Make A Witch Ladder Charm

Make A Witch Ladder Charm Cover MAKE A WITCH'S LADDER CHARM

This charm can be of two varieties. One is a general purpose charm of protection
and good luck, the other for a specific purpose.

Supplies needed

For a General Purpose Charm

A length of White Cord,
A length of Red Cord,
A length of Black Cord
Nine Feathers, each of a Different Color

Red for physical vitality,
Blue for mental abilities, peace and protection,
Yellow for cheerfulness and prosperity,
Green for growth and health,
Brown for stability and respect,
Black for mystical wisdom,
Iridescent Black for mystical insight,
Barred Black, Gray or White for balance and harmony,

Feathers with "eyes" such as peacock feathers for protection and inner

If it is possible, make the Ladder on the night of a Full Moon. Arrange your
alter and cast a circle. Use about a yard of each color yarn. Tie the ends
together and braid them together while you say :

Yarn of Red, Black, and White
Work Your magic spell this night.

Repeat this until the braid is finished. Braiding is a magickal act because it
makes three strands into one. This represents the three aspects of the Goddess
in one. Tie a knot at the end of the braid. Starting at about a foot from the
beginning of the braid, tie a feather with a knot around the base and say :
(example a green feather)

With this feather and this string
Prosperity this charm will bring.

Tie all nine feathers to the cord, spacing them as evenly as possible. Tie the
ends of the cord together to form a circle. Pass the finished Ladder above a
candle flame then incense smoke. Sprinkle it with consecrated water and say :

In the names of the Goddess and the God
By Air, Earth, Fire and Water
I consecrate this charm
Of feathers nine and cord of three
As I will, so mote it be!

Hang the Ladder where it will not be seen by others but where you will see it
every day.

To make a Ladder for a specific purpose, you need three feathers and one length
of yarn braided into a cord in the color of your need.

Books in PDF format to read:

John Musick - The Witch Of Salem
Marian Green - A Witch Alone
Andrew Lang - The Witch And Other Stories

Paganism Surviving In Christianity

Paganism Surviving In Christianity Cover

Book: Paganism Surviving In Christianity by Abram Herbert Lewis

This book presents a suggestive rather than an exhaustive treatment of these influences, and of their effect on historic Christianity. The author has aimed to make a volume which busy men may read, rather than one whose bulk would relegate it to the comparative silence of library shelves. The following pages treat four practical points in Christianity, without attempting to enter the field of speculative theology, leaving that to a future time, or to the pen of another F viz.: The influence of pagan thought upon the Bible, and its interpretation; upon the organized Church, through the pagan water-worship cult; upon the practices and spiritual life of the Church by substituting pagan holidayism for Christian Sabbathism, through the sun-worship cult; and upon the spiritual life and subsequent character of the Church, by the union of Church and State, and the subjugation of Christianity to the civil power, according to the pagan model. Facts do not cease to be facts, though denied and ignored. They do not withdraw from the field of history, though men grow restive under their condemnation. I have dealt mainly with facts, giving but brief space to "conclusions." I have written for those who are thoughtful and earnest; who are anxious to know what the past has been, that they may the better understand the duties of the present and the unfolding issues of the future. Such will not read the following pages with languid interest nor careless eyes.

Find Abram Herbert Lewis's book in
Paganism Surviving In Christianity

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Temple Of Flame The Ritual Opening Of The Veil

Temple Of Flame The Ritual Opening Of The Veil Cover

Book: Temple Of Flame The Ritual Opening Of The Veil by Frater Astrum

Temple of Flame. The Ritual Opening of the Veil By Frater Astrum with some minor revisions by Frater Hoor, 20.8.2003 e.v.

Download Frater Astrum's eBook: Temple Of Flame The Ritual Opening Of The Veil

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Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise

Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise Cover

Book: Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise by Scott Cunningham

Natural magic utilizes the world around us for magical purposes. Herbs are one of the most important tools for natural magic, and the best introduction to this system is found in Scott Cunningham's Magical Herbalism.

This book presents a complete system of magic using herbs. You will learn the theory of magic and the tools you'll need. Then you'll get countless techniques for using herbs for magic. Need a protection method? "Pick several protective herbs and bind the stems together with red thread, then hang them up. This practice dates back to Babylonian times." You'll find a list of over 115 herbs that details their magical powers, so you can easily find which ones are protective in nature.

Complete system of magic that is as easy as it is powerful. It begins with theory and what you need to do to prepare for works of magic. Then it tells you how to harvest, dry, and store the magical herbs. This is followed by information on how to use the herbs you have obtained for such things as getting love, doing divinations, casting protection spells, and healing yourself and others. You'll also learn how to make magical fluid condensers, incenses, perfumes, scented oils, and amulets. The book continues with a listing of over 115 major magical herbs with all of their qualities listed. And there is much, much more, too. The phrase "complete system" really doesn't express how full of information this book really is.
Another reason I think this book has become a classic has to do with Scott's style of writing. It is very gentle and kind. He never talks at you or down to you. Rather, he seems to be talking with you. This makes the book a pleasure and a treasure to read and enjoy.

How about a divination using herbs? "Get a small quantity of dried patchouly, mugwort, or wormwood. Crumble the herb between your hands until it is finely diminished. Next, pour it into a small square pan (glass or ceramic). Light yellow candles and place the pan on your working area. Close your eyes, extend the index finger of your weak hand, and gently touch the center of the pan with its tip. Move it at random in the pan, shifting from one direction to another... Now, remove your finger, open your eyes, and interpret the symbols you have just written in the herb."
All of the techniques, rituals, spells, talismans, healing methods, and charms are this easy. And most importantly, they work! You'll also find how to make and use incenses, scented oils, perfumes, fluid condensers, and so much more.

This combination of style and depth of content makes Magical Herbalism one of the finest and most important resources you can have. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of herbs, this book is for you. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of folklore, you need this book. And if you are looking to work with the gracious gifts of Mother Nature that can be used to improve your life and the lives of those around you, this book is a must.

Both novice and veteran will find something of interest within its covers with extensive information in an easy-to-read format. You can learn how to make amulets, potions, incenses, oils, sachets, simples, infusions and a garden to be used for magical spells and rituals geared to a variety of purposes. This book is a treasure.

Find Scott Cunningham's book in
Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise

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Your Magical Name

Your Magical Name Cover Why a Magical Name?:
Ah, the magical name. So many people find wicca and decide right off the bat that they’re going to name themselves Lady Such-and-Such or Lord Whatsis. Go to a pagan event and you’ll meet more fifteen-year-old Lady Morganas than you can shake a stick at. And it’s virtually guaranteed that within about three months, Lady Morgana will decide her magical name, sometimes called a craft name, is really supposed to be Starfluffle or Moongypsy, and she’ll change it.

