How To Practice White Magic Spells

How To Practice White Magic Spells Cover White magic is a belief system that embodies good energy, health and healing. It's filled with everything black magic lacks: great karma, good spells, bountiful peace and a system of rituals and spells that promote tranquility and love. If you'd like to spread some harmony and healing during these stressful times, get mellow, practice kindness and spread love and good tidings among friends and family. Here's the best part: You can start practicing immediately since no license is required.


1.Learn all you can about the various aspects of white magic. The practice can be layered in spellbinding language and may include charms and rituals, so devotees recommend devoting as much time to learning about it as you would any other life-changing practice.
2.Make white magic a regular part of your day. Adopt a male and/or a female spirit of your choosing and "consult" with them regularly during daily tasks to confer blessings--in the form of positive energy--into everything with which you come into contact. Build these internal reserves as you practice White Magic and you will be able to dispel negativity.
3.Invest in a beautiful journal and turn it into your Book of Shadows. This personal diary exists to accompany you as you use white magic to record and expand upon all of your experiences. As you explore the art of casting spells, use this journal to keep an accurate record of your spiritual growth.
4.Construct a mental bridge between your mind and nature. Practicing white magic is all about tying a ribbon around that relationship so you understand how closely the two are tied together. Good deeds like planting flowers, taking time to admire a sunset or picking fruit for those who have no food offers opportunities to understand how intertwined all of life can be.
5.Explore introspection and get in touch with the peace it brings when you reserve snippets of the day for meditation. Because white magic is focused upon bringing good energy into your life and the lives of those you love, quiet times offer opportunities for you to use your powers to comfort, enrich, enhance and better the lives of significant others.
6.Accept the fact that your greatest feats of magic will be those that come from your heart and soul. Conjuring a spell or creating a ritual can't affect the outcome of a situation unless you believe that your power is strong enough to make it so.
7.Never use white magic to manipulate, threaten or harm. Such actions have been known to backfire badly, turning white into Black Magic and cursing the practitioner for abusing the gift. Remember that there's a lot of common sense built into the practice of white magic. The Golden Rule may not have originated with early proponents, but this principle is implicit in the practice. Spells you send out will always come back to you.
8.Cast spells only after you have thoroughly examined your heart because once cast, a spell can't be rescinded. If you're considering a spell but you're not quite sure it's ready to be cast, revisit Step 5. Turning inward and meditating upon the magic you are about to make will always serve you well.

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