White Magic Spells For Justice

White Magic Spells For Justice Cover It's often been said that no good deed goes unpunished. The opposite may also be true, in that slights and injuries go unavenged. Regarding spirituality, this will put things out of balance. There are however, several different methods by which one can fix this imbalance in the form of a spell to bring justice.

What magic Is
1. Magic is the focusing of a person's will and using it to affect the world around them. The words, symbols and gestures that typically represent magic are only a means by which practitioners help themselves focus.
The Difference between White and Black Magic
2. White magic, simply put, is magic that is used for a good or a neutral end. Examples are spells for healing or relaxation. black magic is magic that is used for an evil, or destructive end, such as cursing someone.
The Meaning of Justice
3. Before one attempts to use magic to achieve her ends, that person should be certain that it's justice and not revenge that she is seeking. The difference is obvious in that justice is neutral, and dispenses proper ends to all involved and revenge is personal, and it usually culminates in the suffering of another.
Putting It All Together
4. Once a person is sure that his end is justice, and that he will be using White Magic to achieve it, finding the right spell can be difficult. For most effective measures, the spell should be personally crafted by the person who will be casting it.
5. If a person crafts her own spell, she should use whatever is sacred to her. The spell should be geared towards that person's religion, and each practitioner should use tools and focuses (chanting, meditation, altar, wands and robes) that best suits her.
6. Calling the Scales: The practitioner casts a circle (either purely in magic, or by drawing it upon the ground), and then calls forth each of the 4 elements. The practitioner then speaks the offense, and their demand for recompense. Then a thank you is issued to the elements which came and the circle is erased.

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