Signs Of A Voodoo Spell

Signs Of A Voodoo Spell Cover Symptoms of a voodoo spell can vary in intensity and frequency, depending on the spell caster's skill and the person being bewitched. While there are many who doubt the existence of black magic, some suddenly realize they may be suffering from symptoms of a voodoo spell.

Mental and Spiritual

1. Symptoms of a voodoo spell can affect different areas of life. The first aspects altered by black magic are the mental and spiritual parts. Depending on the length of time the spell has been on an individual, different deterioration levels in these areas can be expected. Many of the initial symptoms of a voodoo spell appear to be stress-related and therefore can be overlooked or misdiagnosed. Initial symptoms are depression, sleeplessness, fatigue and irritability. After time, people find themselves uninterested in life, ignore spiritual obligations, possess a shaken faith, have difficulty praying or meditating, and experience unholy attractions to vices such as sex and drugs.


2. Symptoms of a voodoo spell then begin to affect the body. A darkening complexion that continues to darken is an obvious giveaway. Obesity, extreme hunger, and a pressing weight on the shoulders, chest and back area are severe physical symptoms of a voodoo spell. There are also specific symptoms that a woman may suffer from if she is a victim. Women experience rape dreams with real orgasms, irregular and painful menstrual cycles, and even the inability to conceive or carry a child to full term.

Finances and Friends

3. After a voodoo spell damages a person's mental and physical well-being, the dark magic starts to affect the victim's external circumstances. Finances begin to suffer with an unexplained absence of funds, sudden unemployment or even physical harm that may interfere with employment abilities. Friends and coworkers begin to treat the voodoo victim with hostility, and eventually the person is left alone to attempt to cope with the continuing symptoms of the spell.


4. Unexpected violence is very common in those who are experiencing the symptoms of a voodoo spell. The goal of a voodoo spell is to cause pain and misery to the sufferer and often families are hurt as a tool to reach that goal. Often coaxed into horrific acts of self-mutilation or suicide, voodoo sufferers often commit murders or other acts of inhuman cruelty.


5. Treatments for symptoms of a voodoo spell are difficult to find because most of the symptoms are attributed to stress-related illnesses. The best way to determine the presence of a voodoo spell is to keep an accurate dream log. This can be difficult because dream blockage is a common symptom.

An accurate date log is also helpful as the symptoms worsen around the full moon cycles. If a visit to a traditional physician's office is ineffective, consider keeping a log and carefully documenting dreams and habits. After gathering enough evidence to prove the existence of a voodoo spell, the next step should be finding a respected witch doctor or magic user who can reverse the spell.

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