To Banish Evil Spirits

To Banish Evil Spirits Cover SPELL TO BANISH evil SPIRITS

To banish evil spirits from your presence, draw the Eolh rune (z) in red ink on
each palm so that when you extend your hand with your palm out and your fingers
up, the rune is upright. Whenever you sense an evil presence, clap your hands
together three times so that your palms tingle, and hold out your hands in the
direction of the malicious entity, saying:

Eagle's claws are strong,
Dragon's teeth are long;
Arnhofdhi guards the way,
Sigfadhir wins the day.

Arnhofdhi means "eagle-headed," and Sigfadhir means "father of victory."
Both are names of the god Odin, Lord of the Runes and god of magic.

by: Donald Tyson

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