In fact, she’ll probably change it two to three times a year.

The Name-of-the-Month Club:
This odd phenomenon, known as the Name-of-the-Month Syndrome, happens most often because the person in question hasn’t taken the time to research and learn, which is crucial to finding the right magical name.

A magical name is unique to the practitioner, and there are several ways to find yours. When you find the right name, you’ll keep it for a long time. In some traditions, it‘s customary to wait until you‘ve studied a year and a day before claiming your magical name. Some Pagans have two magical names -- one which they use in public and one which is known only to the gods and members of the person’s coven.

Think Long-Range:
One method by which people sometimes find their magical name is to simply choose something they like. A problem with this method is that what we like on one day, we may find silly a year down the road. If you’re going to choose a name based on whether it sounds cool or not, stop and think about it. What is it about the name that appeals to you? Ten years from now, are still going to feel comfortable saying, “Hi, I‘m Fairypuddle,” when you meet a new person?

Names with Meaning:
Choose a name not only for its sound, but its attributes as well. For example, someone wishing to convey strength in their name might include “oak“ or “iron“ as part of their moniker. A person who is highly creative might select a name that reflects their art or craft. You may want to choose a name based rooted in folklore or mythology. Many people include the name of an animal that resonates with them. A cautionary note here: in the Pagan community, certain animals pop up all the time. You’ll meet two dozen Ravens and just as many Cats, but it’s unlikely you’ll encounter anyone calling himself Wombat or Penguin.

Names to Avoid:
Another bit of advice -- generally, the titles Lord and Lady are reserved for people who are elders or have a significant amount of leadership experience under their belt. To name oneself Lady So-and-So without any credentials is considered presumptuous by many Pagans. Likewise, in many traditions it’s seen as hubris to give oneself the name of a deity. You may want to choose a name that indicates your dedication to a god or goddess, but don’t co-opt their names. It’s just rude. If you're a dedicant to Apollo, don't call yourself Master Apollo, call yourself something like Apollonius instead.

Using Your Birth Number:
Another popular method of finding a magical name is to choose one that corresponds with your birth number. To find your birth number, begin by adding the digits of your birth date.

If your birthday was September 1, 1966, you would start with the numbers 911966 = 9 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 32.

Now take those two numbers (3 and 2), and bring it down to a single digit: 3 + 2 = 5. That number -- in this case, 5 -- is your birth number.

Use the grid below to find a name that corresponds to the number 5, by calculating the sum of the corresponding letters.

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Let’s say you’ve decide you like the name Willow. Using the letters in “Willow” you would take the numbers 5 + 9 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 5 = 32. From there, 3 + 2 = 5. If the name you like doesn’t match your birth numbers, try some creative or alternate spellings to see what happens.

A Gift from the Gods:
In some cases, you may be fortunate enough to have your new name bestowed upon you by a god or goddess. In these instances, you may encounter someone in a dream or a vision who tells you, “Your name is Such-and-such.” While you may choose to add to it or come up with a variation on it later, if this happens to you, accept the name as the gift that it is.

Whatever method you end up using, think carefully before you finalize your new name. While it’s okay to change your name later on as you evolve spiritually, changing your name every few weeks or every time you see a new episode of “Charmed” is probably not the best course of action. Find the name that is right for you -- and when it IS the right one, you will know.

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Witchcraft Magic Spells

Witchcraft Magic Spells Cover The word ‘witch’ is a part of the larger word witchcraft. ‘Witch’ means magic maker. So witchcraft is the art or craft of making magic. Modern witchcraft is now closer to wicca, which besides meaning ‘wise’ also means to ‘bend’. The word ‘ bend’ brings witchcraft closer to magic or spells.

Every human heart is filled with needs, dreams and desires. They may relate to health, wealth, love, marriage, revenge, fame, success, sex, litigation, rivalry, home, job, cars, tours and travels. The list can be as long and as varied as the human needs and desires are. We make every effort including witchcraft and spells to achieve our aims.

Witchcraft magic spells are an irresistible and dominating influence, which wields great power over the animate and even inanimate objects of the natural world. Spells are a potent tool of the witchcraft. Spells may be used in many forms. They can be used as love spells, lost love spells, sleep spells and so on.

Spells are a form of magic. They can empower you to achieve your aims and transform your life from one of deprivation to that of opulence and luxury, from ugliness to beauty and charm. witchcraft magic spells are cast by observing certain rituals like the ritual of the pentagram.

The first step of the ritual involves casting a circle and calling the quarters to perform the Qabalistic Cross. The second step is to inscribe the circle. In the third step you invoke the Archangels of the Four Quarters. The last step is to perform the Qabalistic Cross Again.

Spells can be good or evil. It is the responsibility of the practitioner of spells not to misuse them in a negative way, to harm others or do something against the will of God. He can, of course, use them in a positive way for his own good and also for the good of others. The practitioner of witchcraft magic spells cannot escape the responsibility of the consequences of his actions.

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Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
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Will I Go To Hell If I Cast Spells

Will I Go To Hell If I Cast Spells Cover Question: Will I Go To Hell If I Cast Spells?

I'm not wiccan yet but I've been reading about it. I have to admit I'm a little nervous about casting spells and reading Tarot cards. I was raised Christian, and there's a part of me that wonders if maybe I'll end up in Hell for practicing witchcraft. What do I do?


This is a tricky question, because wiccans and Pagans don't believe in the Christian concept of Hell. Not only that, most of us accept magic as part of our daily life. For someone who is a practicing Wiccan or Pagan, there's not really a concern about this sort of thing -- the fate of our immortal soul is not rooted in the use of magic. Instead, we take responsibility for our actions, and accept that the universe gives back what we put into it. In other words, for most Wiccans, magic in itself is not "evil", but practicing negative or harmful magic can certainly get us in a bit of Karmic hot water.

However, we also understand that not every spiritual path agrees with this philosophy. If you belong to a religion that does have injunctions against magic and witchcraft, and you are concerned about the state of your soul as a result of magical practices, you should speak to your pastor or minister about these issues. Ultimately, you are the only one who can determine whether a magical life is right for you or not.

