Protection Spell N4

Protection Spell N4 Cover
a protection spell from any spirit or demon.( has been tested and never had a problem with it)

cast a circle on the ground all casters enter.. 1-? casters can be used( the more the more powerful).

Hear me knights of past, Knights of the ancient law. Hear me dead knights of an english tongue. Hear me knights lost in battle, who's blade did good. Hear me knights of old, hear me knights of lost souls. This night I invoke thee . I summon thee to my arms aid. Hear me knights, a new cause be given. Your body gone now spirit be. Hear me Dead Knights I invoke thee. By your spirit blade I invoke you. By your might I invoke you. By your spirit I invoke you. Come now , follow a new cause, I summon thee. Each of thee I enlist. I invoke you dead knights lost. Hear me and come to my aid. Hear me and fight at my side. Protect me from spirits harm. Fight my battles I say to thee. Hear me Spirits of lost knights , come to my aid, come to my side. Protect me from spirits harm. Protect me from spirits light. I invoke you. I invoke you. I invoke you. I invoke you. I invoke you.
Let my army be done.
Let it be .
Let it be

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Simple Money Spells

Simple Money Spells Cover
Simple Money Spell I:

Items needed:

- green candle with rune symbol of money and prosparity etched in the side
- cinnamon oil
- objects that represent money( jewelry, coins, dollar bills, etc.)

1.Annoint the candle with the oil, and place in candle holder.
2.Place the items that represent money in a circle around the candle.
3.Light the candle and visualize a green mist or light coming from the flame. In the mist or light visualize silver coins floating around.
4.Now use your hands and grab as many coins as possible.
5.Finally, chant the following:

Rich I'll be, money and prosperity come hither to me.

Let the candle burn out.

Desperate Need for Money:

If you find you are desperately in need of a little money,
chant this phrase a few times.


The money will appear just before you need it, and I do mean need, not just want!

Essential Money Spell:

Around campfires or in their sunny vardos the Romanies invoked spells to bring prosperity. The following spell has been popular for centuries; in the past, coins of an earlier date were used, preferably gold.

Take five short green candles and ten quarters.
Rinse the coins in warm salt water.
Set five saucers in a circle and
place one coin in the center of each saucer.
With a little melted wax, securely fix a lighted candle on top of each coin.
Distribute the five remaining coins inside the circle so that they form a five?pointed star with the apex facing away from you.

Say aloud:

I need [amount of money] immediately.

Imagine green and purple five?pointed starlight glowing from the candle flames. Imagine coins cascading from the flames for several minutes.

Let the candles burn out naturally.

Provided your need is genuine, a windfall should be on its way.

When it arrives, say thank you to the mystic world.

Drawing money to fill your need:

Items Needed:
1 Green Candle
Bayberry Oil
Drawing Oil
Alter Cleansing Oil

Wait till Full Moon. Evening is best, when your home is quiet and you can be alone to focus. Make your circle as usual. Cleanse green candle with Altar Cleansing Oil, focus on the white light entering your crown chakra and going through your body and entering the candle from your hands.

Anoint candle with Bayberry and Drawing oil. Start from the center with your left hand going up and your right hand going down the candle. While anointing say

"Lovely Goddess of the Moon,
Send to me your wealth real soon,
Silver rays you do shine,
Let good fortune be mine.
As it is above it is below,
This I ask please make it so."

Repeat as many times as necessary. Place candle on a fireproof surface and allow to burn out. Please do not leave candles unattended.

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Summer Solstice Love Spell

Summer Solstice Love Spell Cover

For this love spell, you need:

* 1 rose quartz
* 1 crystal quartz
* 1 blue quartz
* 1 emerald
* 1 citrine
* 1 garnet
* 1 black tourmaline
* 1 bag
* petals of 3 roses
* daisies
* red or orange cloth
* 1 large candle in red, gold or orange

The Summer Solstice love ritual is strongest done during the June full moon, but the ritual may be done on any full moon. It is best done out of doors, but may be done indoors.

Bathe before doing the ritual. Add flowers to your bath. If you shower, rub you body with a flower scented lotion or oil. Clean the stones with running water.

Clean your altar. Cover your altar with a red or orange cloth to honor the sun. Add some daisy blossoms to your altar. The daisy gets its name from day's-eye because it turns to follow the sun.

