear or yellow glass bottle, one quartz crystal small enough
to fit in the bottle, and be retrieved, cedar chips, pure spring water, a piece
of red cloth made of a natural material, and frankincense or sandalwood incense.

Create solar water by putting the crystal in the bottle, filling the bottle
with the spring water, and placing it in the Vehicle so that the morning sun
will shine Through it. Remove the bottle at noon. (Store water in cool dark
area until the next morning)

The next morning, spread the cedar chips on a non-metallic surface, and
sprinkle lightly with the solar water. Place in the morning sun to dry.
When dry, place the chips and crystal onto the cloth and tie closed.


Use a cleansing incense, such as frankincense or sandalwood, freshen the
vehicle. Let it completely air out afterward. Then place the bundle in the
vehicle. As you place it say,
"Let this charm keep me from harm"
If doing this for another, change the phrase appropriately.
It is done.

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The Candle Magick Workbook Why And How Candle Magick Works

The Candle Magick Workbook Why And How Candle Magick Works Cover

Book: The Candle Magick Workbook Why And How Candle Magick Works by Kala Pajeon

This book is for anyone thinking of joining a Coven, is a Solitary practitioner of Magick, or is really serious about their Magick Work. It is not a book of meaningless recipes where you have to trust that the author knows what they are doing and is not a rehash of light flowery vague information. The book teaches Why and How Magick really works, and why it can fail. A Fabulous Book!

I have been looking for a book to teach my beginning students how to safely perform magick and spells, and this book is beyond words. It is so rare to really find an author that knows what they are talking about and is willing to share their secrets with the world. A friend, that belongs to a Bay Area Coven, had raved about the book and that it was exactly what I needed for my students. He was right . . . If you want to really understand how and why magick works, and want to customize your own spells . . . I highly recommend this book.

It is one of the rare books that deliver and all the covens that I know of in my area make this book required reading. This is the best candle magick book I've read, and compared to at least one other, the most original. It does a fine job of covering basic theory of magick, visualization, aura and chakra cleansing procedures!, candle dressing and energizing!, oils, incense, time tables; this book is a DISCUSSION and one of the most important books I own. I can't wait for more of Kala & Ketz's works to become available. This is not just a candle magick book it is a MAGICK book.

This book showed me there was more to the subject of candle magick than the usual spell books that usualy show the reader a lot of "voodoo". This book covers everything from the history of candle burning to the proper setting and mood one should be in while engaging in candle magick. This book is a must read, weather or not the reader is looking for candle magick 'recipes' or an interesting new perspective at looking at life in general. This book is a very positive and insperational. I have found my self reading this book at times I was not even planing on lighting a candle.

Buy Kala Pajeon's book: The Candle Magick Workbook Why And How Candle Magick Works

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Define The Identity Of Your True Friends

This Spell comes from Matthew McLauchlin.

Perform during a full moon, preferably while the moon is in Taurus or Libra.

Assemble the following:

BASIL (against evil)
LEMON and PEA (friendship)
BAY (psychic ability)
CINNAMON (dreams)
HIBISCUS (divination)
DRAGON'S BLOOD (catalyst).

Place a potted PLANT on the altar (if you are doing this spell after having been
betrayed in friendship, use an ALOE plant for healing). If you wish to divine
the identity of your friends in a scry or other divination method such as tarot,
also have an OBSIDIAN stone on the altar; if you prefer dream divination, use
FLUORITE instead.

Cast the circle and raise the power. Light a BLUE (truth and friendship) candle.
Grind the herbs together; as you do so, imagine Their Power flowing through your
arm into your body. Release the power into the stone you are using. Once you
have charged the stone, sacrifice the herbs to the elements by throwing some
into the wind, smudging (burning) some in your cauldron, mixing some with water
and pouring it away, and finally burying the rest in your potted plant. Then if
you used the obsidian, scry in its surface or have it with you as you perform
Some Other divination. If you used the fluorine, wear it to bed that night and
you will dream about your friends. Remember to record your dream so you can
contemplate it more fully! Once your magickal workings are complete, bind the
spell, earth the power and uncast the circle.