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Will Herberg - The Writings Of Martin Buber
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William Godwin - The Lives Of The Necromancers

Why Do Candle Magick Spells Work

Why Do Candle Magick Spells Work Cover As a candle burns it releases not only it's wax but it's color into the atmosphere. What ever has been connected with the candle as in the form of embedded energy or written on the candle will transmigrate to a plane where it can do what you have intended and focused on it to do. A candle, like everything else used for a magickal purpose, has to be consecrated. Use the general consecration for candles. They are creatures of Fire or of Art. Make sure to check the Moon phase before working any spell. The phase of the Moon will greatly affect the outcome of your spell. After consecration a candle must be dressed. This consists of anointing the candle with a special oil you have chosen for the purpose in mind. There are many other things you can do to embed a candle to your purpose. You can etch runes in it; a name on it; a purpose for it to perform.. Really the list is endless.

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White Magic Spells For Justice

White Magic Spells For Justice Cover It's often been said that no good deed goes unpunished. The opposite may also be true, in that slights and injuries go unavenged. Regarding spirituality, this will put things out of balance. There are however, several different methods by which one can fix this imbalance in the form of a spell to bring justice.

What magic Is
1. Magic is the focusing of a person's will and using it to affect the world around them. The words, symbols and gestures that typically represent magic are only a means by which practitioners help themselves focus.
The Difference between White and Black Magic
2. White magic, simply put, is magic that is used for a good or a neutral end. Examples are spells for healing or relaxation. black magic is magic that is used for an evil, or destructive end, such as cursing someone.
The Meaning of Justice
3. Before one attempts to use magic to achieve her ends, that person should be certain that it's justice and not revenge that she is seeking. The difference is obvious in that justice is neutral, and dispenses proper ends to all involved and revenge is personal, and it usually culminates in the suffering of another.
Putting It All Together
4. Once a person is sure that his end is justice, and that he will be using White Magic to achieve it, finding the right spell can be difficult. For most effective measures, the spell should be personally crafted by the person who will be casting it.
5. If a person crafts her own spell, she should use whatever is sacred to her. The spell should be geared towards that person's religion, and each practitioner should use tools and focuses (chanting, meditation, altar, wands and robes) that best suits her.
6. Calling the Scales: The practitioner casts a circle (either purely in magic, or by drawing it upon the ground), and then calls forth each of the 4 elements. The practitioner then speaks the offense, and their demand for recompense. Then a thank you is issued to the elements which came and the circle is erased.

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Weight Loss Spells

Weight Loss Spells Cover This is a very simple weight loss spell, which I wrote in 1990 and have used over the years as an aid to diet and exercise. Remember that magick never relieves you of your responsibility to continue to do all you can on the physical plane to achieve your goals. If you think you are a powerful enough witch that you can just light a candle to take the weight off while you continue to eat chocolate ice cream for desert every night, then I really want to meet you!

Simple Weight Loss Spell

Timimg: Waning Moon (start just after Full Moon)

Preparation: Using an athame (or another sharp item that you have ritually blessed) mark a black candle into 14 equal parts (13 rings). Mark each section with number fives (5).

On the night after the Full Moon, burn the candle down to the first mark while meditating, and chanting the following:

"As this candle burns, so my fat burns.
As this candle decreases, so my weight decreases.
I have complete control over my weight.
My body is truly perfect in every way.
I now weigh a perfect __(insert desired goal)___ pounds.
Every day I am slimmer and healthier.
I am as perfect as the Goddess within me.
Thank you, Goddess, for your help.
This is my will, so mote it be."

Do this nightly, burning the candle down to the next mark, until the night of the New Moon, when the candle should be allowed to burn out. It is also helpful to picture your body's fat cells burning off and to feel your increased metabolism and energy. Your body may feel warm and tingly. As the candle goes down, so your weight goes down. You will lose 5-10 pounds over the two weeks. This spell can be done every month, or as needed.

Points to Remember:
This is the affirmation that I wrote for myself, you are free to change it in any way to suit yourself. Rhyming works well, but I wrote this before I was very good at rhyming everything, and I have continued to use it in the original form simply because I like it that way. Always bear in mind that you must see yourself as having already accomplished your goal in the present moment. Also remember that you need to keep wording things as positive, your subconcious mind really hates to "lose" anything. The word "Goddess" can be substituted for whatever God or Goddess you are working with on this, but I would definitely ask for Divine help.

Another Weight Loss Spell

Stand in front of a mirror and put your hands on your stomach. Chant these words with feeling:

Godess hear my plead,
Make me the weight I want to heed,
This size is to big for me,
A size (size you want to be) I want to be,
So Mote It Be

Once you do this you will feel a funny feeling in your stomach and your cloths will be to big (or if there to small for you the right size) for 6-7 hours

This is tested and works really well as me and my friends have tried this and it is really good. Thats why we put it in my B.O.S (Book of Shadows).

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Silver Spell

Silver Spell Cover
Money and Prosperity
by Scott Cunningham

In bygone times physical objects of genuine worth were used as money;
precious gems, an ingot of pure copper, a gold bar, a silver dollar. In
today's world, money is usually artificial. Governments print pictures
and numerals on pieces of paper. We all agree that paper money is worth
specific amounts and can be traded for hard physical goods and
services. Similarly, virtually worthless metals are covered with thin
films of copper and silver, and then stamped with more numbers and
pictures. Some countries even mint aluminum coins.

If we agreed that these bits of paper represent $10 or $100, then it
must be apparent that money is a state of mind. A being alien to our
planet faced with $10,000,000 in U.S. currency wouldn't see the wealth,
but simply etchings and meaningless symbols.

This is important - wealth and prosperity are states of mind. All the
money spells in the world won't bring us more wealth until we've
learned to stop fearing money and its attendant responsibilities. So
before trying the following ritual, change your mind about money. If
you truly need money, try to WANT it as well. If you simply want money,
see how you genuinely NEED it too, how it can help improve your life
and those of your loved ones.

Accept money into your life even before you have it. Ready yourself to
receive it. Welcome it with open arms. Then begin.


This ritual takes a week to perform.

Situate a small bowl of any material in a place of prominence in your
home, somewhere you pass by every day. Each day for seven days put one
dime into the bowl.

Next, obtain a green candle. This can be any shade of green. Buy it at
a candle shop, an occult supply store, a hardware store or a
supermarket. It can be a votive, a taper or a columnar candle.

Before you begin, fix in your mind the idea that you are a prosperous
person. See money as being no problem. Imagine money coming to you as
you need it.

Place the bowl of dimes, the green candle and a holder on a flat
surface. Hold the candle in your hands and feel the power of money.
Feel the avenues that open to you when you have it. Sense the energy
within money which we as human beings have given to it. Place the
candle in the holder. Pour the seven dimes into your left hand (or
right hand if you are left-handed). You will create a circle
surrounding the candle with the dimes. Place the first dime directly
before the candle. As you place it say the following or similar words:
Money flow,
Money shine;
Money grow,
Money's mine.

