Good Luck Blessing

Good Luck Blessing Cover GOOD LUCK BLESSING

NOTE: THis is my own homemade spell, and I have found it to work VERY well!

This is a simple blessing for good luck. Actually more specifically,
it's for when you're going to be going into a potentially troublesome
situation, and DON'T want trouble! (ex. a party where some people there
could be bothersome) The feather that is used should be one that was taken
without pain...that is, one that the bird did not suffer to provide. This
can be one that was dropped from the bird naturally, or similarly given by
nature itself...not one that was stolen or taken against the bird's will.

You light 2 blue candles, and place them about shoulder length aprt in front
of you. Then taking a Tiger-eye, a Blue Agate, and a Aventurine, place them
in a triangle between the candles. Then take your feather and lay it under
the stone triangle in front of you. KNeel, and relax (basic preparation)
Then open a basic circle (I use "north, south, east, west, may this circle
now be blessed" three times, each time focusing on the circle in question,
inviting all the spirits to bless and protect. feel free to do that however
you wish though. I'm just one for simplicity. :)))

Now place your hands out straight near the flames of the candle and say:

"Oh blessed be, oh gods of fire,
Burn away my dark desires
Through the warmth that burns so free
Let vi-o-lence change now to peace"

Then taking the feather in your casting hand, hold it close to you, and
focusing your Energies into it, say:

"Blessed be thou, of Goddess of love, look in favour upon me as I venture
into danger. Leave not my side and aid me in my time of need."

Then taking the feather again, pass the tip over the stones, focusing on
the energy being absorbed into the feather, and say:

"Through these stones, let your goodness be done.
Where no pain has befallen let no blood be shed
Where no evil exists let none surmount
Where no malice is meant, let none be formed
Where love is lost, let now be found
I go in peace, I go in play
Through your goodness, let these feelings never stray.
So mote be it."

Then take the feather tip, and again trace the Pentagram on your chest,
focusing on the energies flowing into your spirit, saying:

"Blessed be my eyes that I may see your beauty.
Blessed be my ears that I may hear your good works
Blessed be my skin that I may feel your presence in my life
Blessed be my feet that I may never stray from your path
Blessed be my spirit that I may be deserving of your graces.
Blessed be...blessed be...blessed be."

(note: This part is what I use in all my rituals as a blessing. If you use
something else, substitute)

Then place the candle back down, and close the circle.

There you have it. It's a ritual I made myself, but it DOES work, I've used
it myself a few times.

And after someone once told me, isn't the rituals you make
yourself the most meaningful? :))

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