Why Do Candle Magick Spells Work

Why Do Candle Magick Spells Work Cover As a candle burns it releases not only it's wax but it's color into the atmosphere. What ever has been connected with the candle as in the form of embedded energy or written on the candle will transmigrate to a plane where it can do what you have intended and focused on it to do. A candle, like everything else used for a magickal purpose, has to be consecrated. Use the general consecration for candles. They are creatures of Fire or of Art. Make sure to check the Moon phase before working any spell. The phase of the Moon will greatly affect the outcome of your spell. After consecration a candle must be dressed. This consists of anointing the candle with a special oil you have chosen for the purpose in mind. There are many other things you can do to embed a candle to your purpose. You can etch runes in it; a name on it; a purpose for it to perform.. Really the list is endless.

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