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Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels Cover

Book: Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels by Right

This book introduces the concept of spiritual travel. Spiritual travel is a form of out-of-body Experience done voluntarily to achieve a spiritual goal. In order to have an out-of-body experience, the soul or Consciousness of the individual must temporarily leave the physical body. During out-of-body experience, the physical senses shut down. When this occurs, an entirely new world opens up to the individual. Spiritual travel is a special type of out-of-body experience where the individual's awareness is heightened, and he or she is able to make decisions and direct the experience.

The spectrum of experience afforded by spiritual travel is very broad and can include a wide variety of psychic and spiritual states. In most cases, the spiritual traveler is able to clearly remember the Experiences and learn from them.
Spiritual travel is sometimes called transcendent or ecstatic experience because it deals with the "inner" senses rather than the physical senses. It also deals with states of being seemingly independent of the physical world.

Download Right's eBook: Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

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Right - Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

Paganism An Introduction To Earth Centered Religions

Paganism An Introduction To Earth Centered Religions Cover

Book review: Paganism An Introduction To Earth Centered Religions by River Higginbotham

Most pagan primers jump right into the seasonal calendar, Celtic strands, pentagrams, spell casting and the like. True to form, this offers a judicious overview of the calendar and the general characteristics and essentials of Paganism as the Higginbothams see it interconnectedness and blessedness. To their credit, though, the authors have crafted a very different kind of book, one of great spiritual depth that could be of genuine and lasting service to anyone who is interested in sorting out the whats and whys of belief. Early on, they outline the "big tent" of Paganism that shelters a dozen or more passageways (Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism, Santer?a, etc.), comparing it to Christianity and its popular denominations (Methodist, Roman Catholic, etc.). Throughout, they employ calm and rational prose that seeks not to proselytize as much as to aid discernment, making good on the authors' claim that, "Whether or not you decide to be a Pagan once you finish [the book] is not as important as providing you with tools to help you identify your values and goals." The seven chapters are nicely paced with illustrations, diagrams, visualization exercises, discussion points and journal prompts, all of which can be used by individuals or groups. The authors tackle the charge of Satanism head-on with success, but even more progressively (and clearly) they weave new discoveries in physics into the life fabric of belief and action. The final chapter explores ethics, and similar to the others, serves the broadest common good.

The founders of both a pagan church and the Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions, the Higginbothams here offer an overview of the belief systems comprising neopaganism. Included in the discussion are Wicca, Shamanism, Asatru, Celtic traditionalism, Druidism, Santeria, Voodoo, and other forms prevalent in paganism today. The authors proceed from central concepts of interconnectedness and blessedness, to a definition of neopaganism and a discussion of personal responsibility for one's beliefs, to concepts of Deity, Satan, the living universe, "magick," and ethics. The format is similar to that of many self-help books, with text, diagrams, discussion questions, and meditation exercises. This clear, rational, and sympathetic introduction to neopaganism for nonpagans will be helpful to all readers interested in exploring their spirituality. This first book by the Higginbothams complements existing introductions, such as Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon and Graham Harvey's Contemporary Paganism: Listening People, Speaking Earth, at least one of which libraries should already have. Recommended for public and undergraduate libraries and for religion collections.

This book goes in two directions. First is a very good overview of many of the different groups that are under general Paganism. Explored are the basic philosophies and beliefs of Druids, Wiccans, Asatru, shamanism, magic, general paganism and all the various offshoots. There is a good section on many of the various paths under that 'umbrella'. There are many theories that have given rise to the modern pagan movement that are explored as well. There is discussion on what makes the pagan paths different from other world religions and discusses beliefs and practices as well as myths and misinformation.

The second direction of this book is a basic handbook on the practices of many of the different beliefs. From the Wheel of the Year to connecting with personal Deity to individual responsibility, the book reads as a guide to incorporating many of the philosophies and basic Tenets of these beliefs into your own life. Ethics are also discussed throughout the book and there is a good chapter on Ethics and Personal Responsibility.