Place the gold, yellow or red candle to represent divine Fire at the top middle of your altar. Sprinkle the petals of three red or pink roses on the altar. Place the rose quartz in the middle of the altar, make a circle around the rose quartz, with the other stones.

Pick up the crystal quartz in your left hand and say" I GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE AS PURE NEW SNOW.

Put the crystal quartz back and pick up the blue quartz in your left hand and say" I GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE AS PEACEFUL AS CALM WATER.

Put the blue quartz back and pick up the citrine in your left hand and say:

May I give and receive love as warm as sunlight.

Put the citrine back and pick up the emerald in your left hand and say:

May I give and receive love as strong as the oak tree.

Put the emerald back and pick up the garnet in your left hand and say:

May I give and receive love as bright as fire.

Put the garnet back and pick up the tourmaline in your left hand and say:

May I be open to love and may my love protect my loved one.

Put the tourmaline back and pick up the rose quartz in your left hand and say:

May I always be filled with love as I fill my lover with love.

Kiss the rose quartz three times. Gather all the stones with a few rose petals in both hands. While holding the stones and rose petals in both hands say:

My love is strong and surrounds all I do

I will always have all the love I need

Love is part of everything I do.

As you hold the stones and rose petals in your hands, you will know that love is with you. Shake the stones three times and then put the stones and a few rose petals in the bag.

This part must be done outside. Take the remaining rose petals and throw them in the air so the breeze can multiply your love. Every full moon take the stones out of the bag and hold them.

Copyright (c) 2006

This spell may be reprinted if credit is given.

Recommended books (free to download):

Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells.pdf
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Life Spells

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Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise

Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise Cover

Book: Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise by Timothy Roderick

There are no short-cuts to becoming a Witch. Traditionally, students take a year and a day to prepare for their initiation into the Craft. Based on this age-old custom, Wicca: A Year and a Day is a one-of-a-kind daily guide that introduces Witchcraft over a 366-day cycle.

Ideal for solitary students, this intensive study course teaches the core content of Wiccan practice: the tides of time, the wonders of the seasons, the ways of herbs and magic, the mysticism of the Old Ones, and the inner disciplines of seers and sages. Daily lessons include exercises, Wiccan theology and lore, and discussions relating to circle work, magical correspondences, holidays, deities, tools, healing, and divination.

This book opens with the lesson of the Cauldron of Cerridwen. Each person who looks into Her cauldron sees the wisdoms they will need to follow the "Path of the Wise". This book takes a very unique look at a persons dedication to this path by creating a day to day guide for the dedicating solitary to learn the wisdoms they will need to follow the Wiccan path. Yes, this book focuses on the practicing solitary and is intended as a training guide to help you through the sometimes tough initial "Year and a Day" dedication that so many books only suggest you do. This book actually takes you there.

Timothy Roderick is a British Traditional Wiccan, who's previous books cover many aspects of Wicca, including working with the dark of the moon as well as familiars. He is a teacher of the occult, shamanism and mysticism. He is the founder of the "Earthdance Collective", a Wiccan community where he has been their spiritual director for over a decade. He comes to this book with some very impressive credentials and it shows in his work.

The book's layout is quite simple; it goes by each day. The exercises are not long or drawn out, but rather simple, concise and yet they cover much information. Day 1, for example, discusses Earth-Centered Spirituality, covering a little history, a simple exercise in connecting with the earth, and a simple set of questions designed to explore the exercise as well as exploring yourself. There are also little "dialogue boxes" designed to anticipate some questions or create a "sidebar" discussion for you to ponder further. Following "Day 1" is a list of items you will need for the next 30 days; a shopping list if you will of basic supplies.

Timothy Roderick (Southern California) is a psychotherapist and educational psychologist who holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. He is a trained initiate in the oldest established lineage of English Traditional Wicca in the United States, and has been a student and teacher of the occult, mysticism, shamanism and earth-centered spirituality for several years. Mr. Roderick is the founder of EarthDance Collective, a group that promotes awareness of feminist spirituality.

