The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World

The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World Cover

Book: The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World by Sirona Knight

Sirona Knight (A Witch Like Me) and Patricia Telesco (An Enchanted Life) offer Cyber Spellbook: magick in the Virtual World. The Cyber Spellbook is mixing modern technology with witchcraft. Although thousands of Wicca enthusiasts use the Web daily for research and to meet people, they may not realize their computer's witchcraft-related properties. For example, a keyboard can represent "creative flow," with the "delete" key an instrument for banishing and the "shift" key helping one shift between the ordinary and magickal worlds. The Authors explain ways to integrate technology (from cell phones to lawn mowers) with spells, making this a truly up-to-date Wicca resource.

This book is certain to delight New Age and truly appreciates innovative ideas. For the first time in Pagan history, these two Witches have finally put together a book that speaks to our times. It's up to date. We all use electronics and techno-tools in our magic today--I'm keying this review on my computer, which is one of my main cyber witch tools. All witches with fully functioning and open minds will want this book handy in their libraries to refer to--after all, we live in a techno-world, not the Dark Ages. Half-brained Witches will hate it because it threatens their comfy little niche and beliefs. I'm sure there will be a lot of Old Guard, narrow minded Witches that will freak out and complain at the boldness of these authors. I SALUTE these two authors for pushing the envelope and going beyond the insipid little spellbooks with this wonderful New Age book. These authors are ahead of their times and are breaking new ground--way to go Women! Blessed be Patricia Telesco and Sirona Knight!!! May they continue writing more innovative and leading edge books for Witches like me for a long time to come.

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