The book also has 'aids', or subsections that allow the reader to absorb or digest the material in the book, encouraging the reader to think about the material, add it to their journals for further research, discuss with others or question for themselves. This gives the book more of a handbook feeling.

There are good notes for each chapter, a glossary and an excellent bibliography that allow the reader to pursue those things they may find they want to explore further. There is also an index for easy reference. There is much information in this book that is worth looking over. If you are unfamiliar with Paganism in general, this is a good primer. If you are looking to expand your base of knowledge on Paganism, this book offers a good overview. And if you are looking for a good basic handbook, while there are many specific to the various paths, this book would make a good overall view for those who are looking at the various paths and need a guide or are looking at paganism in general for their path.

Find River Higginbotham's book in
Paganism An Introduction To Earth Centered Religions

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A Strong Spell For Love And Passion

A Strong Spell For Love And Passion Cover you will need:
a red paper heart

Write your name and the name of the person you wish to love you upon the
red paper heart. Build a fire, and when the flames are at their fullest
throw in the rosehips. Concentrate and picture the person in the fire, and
then say:

God and goddess, I appeal to you
From fire's breath and love anew
Roses offered through the flames divine
Take (name of person)'s heart and make it mine!

Hold the paper heart to your heart, and then throw it into the fire. Watch
it burn to ashes, and then close the spell:

God and goddess, your help I seek
To turn aside emotions weak
And help true love bind me to this,
I seal my spell with passion's kiss!

As an ending to this ritual, for love is a dangerous thing to play with,
you might consider adding "and if it is not for the good of all, may my
spell not come to pass."
Blessed be.

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Dealing With Psychic Attack

Dealing With Psychic Attack Cover DEALING WITH PSYCHIC ATTACK
Zhahai Stewart

What to do if you think you are being attacked.

1 - Question if it is really either imagination, or coming from within yourself.
Something may be trying to get your attention, but it may not be external, and
by focusing on an external "enemy" you may be missing the point.

2 - Check to see if you are yourself inadvertently sending something out; maybe
someone is just reflecting some energy back! Nothing is gained if you get into
adversarial mode in that case. Many people have been taught that reflecting is
the proper response.

3 - Put up a grounding shield. Ground it out, send it to the Mothr who can
recycle the energy. Grounding is usually taught to every student. If you don't
feel you can be a "conduit" safely, ground it by reflecting it downward to the
Earth; that is a big target and easy to hit. By grounding it out, you are
protecting yourself, yet not being caught up in it.

What not to do.

1 - Figure out who is sending it and counter attack. You might be wrong, and
may be starting a feud. You might be right, but they may not realize that they
are "sending" so you may start a feud or cause unnecessary harm. Even if you are
right, you are escalating a feud, of which we have too many. This is commonly
discussed as a bad idea.

2 - Put up a reflective shield which will return the energy to the sender. This
is commonly discussed as a good idea, but we disagree. We think this is unwise.

For one thing, it is not necessary; if you can make an accurate return
reflection, you can certainly reflect it to Earth instead (where it can be
recycled). There is no reason you should not be able to ground out more energy
than you can accurately reflect to the sender, if viewed properly.

For another, your accuracy in returning it may be less than perfect. You might
hit close but not close enough; if you can't reflect it to earth, you are going
to have trouble reflecting it to an unknown person.

Sometimes this is discussed as if once you return it, the sender will just stop;
because they will awaken to what they are doing, or because the returning energy
will be too much to handle. The thing which is seldom mentioned is that if the
sender (assuming there is one) was consciously attacking, they will likely
already be prepared with their own mirrors, etc. Great, if we put near perfect
mirrors at each end and pump in energy, maybe we can get a psychic laser effect;
guess who is just on the other side of the mirrors to catch the intensified

If they weren't aware of sending, they will probably just assume they are being
attacked and take countermeasures. If they follow the 3 steps above, fine,
nothing is damaged. But many of them will immediately think they have to put up
a defensive mirror, or maybe worse (see below; they may decide to teach you a
lesson for attacking them). Few people naturally respond to perceived attacks
positively (especially if they are in such a bad mood already as to be sending
without even realizing it).