Find Timothy Roderick's book in
Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise

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3 Free Witchcraft Spells You Can Use Now

3 Free Witchcraft Spells You Can Use Now Image
You might want to try out the free magic spells that are mentioned below. They are easy to cast and require a little expertise! And what's more? They are free! A spell's power is originally derived from the person performing it. Witchcraft spells will work only if YOU are determined enough to make it work while you are casting them. The more you expand an association with, and perceptive of, widespread principles, the further prevailing and dominant your spells will become with passing time. This will guide you to get what you want, sooner than it would normally take.

Magic Money Spell to broaden finances

Take a cauldron or a large metal bowl. (The purpose of a cauldron is to make a magical property more potent - and its not essential here.) Fill the vessel partially with water and site it where you propose to perform the spell, making sure that the moon light shines into the water unswervingly. Flounce your hands over the water as if congregating the moon's hoary.

Whilst doing this chant:

"Enchantress of the moon, spray upon me your wealth quite too soon.

Seal my hands with riches unknown.

And let me clasp all that my holdings can grasp."

Magic Spell To magnetize or achieve Love:

Position your cauldron on an altar flanked by two rosy pink candles. Within the cauldron consign a magenta candle. Light and the rose candles and a love incense when geared up to perform. Gently tap the cauldron thrice with your wand and chant:

"One to search for me, one to stumble on me.

One to fetch him/her, one to unite him/her.

Our hearts shalt remain, perpetually as one.

And with this, the charm is past done."

Now, gently tap the vessel thrice again and light the magenta candle that you have placed inside.

Magic Spell for contentment:

Take three strings of the colors black, blue and purple. Whilst thinking about contented state, securely plait the three strings jointly. Steadfastly knot a loop by the finish of the braided chord, although abiding to clasp affirmative fragments of delight. Knot six more times in the twine with the constructive vigor and blissful thoughts. Clutch the thread with you in anticipation of happiness in your life. Then consign it in a secure area or propose it to nature and burn it, scattering the ashes in a waterway.

There goes your 3 magic spells! They have worked well for me, hope they do for you too! The power within you is the key, strengthen it and make your charms stronger and faster. If you are strong, your magic spells will be too. The power is derived from your emotional balance and once that is achieved, the spells will work like magic - which in fact they are.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

John Drelincourt Seymour - Irish Witchcraft And Demonology
Paul Boyer - The Salem Witchcraft Papers Vol 3
Friedrich Adler - The Witchcraft Trial In Moscow

Ritual Viii

Ritual Viii Cover

Book: Ritual Viii by Aleister Crowley

The light is come to the darkness, and the darkness is made light. Then is light married with light, and the child of
their love is that other darkness, wherein they abide that have lost name and form. Therefore did I kindle him that had not
understanding, and in the Book of the Law did I write the secrets of truth that are like unto a star and a snake and a sword.

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Ritual Viii

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Andrew Lang - Myth Ritual And Religion
Aleister Crowley - Ritual Viii Practical Notes
Aleister Crowley - Ritual Viii

Increase Spiritual Awareness

Increase Spiritual Awareness Cover

Spell to increase spiritual awareness

Tools needed:
Bowl of natural spring water
7 day Purple candle
Altar Fire (red) candle
Anointing Oil
Sandlewood Incense
Options: Rune symbols

On your altar, or your quiet and sacred place, take three deep breaths of air and begin to ground and center yourself. Light the altar candle and sandlewood incense.
Ask the Lord and Lady to bless this spell with the highest good of all. Gently sprinkle the purple candle with some of the spring water, repeating:

I cleanse thee oh ye magical tool in the name of the Lord and Lady, removing all negative and disharmonious energies casting them out into the ethers.

Now, move the purple candle over the sandlewood incense repeating:

I consecrate oh ye magickal tool in the name of the Lord and Lady, removing all negative and disharmonious energies casting them out into the ethers.

Take the anointing oil in one hand and the purple candle in the other.
Starting at the mid-point of the purple candle, moving UP in a deosile
[clockwise] and circular motion, anoint the candle and repeat three times:

I anoint you in the name of the Lord and Lady as a magickal tool to be used in the aiding of my magick.

I charge ye to increase my spiritual awareness that Love is the Key! Love is the Law!

Now, starting at the mid-point again, moving DOWN in a deosile and circular motion, anoint the candle and repeat three times again:

I anoint you in the name of the Lord and Lady as a magickal tool to be used in the aiding of my magick.