Repeat this six more times until you've created a circle around the
candle with seven gleaming dimes. As you say the words and place the
dimes, know that you're not just reciting and fooling around with
pieces of metal. You're working with POWER - that which we've given
money as well as that which is within yourself. Words too have energy,
as does the breath on which they ride.

When you've completed this, light the candle. Don't just flick a Bic
lighter; strike a match and touch its tip to the wick. As it picks up
the fire, sputters, melts and rises to a shining flame, see money
energy burning there. See the power of money flowing out from the seven
dimes up to the candle's flame and then out to the atmosphere.

Blow out the match, discard it in a heat-proof container, and settle
down before the glowing candle and money. Sense the feeling of money in
your life. Visualize (see with your mind's eye) a life with money to
spare - a life in which bills are quickly paid and money will never
again be a problem.

See yourself wisely spending money, investing it for your future needs.
See money as an unavoidable and beautiful aspect of your life.

Kill off any thought of debt, of taxes, of doubts that you can achieve
this change. Simply see what will be.

After ten minutes or so, leave the area. Let the candle burn itself out
in the holder (don't use a wooden one). Afterward, collect the dimes,
place them back in the bowl, and "feed" it a few coins every day from
then on.

Money will come to you.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

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Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Silver Key

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Gothic Grimoire

Gothic Grimoire Cover

Book: Gothic Grimoire by Konstantinos

In this day and age when Witchcraft & Wicca books are plentiful, it is rare to find something worthwhile and truly inspiring.

Let me tell you, this book is an exception and I cannot recommend it highly enough!! It was quite refreshing to see Lewellyn publishing something insightful and informative again, rather than re-hashing the same old topics cloaked in the latest "pantheon du jour."

Konstantinos' frank, descriptive writing style is one that is easy to relate to, both for the novice Witch and for those like myself who have been on this path long before the "Charmed" sect decided it would be fun to dabble in. And how nice to know that someone actually cracks open the "old school" tomes like Franz Bardon, Dion Fortune and RJ Stewart to bring that wisdom to the fore of modern Witchcraft practice.

Too often, today's Witchcraft authors leave out the whys and wherefores of how the circle is cast, how a condenser is created and how energies can be directed and transformed. There's been too much glossing over of such important elements of the art, science and practicum of magick....its a wonder any modern students of the Old Ways are getting anything from ritual and spell work at all.

But let me tell you, as a woman who has been working with paganism for nearly two decades, this book is different. Not only is it is very apparent that the author has indeed tried to "walk his talk" in his spiritual path (another thing often lost on the newer generation of Witches), it's obvious that through intense study, trial-and-error and thoughtful practice he has actually gleaned the knowledge he espouses. What a concept!! To teach from serious first-hand experience rather than spouting rote diatribes!!

Any real Witch would know that Gardner, Sanders, Buckland and Valiente started from deeper roots of knowledge, and so too has this author. What a wonderful way to show how very important it is that the foundations of magickal practice not be glossed
over in haste.

By giving readers clues, hints and homework rather than blatantly
dictating his findings, the author encourages the reader to experiment and explore their magickal abilities until they find the core of truth within themselves. Not to mention his ground-breaking ideas of reconciling Dark Magicks.....a long time coming brother! Amen!

Readers of both this book and the companion, "Nocturnal Witchcraft," are in for a rare excellent writer and teacher.

Find Konstantinos's book in
Gothic Grimoire

Books in PDF format to read:

Medieval Grimoires - The Secret Grimoire Of Turiel
Medieval Grimoires - The Grimoire Of Honorius
Austin Osman Spare - The Zoetic Grimoire Of Zos

Voodoo Superstitions And Spells

Voodoo Superstitions And Spells Cover Many superstitions also related to the practice of Hoodoo developed within the Voodoo tradition in Louisiana. While these superstitions are not central to the Voodoo faith, their appearance is partly a result of Voodoo tradition in New Orleans and have since influenced it significantly.

* If you lay a broom across the doorway at night, a witch can't come in and hurt you.
* Having a woman visit you the first thing on Monday mornings is bad luck for the rest of the week.
* Don't borrow or lend salt because that is bad luck.
* If you sweep trash out of the house after dark you will sweep away your luck.
* Don't shake a tablecloth outside after dark or someone in your family will die.
* To stop a Voodoo spell being placed upon you, acquire some bristles from a pig cooked at a Voodoo ritual, tie the bristles into a bundle and carry them on you at all times.
* If a woman sprinkles some salt from her house to yours, it will give you bad luck until you clean the salt away and put pepper over your door sill.
* If a woman wants her husband to stay away from other woman, she can do so by putting a little of her blood in his coffee, and he will never quit her.
* If a woman's husband dies and you don't want her to marry again, cut all of her husband's shoes all in little pieces, just as soon as he is dead, and she will never marry again.
* You can give someone a headache by taking and turning their picture upside down.
* You can harm a person in whatever way you want to by getting a lock of his hair and burning some and throwing the rest away.
* You can make a farmer's well go dry by putting some soda in the well for one week, each day; then drawing a bucket of water out and throwing it in the river to make the well go dry.

In Voodoo spells, the "cure-all" was very popular among followers. The cure-all was a Voodoo spell that could solve all problems. There were different recipes in voodoo spells for cure-all; one recipe was to mix jimson weed with sulphur and honey. The mixture was placed in a glass, which was rubbed against a black cat, and then the mixture was slowly sipped.

The Voodoo doll is a form of gris-gris, and an example of sympathetic magic. Contrary to popular belief, Voodoo dolls are usually used to bless instead of curse. The purpose of sticking pins in the doll is not to cause pain in the person the doll is associated with, but rather to pin a picture of a person or a name to the doll, which traditionally represents a spirit. The gris-gris is then performed from one of four categories: love; power and domination; luck and finance; and uncrossing.

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Voodoo Spells Magick And Rituals

Voodoo Spells Magick And Rituals Cover Voodoo has been hailed as quite possibly the oldest religion known to humankind, originating some 7,000 years ago. The word voodoo means "spirit" or "mystery." Voodoo believers accept the existence of one god (Bon Dieu or Good God), below which are the powerful spirits referred to as loa. These powerful spirits are responsible for the daily matters in life in the areas of family, love, money, happiness, wealth, and revenge. The loa are not that different from the Saints of Catholicism and angels in Christianity in that the loa are not prayed to; rather, they are asked to intercede with God on our behalf.

This lens focuses on the magickal side of Voodoo; that aspect of Voodoo that the typical person is drawn to when in need of change in their lives. The type of Voodoo that this lens focuses on is Creole Voodoo, also known as New Orleans Voodoo. Indeed, Voodoo became one of the primary ways for slaves to resist the oppression of their slave owners. The warrior gods sustained and empowered them, and assisted in their ultimate liberation from slavery. This my friend, is the power of Voodoo when backed by the necessary faith.

