Quarterly Prosperity Spell

Quarterly Prosperity Spell Cover Quarterly prosperity spell
Written By Erin Angel and Gracie Webber

This spell comes from my first famtrad teachers and should be done on the
cross quarter days (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas). It should be
performed at one minute past midnight, sun time (so daylight savings time is
a real bear - 1 AM Groan!)

You will need

1 gold candle
6 green candles
9 white candles

Place the gold candle in the center of your altar.
Surround it by the green candles.
Surround those by the white candles.

Enclose all candles in a salt circle.

At one minute past midnight, light the gold candle, then the green ones,
moving deosil, then the white ones, still moving deosil. When all are lit,
circle the altar three times chanting

Orbiting Jupiter trine the sun
Bring money on the run.

Meditate a while on the Things you really NEED - not want. Don't get

When you have finished, snuff (DO NOT BLOW) the candles out in reverse
order. When done, say

Thank you
Thank you
thank you.

Now, I KNOW this sounds really silly, but it does work. I've never known it
to fail Bringing me in SOMETHING. Not everything I wanted by any means, but
I'll get things like $30 on a lotto scratch ticket or find a $20 on the
ground, etc.

Rowen Moonstone

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