Secret Magic Spells Of The Romany Gypsies

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Book: Secret Magic Spells Of The Romany Gypsies by Mcgiolla Cathain

Gypsies have always been noted for their psychic ability and their uncanny knowledge of things to come, but where did these mysterious people come from? Read about their history.

The first known appearance of the Gypsies was their migration from the wilds of Northern India in the tenth century. Splitting up into dozens of bands, they spread across Europe and into the British Isles. Eventually Gypsies lived in almost every country in the world, including the Americas.

Where these mysterious, secretive people originated remains a mystery, although theories abound. Maybe they are descendants of the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis. Some believe a Gypsy helped forge the nails for Christ's cross, and for this all Gypsies were banished, destined forever to be a people without a homeland. One theory suggests Gypsies are the descendants of survivors of a U.F.O. crash in India's mountains.

Gypsy magic is very difficult to understand since it has its arcane history and folklore; to get a clear concept about this culture we first start describing the term gypsy. It is very hard to be specific about the gypsy culture since there are several meanings; at the beginning the word was used to refer the first roman people who appeared in England around 16 th century. Although now the term is sometimes associated to these individuals, most of people use the word gypsy to speak about those who live by the Roman lifestyle. Back to the gypsy magic, we remark that this culture has always been spotted by its psychic abilities and knowledge of the future;

To explain the origin of the gypsy magic we could take some information which says that gypsies are descendants of Egyptian mother goddesses, Isis who gave them the power not only to predict the future but also to spell curses. Another theory affirm that gypsies were the one who forged Christ cross and, as punishment, they were condemned to live a life without homeland; no matter where they are from, these people are fascinating and acclaimed fortune tellers and experts on arcane arts.

It is believe that gypsy magic might be performed in different ways but only women are able do the future readings; it is true that some fortune tellers are impostors who take advantage of their reputation. In gypsy magic we can see typical elements or “tools” that these people use to perform their job: crystal balls, tarot cards, tea cups for future readings, etc. The main attractive characteristic of the gypsy magic is not based only in their cards or crystal balls; they are also very observant people and they can tell many things about someone by only reading the appearance of their patrons. If we ask someone what he or she knows about gypsy magic, they will probably give an answer related to curses, and they are not so far away from reality; gypsies may put a spell on anybody just by staring them deeply; the most common one is called “the glamour” and also known as “evil eye”. The other common gypsy magic practice is the “cross my palm with silver”, here the gypsy witch, without using a cristal ball, will read the palm of our hands and will tell us the near and distant future; the do not ask for money in return but they do expect us to be generous.

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