Silver Spell

Silver Spell Cover
Money and Prosperity
by Scott Cunningham

In bygone times physical objects of genuine worth were used as money;
precious gems, an ingot of pure copper, a gold bar, a silver dollar. In
today's world, money is usually artificial. Governments print pictures
and numerals on pieces of paper. We all agree that paper money is worth
specific amounts and can be traded for hard physical goods and
services. Similarly, virtually worthless metals are covered with thin
films of copper and silver, and then stamped with more numbers and
pictures. Some countries even mint aluminum coins.

If we agreed that these bits of paper represent $10 or $100, then it
must be apparent that money is a state of mind. A being alien to our
planet faced with $10,000,000 in U.S. currency wouldn't see the wealth,
but simply etchings and meaningless symbols.

This is important - wealth and prosperity are states of mind. All the
money spells in the world won't bring us more wealth until we've
learned to stop fearing money and its attendant responsibilities. So
before trying the following ritual, change your mind about money. If
you truly need money, try to WANT it as well. If you simply want money,
see how you genuinely NEED it too, how it can help improve your life
and those of your loved ones.

Accept money into your life even before you have it. Ready yourself to
receive it. Welcome it with open arms. Then begin.


This ritual takes a week to perform.

Situate a small bowl of any material in a place of prominence in your
home, somewhere you pass by every day. Each day for seven days put one
dime into the bowl.

Next, obtain a green candle. This can be any shade of green. Buy it at
a candle shop, an occult supply store, a hardware store or a
supermarket. It can be a votive, a taper or a columnar candle.

Before you begin, fix in your mind the idea that you are a prosperous
person. See money as being no problem. Imagine money coming to you as
you need it.

Place the bowl of dimes, the green candle and a holder on a flat
surface. Hold the candle in your hands and feel the power of money.
Feel the avenues that open to you when you have it. Sense the energy
within money which we as human beings have given to it. Place the
candle in the holder. Pour the seven dimes into your left hand (or
right hand if you are left-handed). You will create a circle
surrounding the candle with the dimes. Place the first dime directly
before the candle. As you place it say the following or similar words:
Money flow,
Money shine;
Money grow,
Money's mine.

Repeat this six more times until you've created a circle around the
candle with seven gleaming dimes. As you say the words and place the
dimes, know that you're not just reciting and fooling around with
pieces of metal. You're working with POWER - that which we've given
money as well as that which is within yourself. Words too have energy,
as does the breath on which they ride.

When you've completed this, light the candle. Don't just flick a Bic
lighter; strike a match and touch its tip to the wick. As it picks up
the fire, sputters, melts and rises to a shining flame, see money
energy burning there. See the power of money flowing out from the seven
dimes up to the candle's flame and then out to the atmosphere.

Blow out the match, discard it in a heat-proof container, and settle
down before the glowing candle and money. Sense the feeling of money in
your life. Visualize (see with your mind's eye) a life with money to
spare - a life in which bills are quickly paid and money will never
again be a problem.

See yourself wisely spending money, investing it for your future needs.
See money as an unavoidable and beautiful aspect of your life.

Kill off any thought of debt, of taxes, of doubts that you can achieve
this change. Simply see what will be.

After ten minutes or so, leave the area. Let the candle burn itself out
in the holder (don't use a wooden one). Afterward, collect the dimes,
place them back in the bowl, and "feed" it a few coins every day from
then on.

Money will come to you.

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