To Attract Others Of Like Mind

To Attract Others Of Like Mind Cover TO SURROUND YOURSELF IN LOVE!

Orange candle, vanilla oil, needle & thread, 6 sunflower seeds (soaked overnight
in water to soften the outer shell)

Anoint the candle with vanilla oil and light it. As it burns, chant

Come from here and come from there
People whom my ideals share
Come one, come now, come all to me
By Sun, Wind, Earth, and Shining Sea!

Thread the needle and string through the first sunflower seed Say:

With seed one, the spells begun

String the second seed, saying:

With seed two, my wish comes true

With the third:

With seed three, it comes to me


With seed four, it's at my door


With seed five, it grows and thrives

And with the sixth seed:

With seed six, the spell is fixed

Knot the ends of the thread together to form a ring Rub a little vanilla oil
into the center of the seed ring, and leave It by the candle until it burns out.
Carry the ring with you as an attraction charm!

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