Luck And Money Spells List

Luck And Money Spells List Cover Good luck and Fortune:
Having a run of bad luck? Good Luck and Fortune spells can change your life around. These spells will change your luck and help you to get a promotion, a raise, find lost items, win the lottery, or help you win big at the casino! These spells will also help you to get back a loan from a friend, even if you're no longer friends, or receive a gift you've been waiting for a long time. Whatever your goal, fortune is sure to come when you use one of these spells.

Career Promotion:
If you need a positive change in your life, a career promotion is the way to go. This spell stops the forces that may be plotting against you and guarantees a career promotion.

Job Raise:
If you've been working hard trying to impress your boss to no avail, it is time for the Job Raise spell. Use this spell to get that raise you've always wanted when smooth talking is not enough.

Find Lost Items:
Have you lost something of value such as money, jewelry, old pictures, or family heirlooms? Use this spell to help you find your lost items. Certain things are irreplaceable. Let this spell safely return your items to where they belong.

Win the Lottery:
Everyone wants to win the lottery, especially when the prize reaches the millions! Use this spell to guarantee that huge check is written in your name.

Win at the Casino:
Sometimes luck is not enough at the casino. Use this spell when you need some help to win big! If you've been in a losing streak for a while, this spell will revive your winnings and help you get back on your feet.

Receive a Monetary Gift:
If you need that monetary gift someone has been mentioning, use this spell to rush that money right in your hands. Sometimes people need a little kick, and this spell delivers fast! Get that money you deserve.

Get Back a Loan from a Friend:
If you have been waiting forever to get some borrowed money back from your friend, it is time to claim what is rightfully yours. Use this spell to retrieve your money, even if you and the person you loaned the money to are no longer friends. This also works for non-monetary loans, such as garden tools and cars.

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