Protective Charms Worn On The Person

Protective Charms Worn On The Person Cover - "If you keep a silver dime in your mouth, no man can poison you." Negro.
- "If you will take a dime and bore a hole in it and wear it all the time on you somewhere, you can't be hoodoo." Negro.
- "If you take a dime around each ankle, you can't be hoodooed." Negro.
- "If you wear a dime in the heel of your shoe, your enemies cannot put a spell on you." Negro.
- "Take a dime and put red pepper over the dime, then wrap it up in brown paper and wear it in your shoe, and you will not be hoodoo." Negro.
- "Grave dust is what a witch uses to hoodoo you, and you will conquer her if you get some and wear it." Negro.
- "Keep a penny in your pocket and you cannot be bewitched." German.
- "To keep a person from hoodooing you, keep red pepper in your shoe all the time." Negro.
- "If you think someone has put something down for you to walk over, you take a piece of brown paper, put some red pepper in the brown paper, put it in your shoes, and when you walk over it, it will do you no harm." Negro.
- "Wear your pockets inside out to keep the witches off." German.
- "Carrying a rabbit's foot keeps all evil away." Negro.
- "Put a piece of rattlesnake skin in your shoe to keep the witches away." Negro.
- "If you wear a piece of rattlesnake skin in your clothing, you cannot be put under a spell." Negro.
- "If you will wear black pepper and salt in your shoes, you can walk anywhere and not be hoodoo." Negro.

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