Make Someone Contact You

Make Someone Contact You Cover
Spell To Make Someone Contact You
Written By Erin Angel and Gracie Webber

If you are trying to contact someone but for some reason cannot get hold of them, place a photo of them, or an object associated with them on your altar, then do the following spell.

Take a salt water bath and select a lucky stone.

Then light a white candle anointed with Sandalwood oil and light sandalwood incense.

Put about 3/4" water in a glass. Pour 2 heaping tablespoons of salt in the palm of your right hand. Let a small amount of salt trickle into the glass while making the sign of the equal-armed cross of the four elements in the glass. Do this three times and say "Call me" three times.

Then set the glass on your alter and say

"Get in touch with me, please!"

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