Another serious concern is getting drawn into a unacknowledged feud by your own
weaknesses. It is often agreed that one should reflect back exactly what is
received, without adding anything of one's own. But the same people who
advocate that may use terms implying "returning it with enthusiasm". There
appears to be an easily tapped source of self-righteousness in most people
feeling attacked, and it is _very hard_ not to get drawn into imagining, at some
level, the satisfying effects of the energy going back to the attacker; that
draws one into a "counter-attack" even without realizing it. Grounding it does

Watch for yourself when people are discussing "returning to sender"; see if
there isn't very often a hidden desire for revenge or retribution lurking there
grasping for their "control panel" - and deflecting their normal attempts at
staying centered by claiming to do no more than is "justified". Justified is not
the question; self knowledge and balance are.

There is another thread which shows up often in discussions like these; the need
to "teach the sender a lesson". In some cases, I have even heard this justified
as "protecting the community". This way lies manyі Є рЙь±PRINT D did the Goddess
give you an "agent of threefold return" marshall's badge, that exempts you from
any consequences "because you are just an agent"? That hubris is gonna teach
some hard lessons, but the self appointed marshall may be the major recipient.
It would be a little bit healthier to just shed the self-righteousness and call
it an ego driven feud. "Teaching them a lesson" gets filed under the pitfalls
of righteousness, the ways that one's own weaknesses seduce one.

Also consider, what if despite your initial impression, the negative energy is
really coming from inside, from part of you? Are you going to be better off
"reflecting it back" (maybe with additional conscious or unconscious oomph) or
grounding it? "Gee, I returned it but good, and now they have stepped it up;
the sender really needs a lesson!". That may be more true than you know, bucko.

Notice that nowhere do we say that one has no "right" to put up a reflective
shield; of course one does, and is fully justified. Also, possibly, unwise.
There is a distinction between what one has a "right" to do in "self defense",
and what is wise to get drawn into. Reflecting it is neither necessary, nor
likely to produce positive results, but if _that itself_ is the lesson to be
learned, what can I say? Each chooses their own path, and that is as it should
be. At least if one has considered the above, one should know what they are
stepping into.

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Weight Loss Magick Program Spell

Weight Loss Magick Program Spell Cover
What good would magic be, if it could not provide for one of women's basic
needs, that of losing weight? In fact it is a simple deed to perform, if a bit
lengthy - but what are a few days of magic, when sometimes years of
efforts, strenuous gymnastics, and suicidal diets have failed!

It might even sound too good to be true, yet true it is. And this you have to
believe, as it is the only pre-requisite for this magic to work: that
unconditionally you believe in it. If you are halfhearted about it, you might
as well give up and take up weight-lifting instead.

For this magic you need two things: jasmine essence, and a quartz crystal.
Jasmine is the flower of femininity. (I am supposing this magic to be
directed to a woman - of course men do want to lose weight too. If this is the
case determine from a flower section or herb section, which plant would suit
you best for this magic). Jasmine is the flower of senses, of pleasure, of
physical attraction. The best suited therefore to bring you back in touch with
the pleasure of being in your skin, of looking and feeling attractive, the
feeling that exudes naturally from a healthy and balanced body. In fact all
the responsibility for weight problems resides somewhere in the body's loss
of its ability to stay balanced. Deficiencies on the emotional or mental plane
are interfering with the body's natural wisdom. When its balance is impaired
its happiness is lost.

Through jasmine you may magically evoke that lost sensuous joyfulness.
With the crystal quartz you focus your energies on the issue at hand, and
give staying power to the healing forces. Begin the process during the day,
when the moon is full. Cleanse and dress yourself and sit in your magic
place. Place the jasmine flowers or essence and also the quartz crystal in
front of you together with the symbols of the elements (air, fire, water and

As you call the powers a different element will present itself to you,
according to where the imbalance is in you. That will of course change the
shape of the incantation. In this example I will use the element air - on the
basis of this example you can work out the different variations.