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Richard Alan Miller - The Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs

Fortuna Good Luck Spell

Fortuna Good Luck Spell Cover

Fortuna Good Luck Spell:

Things you need:
-good luck petition
-good luck oil
-green candles
-a piece of green paper
-a small jar

Good Luck Petition:
-pine needles

Put as many as these herbs in a green piece of cloth and tie it with

Good Luck Oil:
-1 tablespoon dried
-3 teaspoons ground nutmeg
-1/2 teaspoon powdered
mandrake root
-13 drops of pine oil
-1/4 cup olive oil

Place ingredients in a jar and stir it clockwise. Let it sit for 13 nights.
Cast a circle and light all candles but one green candle. Aniont that
candle with a few drops of the good luck oil and say:


Now light the candle and ask the Goddess to take the form of Fortuna. Use
this invocation:


Now take the petition and burn it over the green candle and say:


Drop it into a cauldron and let it burn. Now draw a money or fortune rune
on the paper.
Burn it over the candle. Let it burn and put the ashes of the paper and
petition into the jar. Hold the jar in your hands and say:


Keep the jar with you and it will bring you good luck.

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Voodoo Magic Spells

Voodoo Magic Spells Cover The word Voodoo, which has many different names and spellings (like Vodun, Vodou, Voudou, Vudu, Vodoun) is the name of a West African religion. Voodoo is animist and spiritist, and a lot of Voodoo beliefs have to do with ancestor spirits. Some of it is based on Catholic beliefs, but most of Voodoo is from the Fon, Ewe, and Yoruba peoples. The word vodun is the Fon-Ewe word for spirit.

In Voodoo many gods and spirits are prayed to or called on. Both spirits of nature and of dead people are important. The spirits of family member who have died are especially important. Voodoo often has rituals with music and dancing. Drums are used to make most of this music. In Voodoo people often believe that a spirit is in their body and controlling the body. Having a spirit come into is wanted, and important. This spirit can speak for the gods or dead people you love, and can also help to heal or do magic.

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Using Animal Parts In Ritual

Using Animal Parts In Ritual Cover Some Pagans use animal parts in ritual. While this may seem a bit unsavory to some folks, it's really not that uncommon. A good guideline to follow is as follows:

* if your tradition doesn't forbid the use of animal parts, AND
* the parts are gathered humanely and ethically

then there's no reason you can't use them. Let's look at some of the different parts you might want to use.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors performed rituals and ceremonies. They didn’t have tools ordered from an online catalog or purchased at the Local Wytchy Shoppe. They made do with what they had. For the ancients, many of their tools -- both magical and mundane -- came from the animal kingdom. Few things went to waste. Bones could be turned into anything from a knife to a sewing needle. An antler could be used as a weapon or a farming tool. A horse's bladder might become a pouch to carry herbs. Anything was usable.

In some shamanic traditions, animal parts can be used to connect the practitioner to the animal. One might wear a necklace made of bear claws, a headdress of antlers, or use a fetish of bone and feathers. Some traditions still use these today. Someone wishing to celebrate fertility might use the antlers of a stag, for example. An individual hoping for transformation could perhaps powder a bit of snakeskin for use in a spell. A person who wants to develop their inspiration and creativity might use feathers in a working, and so forth.
Naturally Dropped Items

These are the items that animals discard on their own as part of the natural cycle. Snakes shed their skin regularly. Deer shed antlers after the fall mating season has ended, typically around January through April. A bird may lose feathers as it flies overhead. These are all items that drop on their own naturally, and there is nothing wrong with picking them up and using them.
Items from a Dead Animal

Animals die. It's part of the natural cycle of things. After they've died, sometimes you may find pieces of carcasses lying around. Bones, fur and other parts can be gathered from animal that has died on its own. If you happen to be a pagan who hunts for food, you may wish to use some of the parts of the animal you've killed. This prevents waste, and allows you to maintain some connection with the animal after death. If you are the one who has made the kill, be sure you have done so in a humane and ethical manner. It's never okay to kill an animal just to use its parts in ritual.
Purifying Animal Parts

It's generally a good idea to offer some sort of thanks to the animal before using the item in ritual. As part of this process, you might want to cleanse or purify the object -- you can use smudging, asperging, or any other method of ritually purifying the item. You can also consecrate it as you would any other magical tool.

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Simple Spells

Simple Spells Cover SIMPLE SPELLS


Recite the following while burning St. John's wort in a fireplace or censer.

Touch the lintel and touch the wall,
Nothing but Blessings here befall!
Bless the candle that stands by itself,
Bless the book on the mantle shelf,
Bless the pillow for the tired head,
Bless the hearth and the light shed.
Friends who tarry here, let them know
A Three Fold blessing before they go.
Sleep for weariness - peace for sorrow
Faith in yesterday and tomorrow.
Friends who go from here, let them bear
The blessing of hope, wherever they fare.
Lintel and windows, sill and wall,
Nothing but good, this place befall.


To gain a prophetic dream of one's future true love, a sprig of the mystical ash
should be plucked with these words:

Even ash, even ash, I pluck thee,
This night my true love for to see;
Neither in his rick or in his rear,
But in the clothes he does every day wear!


To cast a spell on one's true love, the prospective bride should sow hempseed
either simply in nine furrows or, According to other accounts, on St.
Valentine's Eve or Midsummer's Eve around a church at the clock strikes

Hempseed I sow, hempseed I sow,
The young man that I love
Come after me, and mow.
I sow; I sow;
Then my own dear
Come here, come here:
And mow; and mow!

If the nine-furrow method is used, the charm must be repeated nine times, once
for each furrow. Otherwise just keep chanting until you finish circling the
church. Your true love will look you up the next day. The minister's reaction
to the circle of pot that springs up around his church in a week or so will also
be worth watching for.


This Italian spell can be adapted to any type of prophetic dream, not merely one
concerned with matters of love.

Make a hold in a poppy pod and empty out the seeds. Now fold up a small piece
of paper with the question you want answered written on it, insert it in the
pod, and place it under your pillow last thing at night, saying these words:

In the name of heaven, the stars and the moon
May I dream, and that full soon,
If this I see [name your wish].
If you dream of your wish, it's sure to come true.


Willows were always being used by witches and lovelorn maidens to secure their
heart's desires by supernormal means when all other methods had been exhausted.
Take a green, pliable willow osier, and tie a firm knot in it, uttering these
words as you do:

This knot I tie,
This knot I knit,
For that true love
Whom I know not yet!

