Air Spells

Air Spells Cover To Rid Yourself Of Your Troubles

On a dead bush that is still planted in the ground, in a place where the wind
can blow through it, tie a leaf onto a branch for each thing that is bothering
you. Leave the shrub and as the leaves are blown off, your troubles will leave.
This spell will begin to work over a couple of weeks so be patient.

To Get Rid of Fear

Light a yellow candle and concentrate on willing your worries onto the candle;
see your worries becoming infused with the candle. When this is accomplished,
take the candle outside and let the wind extinguish it. The spell is complete.

To Make A Decision

Write your various choices down on separate sheets of paper and lay them on a
free standing table where a gentle breeze is present. Let the wind move the
pieces of paper around and the last one to remain on the table is the choice you
should follow.

To Stop A Cyclone

Run into a field a place a knife in the ground with the sharp point facing the
direction the wind is coming in. The knife should split the wind and your
property will be spared.

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