So air is in this case the element which speaks, the power which will help
you with this magic. Words belong to air magic. Now inhale the scent of the
jasmine and relax deeply to ask your subconscious to give you a word - the
key word for this magic. For a few minutes you are sitting with your eyes
closed, thinking of nothing. When you sense your mind beginning to wander
astray, touch the quartz - its magical powers will help immediately to focus
your attention again.

Soon the key word will form itself in your conscious mind: in this example it
is "independence". It does not matter that you understand why this particular
word should be your key word. Certainly a reason is there, your unconscious
has its own deep wisdom - but it is not important that you should be
consciously aware of its motives.

Every night, from the full moon to the black moon, you will rub a few drops
of jasmine oil on your naked body. While doing this, let the key word
"independence" stay in your mind.

As you revel in the fragrance of the jasmine, relaxing, images will come to
your mind, suggestions as to how to expand on the independence in your
life. Maybe you will have a vision of yourself learning a foreign language.
Following these suggestions is an essential part of this magic; if you want it
to work you will have to find a way.

The quartz crystal will help you with that. If you find yourself saying, "I
have too much to do, I cannot possibly fit this in, I never was good at
languages anyway," etc., touch the crystal and feel its energy for a few
seconds. It will immediately give you clarity and firmness of purpose, and
you will be able to see what you need to do, and have the determination to
do it.

Every night, before going to sleep, rub the essence on your body, and
experiment with your key word. Keep the crystal with you at all times for
this period - to touch it whenever you feel that you need to do so.

Thanks to the magic of the flower, of the crystal, and of the key word given
to you by the power air, a deep change will start in this period. A change
which will enable you to regain your natural balance, and the grace and
beauty that go with it.

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Freeze Your Rival Spell

Freeze Your Rival Spell Cover Freeze your Rival Spell

The following spell is to freeze the negativity sent by an enemy. It is an
ancient spell that is very potent. If you cast it you can rest assured that you
will certainly stop the antics of your enemy (without harming them). This spell
can be cast at any time and during any phase of the moon.


1 piece of paper large enough for you to print the full name
of your enemy.

A refrigerator

1 ice-cube tray or small plastic bottle.


Step (1) Print the name of your enemy on paper.
If you don't know your enemy's name, just print

Step (2) Place paper in ice-cube tray.

Step (3) Fill ice-cube tray with water and place in the freezer compartment of
refrigerator. As you place the tray in freezer repeat this verse:

"Stay there and freeze
For as long as I please."

Step (4) Leave name in ice until danger is past. Do not allow ice to thaw.

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Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century

Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century Cover

Book: Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century by Graham Harvey

This Collection of fascinating papers resulted from the first academic conference on contemporary Paganism in Britain. The chapters cover all the various Traditions which fall under the umbrella of Paganism - Druidry, Witchcraft, Heathenism, Shamanism, Goddess Worship, various forms of magickal practice, etc. There is also an excellent overview of the roots of modern Paganism by Bristol historian Ronald Hutton. A good place to start learning about this "fastest growing religion in Britain" (BBC 'Everyman'). Best chapters are by Harvey, Harris, Simes and Sutcliffe.

Despite being one of the fastest growing religious movements in the world today, contemporary Paganism has lacked a strong academic voice until now. While focusing primarily on Paganism in Britain, this collection of papers goes a long way towards filling that void. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone, Pagan or not, who desires a deeper Understanding of the current Neo-Pagan movement worldwide. Excellent read!

Buy Graham Harvey's book: Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century

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John Ankerberg - Satanism And Witchcraft The Occult And The West Part Ii
Samuel Gardner Drake - Annals Of Witchcraft In New England And Elsewhere In The United States
Mw Macdowall - Asgard And The Gods The Tales And Traditions Of Our Northern Ancestors Ver 2

Cat Magick

Cat Magick Cover CAT MAGICK

One type of cat magick suggests naming your cats on one of the following
Egyptian naming days. (Last monday in April, Second Monday in August, and third
monday in December.)

