The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism

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Book: The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism by Carl Mccolman

You-re no idiot, of course. But finding the perfect expression of your spirituality can prove long and challenging. You might already be attracted to paganism, but considering the variety of traditions and paths that fall in this category, you-ll need a spiritual guide.Seek no further! Whether you-re interested in following the pagan path or just curious to know more, The Complete Idiot-s Guide- to Paganism will enlighten you on this fascinating array of nature-based beliefs and practices. In this Complete Idiot-s Guide-, you-ll learn about: * The basic principles of shamanism, druidism, Wicca, and more. * How to deepen your connection to the Goddess, the God, and nature. * The fundamentals of meditation, magic, divination, and spiritual healing. * Tips on incorporating pagan rituals into your modern lifestyle.

A lot of the Idiot's Guides that I have read are really misnamed, because they contain a lot of valuable information about the subject and presented in terms that anyone can understand. I loved this book because it explains virtually every aspect of Paganism. The explanations and descriptions of various Pagan practices, ideals, Sabbats, rituals are kept brief as befits an introductory book. And yet, even after having a handful of other intoductory Pagan books, I found myself learning facts here that I hadn't known about before. The author sticks to the "Pagan philosophy" of "Harm no one" in describing Paganism.

Among topics discussed? Besides the various Pagan Sabbats and pagan ideals, there are chapters devoted to Shamans, Druids, Wicca, the "Spirit World" and the Pagan elements of fire, air, water, and earth. There are four chapters that discuss Pagan rituals and I found the author's claim that we already do rituals in our lives (high school and college graduation, marriage and funerals, for example) very true. I never would have thought about that. There's also several chapters devoted to "Pagan magic," which help to demystify it. The book's last few chapters offer advice on "living the Pagan lifestyle," and there's an extensive list of recommended reading at the book's end. One could spend months reading through the list of books alone if one wanted to.

The more I read about Paganism, the more I realize other religions over the centuries have liberally borrowed its customs and holidays. For anyone wishing to join this path or those already on it seeking to learn more, this book is a wonderful introduction.

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The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism

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