Charm To Ease A Broken Heart

Charm To Ease A Broken Heart Cover CHARM TO EASE A BROKEN HEART

You will need:
1 teaspoon honeysuckle
1 teaspoon cyclamen
1 teaspoon lemon balm
6 inch square Yellow cloth
orange calcite
lavender ribbon or yarn

On Sunday, mix the herbs and flowers Together and place them in the center of
the cloth. As you add the herbs, chant:

Herbs of sweetness, herbs that soothe,
I ask you now this grief remove.
Bring to me new peace and joy
and all the sweetness you employ.

Add the orange calcite and say:

Sunny stone that amplifies,
Mix with these herbs and magnify
The goodness of their properties,
and grant me new peace and ease.

Gather the cloth edges Together to form a pouch. Secure the pouch with the
ribbon and carry it on your person.

Contributed by Angel

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