Keep the osier hidden in a safe place until your true love turns up.

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Top 9 Tools Of The Craft

Top 9 Tools Of The Craft Cover When people first discover paganism or Wicca, they often rush to go buy every single magical tool they can find. After all, the books tell us to buy this, that, and the kitchen sink, so you better hustle on over to Ye Local Wytchy Shoppe and get stuff!

But once you get it, what do you DO with it?

It is important to understand that magical tools have an actual purpose, before you go out and grab one. Tools are often representative of one of the four classical elements, which may help you select the tool you need for your purpose.

Most Wiccan and Pagan traditions use the following tools in some capacity.

1. The Wand.

Cliched as it may sound, the wand is one of the most popular magical tools in Wicca, as well as in some ceremonial magic traditions. It has a number of magical purposes. A wand is used for the directing of energy during a ritual. Because it's a phallic symbol it is used to represent male energy, power, and virility. Representative of the element of Air (although in a few traditions it symbolizes Fire), the wand can be used to consecrate a sacred space, or invoke deity.

2. Cauldron

The cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess, and it's all about femininity. The cauldron is the womb in which life begins. Although it usually represents the element Water, the cauldron is an interesting tool because it can tie in to all four elements. You place it upon the Earth, heat it with Fire, fill it with Water, and send the steam up into the Air. In Celtic legend, the goddess Cerridwen possessed a cauldron of immortality and inspiration.

In some traditions, a cup or chalice is used in place of a cauldron, and in others the cauldron and cup are used together. A cup is just a small cauldron, and can be made of any material.

3. Knife

Often referred to as the athame (pronounced a-tha-may) in Wiccan traditions, the magic knife is not used for cutting but for the directing of energy and manipulation of power. In some branches of Paganism, a sword is used in place of the athame. The traditional athame is double-edged and although the tip is usually pointed, the edges of the blade are often dull. After all, it's a ceremonial knife rather than a practical one. Commonly linked with the element Fire, the athame is a phallic symbol and is often used to represent the God. The athame is used for casting a circle or for the direction of energy.

4. Pentacle

Nearly every tradition of wicca (and many Pagan paths) uses the pentacle as a symbol. Not to be confused with the pentagram (a five-pointed star), the pentacle is a flat piece of wood, metal, clay, or wax inscribed with magical symbols. The most commonly seen symbol, however, is the pentagram itself, which is why the two terms are often confused.

5. Broom

While it comes in handy during a good game of Quidditch, the broom - or besom - is also useful for sweeping a ceremonial area out before ritual. A light sweeping not only cleans the physical space, it also clears out negative energies that may have accumulated in the area since the last cleaning. The broom is a purifier, so it is connected to the element of Water. It is not uncommon to meet witches who have broom collections, and it is fairly easy to make your own besom if you dont wish to buy one. The traditional magical formula includes a bundle of birch twigs, a staff of ash or oak, and a binding made from willow wands.

6. Censer

In the Catholic church, it's not uncommon to see a priest swinging a censer full of incense during mass. In Wicca, the censer is used in a similar fashion. The censer is used to hold smoldering incense during a ritual or ceremony. It can either swing from a chain or sit on a table. The censer doesn't have to be fancy or high-tech or expensive. A bowl of sand, a seashell, a small plate, or a cup of salt will hold your incense just fine. In most Wiccan traditions, the incense represents Air, and can be burned in the form of sticks, cones, or raw materials placed upon a disc of charcoal.

You can blend your own incense easily:

* Incense 101
* Winter Nights Incense
* Litha Fire Incense
* Imbolc Incense
* Samhain Spirit Incense

7. Bell

Hundreds of years ago, rural folks knew that loud noise drove away evil spirits, and the bell is a prime example of a good noisemaker. The ringing of a bell causes vibrations which are the source of great power. Variations on the bell include the shaking of a sistrum, a ritual rattle, or the use of a singing bowl. All of these can help bring harmony to a magical circle. In some forms of Wicca, the bell is rung to begin or end a rite, or to evoke the Goddess.

In ceremonial magic, the pentacle is used as a protective talisman. However, in most Wiccan traditions it is seen as representative of the element of Earth, and can be used on the altar as a place to hold items that are going to be ritually consecrated. You can make your own, or buy one commercially.

8. Candles

No Wiccan ceremony really feels complete without the use of candles. In some traditions, a candle is used to represent the God and another used for the Goddess. In others, a candle is simply used to indicate the element of Fire. Candles are often a tool in sympathetic magic rites, and can be used to symbolize people, concepts, and emotions. A simple candle magic spell involves selecting a candle based upon color correspondences, then inscribing it with sigils and anointing it with the appropriate oil.

Use candles in spellwork or ritual:

* Mabon Prosperity Candles
* Pumpkin Candles
* Imbolc Ice Candles

9. book of shadows (BOS)

Despite popular movies and television shows, there is no one single book of shadows. A book of shadows, or BOS, is a Wiccan or Pagan's notebook of information. It usually contains spells, rituals, correspondence charts, information about the rules of magic, invocations, myths and legends of various pantheons, etc. Sometimes information in a BOS is passed along from one Wiccan to another (and in a coven setting, there may be a coven BOS as well as individual members' books), but you can create your own with a little bit of effort. A BOS is a very personal thing, and should contain the information you find most important.

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The Voodoo Doll Spellbook

The Voodoo Doll Spellbook Cover How would you like to open Marie Laveau's trick bag of Voodoo Doll spells? The Great and Powerful Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, was known to create little dolls and place them on the doorsteps of enemies, or use them to win court cases, or to unite lovers. She had a veritable trick bag of brilliant methods for gaining the knowledge he needed for her spells to be effective. One ploy was to surreptitiously place a Voodoo doll near the front door of her victims, more often than not the house-servants of well-known New Orleans families. When the Voodoo doll was discovered, the victim was convinced they had been hexed by someone other than Marie, and would run to the Bosswoman (as Marie was known by the locals) for help. Marie would agree to render the doll harmless if the victim agreed to act as her spy and provide her with information about the affairs of the prominent family where the victim worked. Now that is one hell of a magickal manipulation!
In the past in Old New Orleans, Voodoo dolls were referred to as fetiches by outsiders because they roughly resembled the magickal fetiches brought from Africa by African slaves. Since Voodoo dolls are traditionally constructed from objects belonging to the natural world, such as sticks, moss, herbs, roots, and stones, it makes sense to believe that the doll itself has Spirit, that it is part of the One Creator, just as people are. Even throughout European history, philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle contemplated the possibility that souls exist in animals, plants, and people.