I charge ye to increase my spiritual awareness that Love is the Key! Love is the Law!

Option: If you wish you may draw the appropriate rune symbols on the candle.

Lastly, repeat:

As my will, so divine will be done. So mote it be!

Spend of few moments quietly reflecting on the magick. Thank the Lord and Lady for their presence in your life. Use a candle snuffer to extinquish only the altar fire candle. Place the purple candle in a safe place as to not be disturbed. Allow it burn out completely. Every time you notice the purple candle burning, repeat quietly to yourself, LOVE is the Key! LOVE is the LAW!

Blessed Be!

Copyright (c) 1996, The Divine Light.
Revised -- May 7, 1996 [The Divine Light]

Recommended books (free to download):

Robert Bruce - Treatise On Astral Projection
Pangaia - Handcrafted Ritual Tools
John Nash - Spirituality And Gender

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Does She Like Love You Put A Spell On Them To Find Out

Does She Like Love You Put A Spell On Them To Find Out Cover DOES HE/SHE LIKE/LOVE YOU? PUT A SPELL ON THEM TO


Can't get your mind off that certain someone? Can't decide if that certain
someone likes/loves you or not? What else is new? Why not put a spell on them to
find out? I created this spell once when I had that exact problem.

What you need:

1 vanilla scented candle (needs to have been burned for at least 10 minutes
sometime before)
Lilac scented home fragrance oil
1 piece of purple (light) colored paper
1 red pen

What to do:

Write on the purple paper (using red pen) these exact words (fill in the

I ___(your name)_______ love ____(his/her name)______ and if he/she loves me
back, then he/she will not be able to think of anything or anyone else besides
me until he/she lets me know how he/she feels. This flame represents my love for

Now read enough times so that you kind of know it by heart (don't have to know
every word).

Pour just a dab of the oil on top the candle around the wick. Make sure that
when you light the candle it is on a table with nothing else on it. Light the
candle. Let it burn for a couple of minutes. During this time you should be

Hold the paper over the smoke (don't burn the paper yet) until you feel like it
is engrossed with the flames power. Chant what it written on the paper for about
5-10 minutes non-stop. Try to stare at the flame and empower the flame with your
love for this person.

After you are done chanting, take the paper in the tongs and burn it (you may
have to blow it out and turn the paper and re-light so that you don't burn
yourself). While the paper is burning chant "I seal this love will fire".

Every part of the paper should have been burned so that you can't read it. Put
the pieces in an envelope and seal it shut. Put a dab of the lilac oil on the
tip where you closed it.

Extinguish the candle and rub the wax on the edge of the envelop where you
closed it (the flap that you licked and shut). Now send the letter (or give it)
to the person. They must not know it was you who sent/gave them this envelope.
If they like you they should let you know. Remember this is not a love spell,
this is a spell to find out if someone else loves you. Most of the time this
works, but on occasion it doesn't.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Sir James George Frazer - The Golden Bough A Study Of Magic And Religion
Swetha Lodha - Your Love Life And The Tarot Cards
Anonymous - 50 Of The Most Powerful Spells On The Face Of Earth

The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells

The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells Cover

Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells by Michael Johnstone

Here are fun spells for all needs: to revive passion, to find love, for health, to attract money, and to help job seekers. There's one for cat lovers—88 white-magic spells in all. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells contains everything one needs to make their dreams come true, including practical steps to take if the spells don't take effect immediately. With step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find tools and ingredients, this comprehensive volume emphasizes how to use spells and magic positively, for self-development. Discover your true nature and destiny with this fun guide to self-help magic!

Easy spells using easy to find items/ingredients. The spells are effective and make it easy to alter to suit your own needs. The only drawback is that despite it's claim as the 'ultimate' spell book, it is limited as far as types of spells. I have many more witchcraft books that are more varied in choices and types of spells (i.e.; love, prosperity, protection, etc...). Other than that, I would recommend this book.

Download Michael Johnstone's eBook: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells

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Greater Ritual Of The Pentagram

Greater Ritual Of The Pentagram Cover

Book: Greater Ritual Of The Pentagram by Aleister Crowley

Written by Sir Aleister Crowley on May, 1906 e.v. on train to India, Edited by David Cherubim, 12 January, 1990 e.v. for members of the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Greater Ritual Of The Pentagram

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