Cast your circle, declare the cats name aloud and chant:

"Your name I set upon your brow,
And to four shining angels* bow.
This mark of grace your guardian be,
And make your name a magic key.
Goddessess of Moon and Might,
Bless my Spells this Egypt's night."

*Instead of angels, you can amend this to whoever you called to your quarters.

from Clare Nahmad's book Cat Spells: Cat magic Through the Ages

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Phillip Williams - Night Magic
Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Aleister Crowley - Magick

Blood Sacrifices Blood Spells Blood Charms

Blood Sacrifices Blood Spells Blood Charms Cover BLOOD SACRIFICES - BLOOD SPELLS - BLOOD CHARMS
By Kris Aaron
[Reprinted from THE DRUID'S PROGRESS #5]

It's powerful stuff, human hemoglobin, both as a physical, life-giving
substance and tangible instrument for psychic workings. Almost all religions
emphasize blood in Their Rites ("This is the blood of Christ" during the
Christian eucharist, for example), but, sadly, paleo-pagans have one of the
ugliest histories of ritual blood sacrifice -- partially bad public relations
by the Christian churches, and partially based on unpleasant fact.

The major problem with the use of blood in magick rituals is that it was
almost always used in excessive amounts, and was inevitably taken from unwilling
participants. Blood is astonishingly powerful stuff, and it seems that early
pagan priests must have operated on the "If a little is good, a lot is better"

They were wrong. Blood, when used with the appropriate words, rituals, herbs
and the correct phase of the moon, undoubtedly did add quite a bit of horsepower
to the proceedings, but if taken under protest from an unwilling victim the
results could be similar to an extremely powerful car out of control at high
speeds -- it may go where the driver wants it to, and then again it may fly off
the road and do a tremendous amount of damage before stopping.

But when the people liked pagantry and teh priests liked power, the Gods and
Goddesses HAD to like blood -- and a lot of it. (It was also an easy way of
eliminating enemies of the state local loudmouths who challenged the
establishment and the prisoners of war who were getting expensive to feed).
Thusly, blood sacrifices became all the rage and a powerful, magickal tool was
distorted in an ugly, unpleasant way.

Neo-Pagans, thanklfully, are beyond the politically motivated aspects of
blood sacrifice, and that includes those of you out there with aspirations for
public office (bribery and a juicy contra fund work better than blood anyway).
However, to eliminate this incredible substance (blood, not the contra fund)
from all spells and ceremonies may be a mistake. There are times when a drop of
blood can be of extremely important use in saving a life.

Which brings us to the first and most important "rule" for blood in magick --
IT MUST BE YOUR BLOOD THAT IS USED!!! The person who is working the spell,
performing the ceremony or creating the charm is the individual holding the
power – and therefore she or he has the Most Powerful blood of anyone (or
anything) in the group, and should not be afraid to shed a few drops. NOBODY

I'm belaboring this point because it's undoubtedly the most important aspect
of blood use in Ritual magick -- if its you who wants the spell done, and done
right, YOU must shed your own blood, whether others are eager to volunteer or
not. Of course, if its a big, serious spell that requires more power than you
can summon alone, then everyone in the grove, coven or circle may wish to work
together equally and shed an equal amount of blood, but this decision is up to
each individual member of the groupand no-one must be pressured to spill a few
drops – the magick won't work (or worse will backfire in a most ugly way) if
those participating aren't fully enthusiastic about pricking their fingers.

How much blood? Like most things metaphysic, blood is an incredibly powerful
symbol, and a little goes a long way. The willingless to undergo a tiny bit of
pain (especially in our comfort-oriented culture) and the act of parting with
precious bodily fluids can bring forth tremendous forces that have little
relation to the actual amount spilled. It would seem that the more blood shed
the less one can focus on the act and its true meaning, and after a certain
point individuals simply kick back and try to let the power of the blood itself
do all the work. This is where the horsepower starts to get out of control.
Those working blood magick need to be in control at all times, with their minds
focusing and directing the strength from the blood.