This book reveals over 100 pages of powerful spells based on authentic New Orleans Voodoo hoodoo tradition. You will find spells from a variety of cultures who employed the use of doll magick in their traditions. Love and romance, wealth and prosperity, power and domination, fast luck spells, uncrossing, banishment, binding, stopping gossip, finding a lost pet, bend over spells, break up spells, court case spells, spells to destroy all problems... Learn little known formulas for New Orleans Gris Gris dolls such as Gambler's Luck Gris Gris Doll, Good Luck Gris Gris Doll, Crossing Doll, Bad Luck Mummy Doll and many many more.

Indeed, this book shows just how much mightier the pin is than the sword...I promise you there are Voodoo doll rituals you have never heard of before in this book that are guaranteed to leave you spellbound! These are all ancient, hardcore New Orleans voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft, Greek, and Egyptian Voodoo doll spells by today's foremost authority on Voodoo doll magick!

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Success Spells

Success Spells Cover Success Spells or Business Spells are specially prepared to give you success in any type of Business.
If you have started your own Business or if you have a very old Business but suddenly you may feel that you are not getting that type of profit and all your attempts have failed then these power business spells or Success Spells should be used as they will do wonders for you.

First early morning have a bath at 7 , take a piece of paper, stand in the position where sun rises, on the paper you may write your name on it, after that chant these secret words
Mon Pais Cas Pissaas Bole Maha Nahu ( chant these words 15 times ) every day for 40 days.
After 40 days you will see that all the obstacles that are around you are over and success is with you.

Take 40 incense sticks, it would be better that you may take lavender sticks.
Burn 1 stick every morning at 10, and while burning chant these words
Ham Dam Sam Nam Jam Pin Chu, collect all the ashes of the incense stick.
Take that ash and put it in a bucket of water and have bath with that water,
This spell will do wonder for you.

Mark an Orange seven-day candle with your name, the word success the number 7,and a word for your goal. Also inscribe the candle with a picture of a sun and on the bottom of the candle inscribe a star. Prepare a success oil from equal measurements of the following: High John The Conqueror, Orris, Patchouli, Myrrh, Sandalwood
Consecrate your candle with the prepared Success oil while visualizing your goal and your hand movement should be in a clockwise direction around the entire candle. Light the candle and place it in a safe place and let it burn for 7 days. Everyday at the same time focus your goal on it.

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Spell Casting That Should Be Left To The Professional Spell Casters

Spell Casting That Should Be Left To The Professional Spell Casters Cover Now in many cases the White Magic users would use their spell casting abilities only if they were asked to help people out. The dark magic users would have no such scruples. While many of the circumstances of life have changed the need for magic has not. Today you will find many people who will claim that they can show you the best ways in which to perform spell casting.

As most of us have almost no idea of how to perform magic or even say an incantation it is best if you leave these spells alone. There is really no way to say if you are being given a dud spell. You may on the other hand be provided with a spell casting that has a very dangerous result.

The many uses of spells and magic may have been thoroughly detailed. There are however areas that are unknown and therefore left blank. It is these areas of spell casting that should be left to the professional spell casters to perform.

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Signs Of A Voodoo Spell

Signs Of A Voodoo Spell Cover Symptoms of a voodoo spell can vary in intensity and frequency, depending on the spell caster's skill and the person being bewitched. While there are many who doubt the existence of black magic, some suddenly realize they may be suffering from symptoms of a voodoo spell.

Mental and Spiritual

1. Symptoms of a voodoo spell can affect different areas of life. The first aspects altered by black magic are the mental and spiritual parts. Depending on the length of time the spell has been on an individual, different deterioration levels in these areas can be expected. Many of the initial symptoms of a voodoo spell appear to be stress-related and therefore can be overlooked or misdiagnosed. Initial symptoms are depression, sleeplessness, fatigue and irritability. After time, people find themselves uninterested in life, ignore spiritual obligations, possess a shaken faith, have difficulty praying or meditating, and experience unholy attractions to vices such as sex and drugs.


2. Symptoms of a voodoo spell then begin to affect the body. A darkening complexion that continues to darken is an obvious giveaway. Obesity, extreme hunger, and a pressing weight on the shoulders, chest and back area are severe physical symptoms of a voodoo spell. There are also specific symptoms that a woman may suffer from if she is a victim. Women experience rape dreams with real orgasms, irregular and painful menstrual cycles, and even the inability to conceive or carry a child to full term.

Finances and Friends

3. After a voodoo spell damages a person's mental and physical well-being, the dark magic starts to affect the victim's external circumstances. Finances begin to suffer with an unexplained absence of funds, sudden unemployment or even physical harm that may interfere with employment abilities. Friends and coworkers begin to treat the voodoo victim with hostility, and eventually the person is left alone to attempt to cope with the continuing symptoms of the spell.


4. Unexpected violence is very common in those who are experiencing the symptoms of a voodoo spell. The goal of a voodoo spell is to cause pain and misery to the sufferer and often families are hurt as a tool to reach that goal. Often coaxed into horrific acts of self-mutilation or suicide, voodoo sufferers often commit murders or other acts of inhuman cruelty.


5. Treatments for symptoms of a voodoo spell are difficult to find because most of the symptoms are attributed to stress-related illnesses. The best way to determine the presence of a voodoo spell is to keep an accurate dream log. This can be difficult because dream blockage is a common symptom.

An accurate date log is also helpful as the symptoms worsen around the full moon cycles. If a visit to a traditional physician's office is ineffective, consider keeping a log and carefully documenting dreams and habits. After gathering enough evidence to prove the existence of a voodoo spell, the next step should be finding a respected witch doctor or magic user who can reverse the spell.

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Should You Pay For Spellcasting Services

Should You Pay For Spellcasting Services Cover There are a thousand people on the Internet who will offer to cast a spell for you. All you have to do is pony up a few bucks on your major credit card or via your Paypal account, and voila, they’ll going to make your lover come home, find your lost dog, get you a better job, and make you win the lottery. After all, that’s what the ad said.


The problem with these services is not whether or not they are competent spellcasters, but are they honest business people? Often, it's very easy to get sucked into spending $29.95 on a spell -- after all, it comes with a "money-back guarantee" if you're not happy with your results. And it keeps you from having to learn all that stuff yourself, yes?

The thing is, there's no proof that the person on the other end of that credit card reader is a person of integrity. You have no way of knowing if they cast a spell for you or not. Heck, they may not even be qualified to cast a spell, but because there is no way of checking, all you have to go on is how many bells and whistles they have on their website.

