Magic Candle And Pentagramm Spell

Magic Candle And Pentagramm Spell Cover Candles properly charged with psychic energy can weave spells of attraction. There is a simple spell you can use to generate bursts of desire. The effects are not very long lasting; nevertheless, you can use it for your own entertainment.
The procedure calls for a simple pink candle, a little bit of kerosene and a lighter. Hold the candle to your forehead and imagine your body absorbing tremendous red-tinged energy from the earth. Feel the energy flood up your legs, torso, arms and head. As you do so, channel the energy into the candle. Compel yourself to believe that the candle is your prospect's vagina (if she is a girl) or his penis (if he is a guy). You are infusing the candle with a psychic link. Start to imagine that the candle acquires human qualities of softness and fleshy sensations. Grasp the candle tightly and believe within yourself that it has wholly and totally transformed into her genitals. You must KNOW it is her genitals.
Open your eyes and reverently breathe upon the candle, sprinkle its wick with kerosene. Close your eyes again and KNOW that you are about to cause your prospect to explode into orgasm.
Open your eyes and light the candle. As the wick flares up, picture your prospect throb in excitement for just 3 seconds, then BANISH all thoughts from your mind. Throw away the candle and think no more of the session. You have released tremendous energy which cause her to get strongly attracted to you.
Now is the perfect time to reach the telephone.

Pentagram Spell ™
Creating reality from thoughts can be a tall order, but if you infuse enough ki energy into it, it will happen.
There is a technique, called the Pentagram Spell that draws on tremendous amounts of chi over a span of 1 month, and if done right, it will grant you a wish. You will discover the success rate of this system to exceed your expectations.

Pentagram Spell - To create reality from thought, using energy
First know exactly WHAT you want. Create a *sentence of desire*, a very specific sentence of your wish detailing who, what, where, when, and why.
*For instance, "I wish for $1M, tax free, delivered TO ME with no strings attached on May 15,2001"*
That is your wish, and now, we will translate that into symbols that will draw contiuous (ki/chi/pranic) energy for one month. Remember, without energy, nothing can occur. Your car can't run. The oven won't burn. Your magick will not work.
You will now get a large piece of paper and draw a 5 pointed star on it. At the top of the star draw a symbol for "I". The top of the star symbolizes WHO gets the wish. It can also symbolize who or what is the target of your magic influence.

Go clockwise. At the next point is the "what" section." What exactly are you wishing for. Since you are wishing for $1M tax free, you can draw a dollar bill with broken chains to symbolize money with no catches. In psionic language, the “what” section is the trend, or the instruction given to a spell. This is what you want to happen!
At the the next point, is the "where" section. Draw a symbol of your house because you want the money delivered to your home. The where section dictates where the ki energy should create the
reality you desire.
At the next point is the "when" section. Draw a calendar with the exact date when you want the event to occur. The when section is important because your energies will gather force to manifest your wish on this exact date.
At the last point of the star, is the “WHY" section. In symbols, write WHY you think you are deserving of this wish. You can reason that this wish will help you be of better service to your fellow man. In that case, draw a pillar supporting the world. Remember that entities other than ourselves exists. There are angels, demons and spirits. Should one be passing by and desirous to assist you, your rationale for casting the spell will determine its decision to help you.
Now that you have created your pentagram, stare at it and be fully aware of what each and every symbol mean. Post the drawing on a place that you will see everyday, very frequently. Now stare at it, and in full tones, repeat the statement of your desire three times, and as you do so, go over the symbols as you intone each word. After the third repetition, run out of the room and don't think of it any longer.
Now, each day, as you pass by the drawing (the more frequent, the better), drink in the symbols
with full intent and full meaning, understanding exactly what each one means. Each time you do this, you infuse your original intent with ki. This ki goes out into the world and acts to create reality out of your written thought.
After about a month, you will pass by the paper and you may discover a great repulsion from the paper. That means, that the paper is fully infused with power and ready to be finally released.
When you feel that moment has arrived, stand before your paper and intone three times again,
your statement of desire, and as you do so, look at each symbol and know what they mean. After
the third intonation, throw your arms in the air, yell loudly, and feel a great release of energy from the symbols and the drawing, surging into the environment and finally creating a reality out of your thoughts. At this point, the drawing will feel empty and devoid of energy. That is because all intent and ki had finally left and is now actively manipulating reality according to your plan.
Burn up the drawing and wait in full expectation for the result on the exact day of your bidding.
I've learned of this "magic spell" 10 years ago. I noticed a 100% effectiveness, from accelerating the growth of plants to fixing damaged friendships (for others), to healing diseaes, to creating attraction and receiving small, but tidy sums of income.

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