So a few drops are certainly enough for any imaginable ritual ---at least if
those participating are hoping for a positive outcome.

When to use blood? Again, everyone's idea of "important" may differ, but
blood is VERY SERIOUS STUFF. Most cautious magick workers would hesitate to use
a blood charm for mundane benefits (if blood worked for lottery winnings we'd
all be awash in it). Consensus seems to have it that blood should only be used
to protect living creatures from dire threats to their life and health. This
does not mean that a blood charm should be used to protect one from an annoying
but harmless co-worker, or even from a boss who may be writing up your pink
slip. THere are other methods of protection and if these don't work on mundane
problems perhaps it's ones karma to go through a trying time.

Blood is used to keep yourself and those you love alive and healthy, not
prosperous and powerful. Blood is elemental and basic, and should only be used
for the basics, which don't include money and prestige. Did your significant
other buy a motorcycle that will do 162 mph? By all means make this person a
blood charm. Is a beloved familiar going in for surgery? Again the blood charm
or spell is appropriate.

But here it must be said that even the most powerful magick won't protect
individuals from themselves - it will only act as a defense against the
negligence, stupidity or outright malice of others, or as a petition to the
elements. Blood is the strongest stuff we know, but even it can't overcome the
charmholder's stupidity, incompetance or suicidal tendancies. For example, a
blood charm will keep an experienced rider on that 162 mph motorcycle safe from
a drunk in a buick and guide him or her to shelter during a vicious storm. But
it is a guarenteed fact of metaphysics tha the same charm won't work when the
begining rider forgets which is the clutch and which is the brake and
subsequently strains him - or herself through a chainlink fence. (The efficiency
of blood magick also decreases in direct proportion to the charmholder's alchol
intake, but its also been said that Baccus watches out for his own. However, if
any reader has a charm, spell or potion that cures dumb behavior please please
write in!)

Now, down to the nuts and bolts of the actual charm. Blood is simply an
additive and will work quite nicely with the magick, rituals and spells you are
currently using. All it requires is respect and an acknowledgement of the
incredible power contained therein. I have found that my normal spell and charm
making ritual accompanied by the words "May this be the only pain felt, the
only blood shed" works most satisfactorially. The phrase may have to be altered
appropriately, of course, if the charm is being made for someone undergoing
surgery -- always adjust for the need and the individual.

And speaking of individuals, the person or living thing receiving the charm,
spell or magick should have given his, her or its permission in advance for the
work to be done. Never never, never do blood magick for someone without their
full knowledge and approval -- otherwise, it may interfere with their beliefs or
karma and cause an incredible amount of damage, no matter that you only wanted
to help. Also, this is a good time to strongly advise against ritually mixing
your blood with someone else's (transfusions aren't magick and don't count).
Too often, Relationships fall apart but there you are, still bonded to this
person who you'd just as soon be without. It's tough to undoi a blood mixing,
but if you insist on it as part of teh handfasting, marriage or life-bonding, be
very sure that you can at least remain good friends should circumstances change
and lust and love die off. Because with a blood bonding, you and the other
individual are going to be interacting with each other, in one way or another,
pleasant or awful, for a long long time.

Lesser points - blood magick needs cooperation from the recipient. To
paraphrase: The Goddesses and Gods Help Those Who Help Themselves. Don't waste a
blood charm on a suicidal person or a non-believer who is likely to down two
six-packs and test it by standing in front of an oncoming train - instead, drag
the individual to counseling RIGHT AWAY. And don't ask for too much; it confuses
the issue. Keep the phrasing simple : "Let this be the only pain felt, the only
blood shed, and keep my love from frostbite and hypothermia," if your love is
planning to climb Mt. McKinley in January. DOn't wander down a long list of
every possible injury; it dilutes teh chamr's true effectiveness and bores the
goddesses and gods.