And the kicker is, when the spell doesn't manifest, one of two things will happen. One, you'll complain to them and ask for your money back -- at which point they'll tell you either that it needs a little bit longer to work, or that some kind of weird karmic anomaly is in effect, which they can fix for you, but it will cost you a little bit more to rid you of bad energy. The second option is that you'll just be too damn embarrassed to complain, because you'll realize you've been hornswoggled.

Now, that's not to say that the people running these sites are all dishonest. There are many well-meaning people out there who really will do what they get paid to do. But you don't know which ones they are.

A better option would be, if you've really decided that magic can help you with your dilemma, to get a few good books from the library and do some reading, and check out some reputable sites like Cantrap or Lucky Mojo for some ideas on magical theory as well as some simple spells that you can try on your own.

It's one thing if you're buying a product on E-bay, where you have some recourse if the person fails to live up to their end of the bargain. The bottom line is that when you rely on total strangers on the internet, all you can do is hope that they are as honest as you are trusting. Why not spend that $29.95 on a couple of really good books instead, and make your own magic?

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Simple Candle Ritual

Simple Candle Ritual Cover You will need a new candle, the colour of your choice. Choose something that corresponds with the type of spell you wish to perform. Consecrate the candle and carve a pentagram on it. Say:

"Upon this candle I will write What I receive of thee this night,
Grant me what I wish you to do;
I dedicate this rite to you.
I trust that you will grant this boon, O lovely Goddess of the Moon."

This type of candle magick spell works well with any ritual.


Hold your hands on each side of the candle and mentally pour thoughts of your aim into the candle. When you are ready, light the candle, say:

Candle of power, candle of might, Create my desires here on this night.
Power, stream from this candle's fire. Bring to me my heart's desire.
My words have strength, the victory's won. So say I. This spell is done.

It is best to let the candle burn to the end. Remember: The longer you let the candle burn, the stronger the spell,

A Candle Blessing Ritual

Rub anointing oil into the wax of the candle starting at the middle and working your way up to the top as you say:


Start at the middle and go downwards this time and say:


Books You Might Enjoy:

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Aleister Crowley - Songs For Italy
Thomas Moore - Candle Magick For Love
Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual
Aleister Crowley - Ritual Viii

Revenge Spells

Revenge Spells Cover Revenge Spells are performed when all the doors of justice are closed. If some one has done wrong to you, has destroyed your life, made your life like hell, has taken your love away from you, has taken your business or money, has killed some one very close to you then you may go for this very strong Revenge Spells. If your enemy is very rich and strong and you are very eager to take your revenge then you may go for these very strong and powerful Revenge Spells.

How To Cast Revenge Spell

Take a piece of paper and write the name of the person that is to be bound on a 3"x3" piece of paper, using a black ink pen or a pencil.

While you do this visualize the face of the person on your mind. When you have written the name cross it with an inverted pentacle (5 pointed star within a circle).

Fold the paper twice and take a rubber band and tie the paper with it. Raise it to your temple and chant three times the following...
"To be protected from you,
This magic charm i will do,
With this words i bind thee,
For you to let me be,
To be protected from your harm,
I now seal this charm".

Now place the paper on your right shoe and slam your foot on the ground nine times (doesn't have to be so loud that everyone hears it) As you slam it the ninth time say...

If you have any questions about the above written spells email me and all your queries will be answered.

How To Cast Another Revenge Spell

Step 1.
Realize what you’re getting into. Revenge is a dark topic, and just about any source you reference will tell you that if you’re tangling with Revenge Spells you’re dealing with black magic. The point is, if you’re a believer in this sort of thing, it is not something you want to take lightly.

Step 2.
Believe. Everything mystic from major religion to psychic powers to witchcraft has one central credo: it doesn’t work if you don’t believe in it. In other words, it’s difficult to be diligent and capable at spell casting if you’re not a true believer.

Step 3.
Tie a black candle in a black cloth with blackberries with the black thread. Refer to the candle as if it is the person you wish to cast the revenge spell upon.

Step 4.
Shout nastily at the candle with words that indicate the type of revenge you want to spell upon the individual. Beat the candle and cloth with a hammer repeatedly.

Step 5.
Dig a hole with a shovel and throw the candle, cloth and blackberries into the hole. Cover it with dirt and leave the premises.

Step 6.
Follow directions to the letter. Once you find the spell you’re looking to cast, follow the directions absolutely. Failure to do so, not only puts the spell’s success in jeopardy, but could spin out of your control if you aren’t careful. There are many variations on casting a revenge spell upon someone.

To Procure Exact Revenge


* Piece of Paper, 1" x 3"
* A box or dresser containing more than one drawer


* Write your victim's name on the piece of paper.
* Fold the paper in half twice.
* Place the folded paper in the bottom drawer of the box.
* Keep the paper there until your revenge has been satisfied.

It is important that, once you feel you have obtained satisfaction, you undo the spell by removing the paper from the bottom drawer.

To Harm A Victim in Revenge


* (1) Black 7 knob candle
* (1) Black 7 day candle in glass
* (1) photograph of your victim
* (7) photocopies of the same picture
* (7) large pins (hatpins are best)
* (1) bottle of Black Art oil (optional)
* a small amount of dust swept from the inside or step of a mausoleum

1. Spend a short amount of time (15 minutes or so) meditating on the ways your victim has wronged you, enough to really get your anger piqued.
2. Dipping one of the pins into the Black Art oil, carve your victim's name into the top of the black 7 day candle.
3. Shove the same pin into the top knob of the 7 knob candle, picturing the pin going into your victim.
4. Anoint the 7 day candle with Black Art oil, along with a pinch (just a pinch mind you) of the graveyard dust.
5. Taking one of the rolled photocopies, light one end, and light the 7 day candle with it, saying:

Even as the traitor's breath
Goeth forth he perisheth
By the secret sibilant word
That is spoken unto death

6. Light the 7 knob candle with the same rolled photocopy.
7. Concentrate on the 7 knob candle's flame, again meditating on the wrongs done you by your victim, while it burns just the top knob. It may help to hold your hand about a foot or so above the flame, using the pain (be reasonable here) to fuel your anger and add emotion.
8. When the flame reaches the next knob down, snuff the candle (don't blow it out). This is best done by pinching the wick with your fingers.
9. Leave the 7 day candle burning, and repeat all but step two daily for seven days.

By the way, doing grevious bodily injury to someone carries its own consequences even without invoking the mythical threefold law.

It is also important to note that while revenge spells are more potent than spells for simply injuring someone, revenge spells should only be employed by someone who has been wronged, and only placed on the person who wronged them! Otherwise, since the only person making an unwarranted attack is you, you run the risk of being the victim of your own revenge spell.

To make an unwarranted attack on someone, go to the sections on Injury Spells or Death Spells. Be sure to also do a little reading on Ethics.

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