Blood magick is very effective for living things -- people, familiars, trees
and the earth (in small areas). One charm per life, however, or the power is
diluted. Blood charms for inanimate objects confuse the issue -- they only seem
to work on living substances. Besides, most inanimate objects can be nicely
protected in other ways; your car in for an overhaul may need to be circled and
protected (more for your finiancial benefit than the car's, since most any
vehicle can be restored), but a living thing won't always come out of surgery
better than it went in.

And one last warning : ritual blood magick is bad public relations since most
people can't get past the word "blood" and won't hear you say "Its my own!".
Thanks to Charlie Manson and his little family, anything to do with bloodletting
is now associated with the most negative of behavior. Best to keep positive but
heavy magick to yourself or within the group, and only offer to do a blood charm
or spell for individuals who you are sure would welcome it.

Kris Aaron
Box 1304
Apache Jct., AZ 85220

Note From The Archdruid:
Blood Sacrifice is forbidden in all official A.D.F. ceremonies

The Druid's Progress is published semiannually and is sent
primarily to subscribing members of ADF. For further information
write to ADF : Po Box 1022, Nyack, NY USA 10960-1022 and please
include a SASE

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Vladimir Antonov - Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present

Teen Witches Wiccans And Wanna Blessed Be

Teen Witches Wiccans And Wanna Blessed Be Cover

Book: Teen Witches Wiccans And Wanna Blessed Be by Lawton Winslade

J. Lawton Winslade Teen Witches, Wiccans, and "Wanna-Blessed-Be's": Pop-Culture Magic in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In a series about vampires and magic, where words have visible magical effects and vampirism itself is based on a quite literal contagion, Buffy seems a perfect text to explore such linguistic and performative productions. Yet, the series is only a fraction of a larger discursive field, where “witch" and “Wicca" are constantly thrown about. Because of the media attention and popularity of the movement, Wicca has been presented in various lights. In the first season of the popular CBS series, Judging Amy, a child custody case is brought to trial over the mother’s Wiccan beliefs. In one of the few instances when television has presented a somewhat realistic view of the neo-pagan community and its inner politics, a representative of the Wiccan Anti-Defamation League - a real organization started by well-known witch Laurie Cabot (Berger 77)—decides not to defend the mother because of fear of negative publicity. Intriguingly, Scooby-Doo, one of Buffy’s spiritual forefathers, and the source for the core group’s nickname - the Scooby gang—features Wiccan themes in its full-length video, Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost. In the Scooby-Doo movies, the monsters are real, as the advertisement is fond of saying, and this witch is a real witch.

However, she is initially presented as a Wiccan, a midwife and town healer during Salem times. The cartoon’s anachronistic use of the term is further complicated by the fact that the so-called “Wiccan" is actually the evil witch, and the intimidating fang-wearing local girl band, the “Hex Girls" who call themselves “ecogoths" (“and we don’t need your approval!") are the real Wiccans, only becoming aware of their powers at the climax of the film. In the closing credits, when the sexily animated “Hex Girls" are singing about casting spells and respecting the Earth, the message is clear. In these instances, along with whatever identity defining Characteristics can be derived from such works as Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and The Blair Witch Project, among others, the form that the contemporary witch takes based on media Representations is quite a strange one. What media adds to popular folklore, then, is how the witch is constituted as a subject through language, or, to borrow Butler’s borrowing from Althusser, how the witch is “interpellated," thus “given a certain possibility for social existence"

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Know The Child Within


Cast a Circle. Sit facing south and light a green or blue candle. Have a doll or
stuffed animal. Take it in your hands and sprinkle it with salt water.


"I name you _________________."

(Use your own childhood name or nickname.)

Hold it in your arms, croon to it, rock it, and talk to it. Tell it everything
you would have liked to hear as a child. Let it talk to you and tell you how it
feels and what it wants. Let your voice change. Play.

Raise energy and visualize that you are pouring it into the doll, who is your
own inner self. Create an image of your own child self as you would have liked
it to be, and project it into your doll. Continue until the doll is glowing with
white light and love.

Kiss the doll. Wrap it in white cloth and lay it to rest on your altar. Bind the

Earth the power. Open the Circle. Repeat as often as you need or want to.

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